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Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS)(305) 421-4000
Room 107 Science and Administration Building (SLAB) (Map)
Rosenstiel Campus Locator: VK
Fax Number: (305) 421-4711
Carla B. LovinskyAdministrative Assistant (305) 421-4061
Laura C. BrackenOutreach Manager (305) 421-4228
Dr. Roni AvissarProfessor and Dean (305) 421-4000
Dr. William M. DrennanProf and Assoc. Dean, UG Prog. (305) 421-4798
Dr. Hans C. GraberProf., Assoc. Dean Infrastructure, ExecDir. CSTARS (305) 421-4952
Dr. Martin GrosellProfessor & Associate Dean of Graduate Studies (305) 421-4623
Dr. Brian J. SodenProfessor & Associate Dean for Prof. Masters (305) 421-4202
Air-Sea Interaction(305) 421-4048
Aplysia, National Resource for 
Applied Marine Physics, Division of(305) 421-4160
Aquaculture Program(305) 421-4085
Bar, Rosenstiel School(305) 421-4849
Boating Research Center (BRC)(305) 421-4012
Bonefish and Tarpon Conservation Research(888) 754-7531
Bulletin of Marine Science(305) 421-4624
Business and Financial Affairs(305) 421-4080
Sponsored Programs(305) 421-4800
Cafeteria - The Smith Commons(305) 421-4015
Center for Advanced Microscopy(305) 284-4736
Center for Ecosystem Science and Policy, Leonard and Jayne Abess (CESP)(305) 284-8259
Center for Southeast Tropical Advanced Remote Sensing (CSTARS)(305) 421-4950
Communications/Outreach(305) 421-4704
Comparitive Sedimentology Laboratory (CSL)(305) 421-4678
Computing Facility, Rosenstiel School(305) 421-4028
Cooperative Ecosystem Studies Unit (CESU)(305) 421-4904
Cooperative Institute for Marine and Atmospheric Studies (CIMAS)(305) 421-4169
Dean's Office(305) 421-4000
Digital Print Facility 
Diving Safety Office 
Engineering Support Facility(305) 421-4694
Events Scheduling, Rosenstiel School(305) 421-4785
Experimental Hatchery(305) 421-4682
Fisheries Ecosystem Modeling and Assesment Research (FEMAR)(305) 421-4884
Geoacoustics Laboratory (GAL)(305) 421-4637
Geodesy Laboratory(305) 421-4660
Graduate Studies Office(305) 421-4155
Invertebrate Museum(305) 421-4198
Larval Fish Lab(305) 421-4025
Library(305) 421-4060
Little Salt Spring, North Port, Florida 
Machine Shop(305) 421-4625
Marine & Atmospheric Science Program (Undergraduate ) Rosenstiel School/RSMAS(305) 284-2180
Rosenstiel School of Marine & Atmospheric Science (RSMAS) 
Marine Affairs and Policy, Division of 
Marine and Atmospheric Chemistry, Division of(305) 421-4192
Marine Biology and Fisheries, Division of(305) 421-4182
Marine Geology and Geophysics, Division of 
Marine Operations 
Marine Science Graduate Student Organization (MSGSO)(305) 421-4155
Marine Technology Group - RSMAS(305) 421-4175
Marine Technology Group - HBOI(772) 465-2400
National Center for Coral Reef Research (NCORE)(305) 421-4814
National Resource for Aplysia 
Aplysia, National Resource for 
NIEHS Marine and Freshwater Biomedical Science Center 
Noble Gas Isotope Laboratory (NGIL)(305) 421-4111
NSF/NIEHS Oceans and Human Health Center(305) 421-4609
Ocean Sciences, Department of(305) 421-4057
Ocean Technology Group 
Operations Division/Physical Plant 
Public Safety and Security(305) 710-7991
Purchasing/Procurement(305) 421-4105
Reef Imaging Laboratory(305) 421-4664
Shipping and Receiving(305) 421-4039
South Florida Coral and Climate Change Laboratory(305) 421-4614
Stable Isotope Lab (SIL) 
Tritium Laboratory(305) 421-4100

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