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Psychology, Department of(305) 284-2814
Fred C. and Helen Donn Flipse Building (Map)
Coral Gables Campus Locator: 0751
Fax Number: (305) 284-3402
Dr. Philip M. McCabeChairman (305) 284-5507
Dr. Maria M. LlabreAssociate Chair (305) 284-6698
Dr. Richard WilliamsAssistant Chairman (305) 284-3994
Dr. Michael AlessandriDirector CARD (305) 284-6558
Dr. Michael H. AntoniProfessor (305) 284-5466
Dr. Sierra BainterAssistant Professor (305) 284-8672
Dr. Jennifer BrittonAsst. Professor (305) 284-4943
Dr. Charles S. CarverDirector Adult Prog. (305) 284-2817
Dr. Christine F. DelgadoResearch Assistant Professor (305) 284-3371
Dr. Brian D DossAssociate Professor (305) 284-1101
Dr. Jennifer DurocherClinical Associate Professor (305) 284-6557
Dr. Franklin FooteLecturer (305) 284-8465
Dr. Marc D. GellmanAssociate Director Health Prog. (305) 243-2044
Dr. Roderick C. GillisSr. Lecturer (305) 284-4944
Dr. Daryl B. GreenfieldProfessor (305) 284-9181
Dr. Anibal GutierrezResearch Assoc. Professor (305) 284-6837
Dr. Melissa HaleClinical Assistant Professor (305) 284-2350
Dr. Aaron HellerAsst. Professor (305) 284-9498
Dr. Barry E HurwitzProfessor (305) 243-1444
Dr. Gail H. IronsonProfessor (305) 284-5299
Dr. Amanda Jensen-DossAssociateProfessor (305) 284-8332
Dr. Amishi JhaAssociate Professor (305) 284-1931
Dr. Lynne Sue KatzResearch Associate Professor (305) 325-1818
Dr. Youngmee KimAssociate Professor (305) 284-5439
Dr. Annette M. La GrecaDirector Clinical Training (305) 284-9146
Dr. Debra L LiebermanAssociate Professor (305) 284-1566
Dr. Kristin M. LindahlAssociate Director Child Prog. (305) 284-5222
Dr. Maria M. LlabreAssociate Chair (305) 284-6698
Dr. Elizabeth LosinAssistant Professor (305) 284-2814
Dr. Jill Ehrenreich MayAssociate Professor (305) 284-6476
Dr. Philip M. McCabeChairman (305) 284-5507
Dr. Michael McCulloughProfessor (305) 284-8057
Dr. Roger Christopher McIntoshAsst. Professor (305) 284-6677
Dr. Daniel S MessingerProfessor (305) 284-8443
Dr. Lynn PerryAssistant Professor (305) 284-8481
Dr. Alexandra L QuittnerDirector, Child Program (305) 284-6932
Dr. Patrice G. SaabProfessor (305) 284-5472
Dr. Steven SafrenProfessor (305) 284-2818
Dr. Neil SchneidermanDirector Health Prog. (305) 284-5467
Dr. Rebecca ShearerAssociate Professor (305) 284-8439
Dr. Elizabeth Ann SimpsonAsst. Professor (305) 284-6181
Dr. Rick E. StuetzleLecturer (305) 284-1583
Dr. Angela SzetoResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-6729
Dr. Saneya H TawfikClinical Assistant Professor (305) 284-1755
Dr. Kiara R TimpanoAssociate Professor (305) 284-2814
Dr. Lucina Qazi UddinAssistant Professor (305) 284-3265
Dr. Amy G. WeismanAssociate Professor (305) 284-3477
Dr. Richard WilliamsAssistant Chairman (305) 284-3994
Dr. Ray W. WintersProfessor (305) 284-3327
Computer Support
Thomas DekleHelp Desk Technician (305) 284-1939
Mr. Jason E GarstkaNetwork Administrator (305) 284-1939
Mr. Derek HarmisonNetwork Administrator (305) 284-1939
Mr. Andre H. PerwinSupervisor, Network (305) 284-1939
Maria A AlmeidaAccounting Assistant (305) 284-2814
Melyza CasanovaSponsored Programs Specialist (305) 284-6082
Ms. Josefina Ana DauvalHuman Resources Generalist & Dept. Manager (305) 284-2814
Mrs. Anne M. HoeyDirector of Fiscal Management (305) 284-6713
Mrs. Lynne O. HudginsSponsored Programs Specialist (305) 284-3219
Rosanne KolaczynskiSponsored Programs Specialist (305) 284-5467
Vivian PerezDesktop Publisher (305) 284-5222
Mrs. Pat PerreiraAdministrative Assistant (305) 284-2814
Mrs. Nancy Lou QuartinAdministrative Assistant (305) 284-3788
Ms. Norma E. SageManager, Payroll (305) 284-1896
Jeanette Padreda SuarezSr. Administrative Assistant (305) 284-5720
Advising/Undergraduate Studies(305) 284-3303
Autism & Developmental Disabilities Monitoring Network (ADDM)(305) 284-8495
Autism Center 
Behavioral Medicine Research Program 
Child Division 
Children's Registry and Information Systems (CHRIS)(305) 284-5514
Early Social and Communication Development Project(305) 284-2331
Florida Diagnostic Learning and Resource System (FDLRS)(305) 284-1740
Linda Ray Intervention Center(305) 325-1818
Positive Survivors Research Center(305) 284-5299

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