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Anne Bates Leach Eye Hosp/Bascom Palmer-ABLEH/BPEI (Map)
Medical Campus
Joanne MartinChief Nursing Officer (305) 326-6552
Administration - Nursing
Ms. Myriam LohrAssistant Patient Relations Coordinator (305) 326-6586
Joanne MartinChief Nursing Officer (305) 326-6552
Ms. Rosalina L. NgoNursing Supervisor (305) 326-6500
Fabiola VelezNurse, Case Manager (305) 482-4046
Miss Patty WheltonNursing Services Secretary (305) 326-6552
Ambulatory Surgery Unit
Mrs. Elsa Sunico ChalcoNurse (305) 326-6550
Ms. Rachel A. Duffner- DwyerNurse (305) 326-6544
Mrs. Martha Bienvenida FerrerasNurse Specialist (305) 326-6550
Uriel O GonzalezSr. Registered Nurse (305) 326-6540
Azeema LatiffNurse Specialist (305) 326-6598
Shamsa MalikSenior Nurse (305) 326-6550
Osbaldo A MartinezNurse, Senior (305) 326-6540
Mrs. Jeanette L. MorenoGraduate Nurse (305) 326-6540
Lily P OrticioNurse Specialist (305) 326-6500
Mrs. Olga M. PonceNurse (305) 326-6550
Emelinda M SanAndresNurse, Senior (305) 326-6500
Clinic Nurse - MRI/Radiology
Ester T. RamirezNurse, Senior (305) 243-1833
Clinic Nurses - 1st floor Imaging Center
Doris Alicia AnayaSenior Patient Clin. Assistant (305) 326-6000
Emeliana C. BreeNurse, Senior (305) 326-6000
Tarsha Kim ButlerNurse (305) 326-6000
Maria A. CantrelleNurse (305) 326-6019 x4124
Tabitha J DowdNurse, Senior (305) 326-6000
Erica LeachNursing Assistant (305) 326-6000
Rosalie Grandeza LedesmaNurse, Senior (305) 326-6000 x4124
Catharine W. RepineNurse, Senior (305) 326-6000
Jayne Salinas-OrdonezNurse, Senior (305) 326-4124
Violeta Sandiego-DiazNurse, Senior (305) 326-6000 x4124
Gladys SotomayorNurse (305) 326-6000
Veronica ThompsonNurse, Senior (305) 326-6000 x4124
Clinic Nurses - Emergency Room - 2nd Floor
Miss Noreen SmithCo-Manager (305) 326-6170
Ms. Paulette Lawes - BlairCo-Manager (305) 326-6170
Shirley AndreNurse (305) 326-6540
Ms. Magdalena BaconNurse (305) 326-6170
Margaret LueNurse (305) 326-6170
Fred BarriosNurse (305) 326-6540
Irene NonellNurse, senior (305) 243-1000
Millie BetancourtOphthalmic Technician (305) 326-6170
Clinic Nurses - Minor Operating Room 4th floor
Mrs. Phyllis A. Cassile-JacksNurse (305) 326-6000 x4455
Mrs. Denise R. DelvalleNurse (305) 326-6000 x4455
Quatisha L FlandersOperating Room Technician (305) 326-6543
Juditte PierreNurse (305) 326-6000
Sheandra J PollackNurse (305) 326-6000
Tonisha Shantail StephensonOperating Room Technician (305) 326-6540
Ricardo TorresNurse (305) 326-6000 x4455
Frankie Lee WilcoxOperating Room Technician (305) 326-6540
Dee YupanquiOperating Room Technician (305) 326-6000 x4455
Employee Health
Mr. Terrance (Terry) L. HofferPhysician Assistant (305) 326-6544
Lynn Delves ReinertsonARNP (305) 326-6544
Inpatient Unit
Haydee CabreraRegistered Nurse (305) 326-6544
Anita CarterNursing Assistant (305) 326-6550
Enrique Adrian CueNursing Assistant (305) 326-6000
Ms. Dawn CurreyNurse Specialist (305) 326-6500
Kathleen M. FigueroaNurse (305) 326-6000
Nancy Monroy GarciaNurse, Senior (305) 326-6540
Mrs. Lucille Patricia Garcia-PagesNurse Specialist (305) 326-6155
Mrs. Vivian Hart-MayesNurse (305) 326-6500
Jorge Daniel LeonNursing Assistant (305) 326-6540
Seslyn D MillerNursing Assistant (305) 326-6500
Rayne C NitudaNurse (305) 326-6500
Lily P OrticioNurse Specialist (305) 326-6500
Mrs. Nimfa Norma RamonesNurse (305) 326-6500
Gardenia P. SiaoNurse (305) 326-6500
Mrs. Grace C. Tan-CarrascoNurse (305) 326-6500
Ms. Maria M. WhiteheadNursing Assistant (305) 326-6500
Pre-Admission Unit
Ms. Rachel A. Duffner- DwyerNurse (305) 326-6544
Wendy GarciaRegistered Nurse (305) 326-6000
Ms. Christine A PhillipsSenior Clerk (305) 326-6544
Ms. Elizabeth ReynoldsNurse Specialist (305) 326-6544
Joan Antoinette ScottNurse (305) 326-6000
Gloria T SiaoNurse (305) 326-6544

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