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Business Operations & Patient Access 
Anne Bates Leach Eye Hosp/Bascom Palmer-ABLEH/BPEI (Map)
Medical Campus
Enery SamlutDirector of Business Operations (305) 326-6571
Mario AlmeidaManager (305) 326-6381
Steve BarbosaPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6381
Mrs. Karina V. CasanasManager, Patient Access Department (305) 243-1313
Lucia M GonzalezSenior Patient Access Representative (305) 326-6000
Joanna Nathalie GutierrezMedical Collector (305) 243-6262
Alejandra JeldrezPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6010
Bodna S PenaSenior Patient Access Representative (305) 326-6000
Michelle PerezPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6381
Sergio L PintadoSupervisor (305) 482-5180
Admitting/ Surgical Coordinators, 5th floor
Mrs. Olga AbarcaPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6436
Aymee AzuaPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6160
Mrs. Karina V. CasanasManager, Patient Access Department (305) 243-1313
Sandra I CollazoPatient Coordinator (305) 326-6000 x4698
Ms. Yoania CossioLead Patient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6000 x4832
Julie FulgueiraPatient Access Representative (305) 243-6916
Vivian M GonzalezOut Patient Coordinator (305) 326-6000
Idania HernandezSr. Insurance Verifier (305) 326-6177
Janett LoriaPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6466
Javier MenendezPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6000
Maggie PerezPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6000 x6741
Solia RodriguezPatient Services Coordinator (305) 243-1000 x4190
Mrs. Leslie RuizPatient Financial Representative (305) 326-6000 x4269
Michelle SieiraPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6000 x6744
Yazmin Y TorunoPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6161 x4787
Elva VelazcoPatient Access/Surgery Coordinator (305) 326-6161
Janet B VilarSr Patient Access Rep (305) 326-6170
Cornea and External Disease Service, 3rd floor
Rebeca Isabel BojorgeInsurance Verification Rep. (305) 326-6381
Francisco A FonsecaSenior Patient Access Rep (305) 326-6381
Ivette Garcia OlmoPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6300
Jorge Daniel GarmaPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6381
Matthew David LohrPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6000
Jacqueline McCauleyPatient Access Rep. (305) 326-6000
Liana Patricia MercadoPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6381
Guadalupe Angeles MontenegroPatient Registration Rep. (305) 326-6300
Lilian TemesInsurance Verification Rep (305) 547-3738
Waldo WallacePatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6300
Emergency Room Registration, 2nd floor
Ms. Yvonne AmayaPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6170
Ms. Suzie DesilePatient Registration Coordinator (305) 243-7339
Edward HenriquezPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6170
Rene R PerezLead Patient Financial Rep (305) 326-6300
General Ophthalmology & Optometry Svs, 2nd floor
Mylene J CedenoInsurance Verification Rep (305) 326-6000
Eduardo GarciaSenior Patient Access Rep. (305) 326-6000
Margarita Cutolo McConnonPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6150
Rene R PerezLead Patient Financial Rep (305) 326-6300
Ray RodriguezPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6000
Orquidea RuizPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6000
Glaucoma, Neuro, Comprehensive Svs, 4th floor
Daileen AcostaPatient Financial Rep. (305) 236-6450
Still J HernandezPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6450
Paola Sofia LemosLead Insurance Verification. Rep (305) 326-6112
Mr. Gustavo RodriguezSr. Patient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6450
Erica Coralis RodriguezPatient Access Representative (305) 243-4368
Angela I. SalazarSupervisor (305) 326-6450
Lower Level Registration
Crystal Glendora BennettPatient Registration Rep. (305) 326-6000
Aleita BrownPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6000
Desmond Dl DavisPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6111
Fernando GutierrezPatient Access Representative (305) 243-1000
Barbara JosmaSr. Patient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6010
Kassandra LageSupervisor (305) 243-8262
Zuly RomeroPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6010
Veronica SantiagoPatient Accounts Rep. (305) 243-7505
Jamile ToledoPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6019
Ashley Nicole VazquezPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6000
Retina Center and Imaging, 1st Floor
Vanessa M BelloPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6528
Rosario del Carmen CabreraPatient Access Representative (305) 326-6381
Yasnay CorraPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6100
Ileana Dopico-DunbarSupervisor (305) 326-6100
Javier MartinezSenior Patient Access Rep. (305) 326-6381
Maggie NusaPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6000
Mr. John PerezSr. Patient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6100
Yordys RodriguezSupervisor (305) 326-6528
Tiffany Milagros ToroPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6300
Regina WilkersonPatient Financial Rep. (305) 326-6450
Voucher Custodian
Cynthia M GomezVoucher Custodian (305) 326-6530

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