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Rosenstiel School of Marine and Atmospheric Science (RSMAS)
Ocean Sciences, Department of(305) 421-4057
Room 371 Marine Science Center (Map)
Rosenstiel Campus Locator: VK
Fax Number: (305) 421-4696
Dr. Peter J. MinnettProfessor and Chair (305) 421-4104
Ms. Sandrine ApelbaumAdministrative Assistant (305) 421-4057
Ms. Sharon E ChinchillaSr. Program Coordinator (305) 421-4652
Dr. Bruce A. AlbrechtProfessor (305) 421-4043
Dr. Roni AvissarProfessor (305) 421-4000
Dr. Lisa BealAssociate Professor (305) 421-4093
Dr. Shuyi S. ChenProfessor (305) 421-4048
Dr. Amy C. ClementAssociate Professor & Associate Dean for Graduate (305) 421-4846
Dr. Mohamed IskandaraniAssociate Professor (305) 421-4045
Dr. William E. JohnsProfessor (305) 421-4054
Dr. Igor KamenkovichAssociate Professor (305) 421-4108
Dr. Benjamin KirtmanProfessor & Associate Dean for Research (305) 421-4046
Dr. Vassiliki H. KourafalouResearch Associate Professor (305) 421-4905
Dr. Sharanya J. MajumdarAssociate Professor & Dir. of MPO Grad. Program (305) 421-4779
Dr. Brian Earle MapesAssociate Professor (305) 421-4275
Dr. Arthur J. MarianoProfessor (305) 421-4193
Dr. David S. NolanAssociate Professor (305) 421-4930
Dr. Donald B. OlsonProfessor & Assoc. Dir. Of Undergrad MS (305) 284-2180
Dr. Tamay M. OzgokmenProfessor (305) 421-4053
Dr. Guillermo PodestaResearch Professor (305) 421-4142
Dr. Lynn K. (Nick) ShayProfessor (305) 421-4075
Dr. Brian J. SodenProfessor & Associate Dean for Prof. Masters (305) 421-4202
Dr. John C. Van LeerAssociate Professor (305) 421-4044
Dr. Chidong ZhangProfessor (305) 421-4042
Dr. Paquita ZuidemaAssociate Professor &Coordinator of UG Meteorology (305) 421-4276
Research Personnel
Mr. John W. BaringerSr. Systems Engineer (305) 243-1640
Jodi K. BrewsterSenior Research Associate 3 (305) 421-4746
Dr. Arunchandra Susheela ChandraPost Doctoral Associate, MAS (305) 421-4042
Dr. Eui Seok ChungAssistant Scientist (305) 421-4802
Dr. Shane ElipotAsst. Scientist, MAS (305) 421-4630
Dr. Ming FangPost Doctoral Associate (305) 421-4621
Dr. Jennifer J. FritzAssistant Scientist (305) 421-4953
Mrs. Vicki M. HalliwellSr. Research Associate 3 (305) 421-4178
Dr. Angelique Catherine HazaAssociate Scientist (305) 421-4648
Adam HoukSr. Research Associate 2 (305) 421-4067
Mr. Miguel Angel IzaguirreSenior Research Associate 1 (305) 421-4805
Dr. Benjamin Jaimes de la CruzAssistant Scientist, MAS (305) 421-4109
Dr. Eunsil JungPost Doctoral Associate, MAS (305) 421-4654
Dr. HeeSook KangAssistant Scientist (305) 421-4648
Dr. Patrick J KellyPost Doctoral Associate, MAS (305) 360-9122
Dr. Brandon Wesley John KernsAssistant Scientist (305) 421-4076
Katherine A KilpatrickSr. Research Associate 3, MAS (305) 421-4837
Elizabeth MaldonadoResearch Assistant (305) 284-6589
Jorge Justo Martinez-PedrajaResearch Associate 3 (305) 421-4739
Brian D. McNoldySr. Research Associate 2, MAS (305) 421-4272
Dr. Dug Hong MinAssistant Scientist (305) 421-4057
Dr. Lisa MurphyPost Doctoral Associate, MAS (305) 421-4990
Dr. Guillaume H C NovelliPost Doctoral Associate, MAS (305) 421-4273
Dr. Romain PilonPost Doctoral Associate, MAS (303) 497-8930
Dr. Dian Ariyani PutrasahanPost Doctoral Associate, MAS (305) 421-4074
Mr. Edward H. RyanSenior Research Associate 3 (305) 421-4109
Dr. Malgorzata D. SzczodrakAssociate Scientist (305) 421-4996
Dr. Robert L WalkoScientist (305) 421-4621
Ms. Susan E. WalshSenior Database Administrator (305) 421-4194
Ms. Elizabeth Jean WilliamsSenior Research Associate 3 (305) 421-4274
Ocean Technology Group 

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