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UMHC/Sylvester(305) 243-1000
Administration(305) 243-4382
Chief Financial Officer(305) 243-5114
Clinical Services(305) 243-5083
Medical Director's Office(305) 243-4387
Medical Staff Office(305) 243-5180
Physician and Administrative Services(305) 243-4395
Admitting(305) 243-4362
Ambulatory Clinics(305) 243-2165
Atherosclerosis Prevention and Treatment Center(305) 243-2720
Beautywise Specialty Shop(305) 243-6778
Business Operations 
Business Services(305) 243-5372
Cardiology Outpatient Services(305) 243-4139
Cardiology, Non-Invasive Lab(305) 243-4384
Cardiology Lab Fax Number for Orders(305) 243-4265
Central Business Office(305) 243-5255
Billing(305) 243-5924
Customer Service 
Financial Counseling(305) 243-8803
Government Collections(305) 243-7015
Medical Billing and Collections(305) 243-5894
Non-Government Collections(305) 243-6869
Payment Posting(305) 243-5907
Quality Management(305) 243-2101
Reimbursement(305) 243-6842
Central Service(305) 243-6408
Clinical Information Systems(305) 243-7339
Clinical Laboratory(305) 243-5501
Lab Outpatient Front Desk(305) 243-4321
Laboratory Client Services(305) 243-5110
Pathology(305) 243-5229
Comprehensive Treatment Unit(305) 243-5234
Courtelis Center(305) 243-4129
Development(305) 243-9088
Ear Institute at CRB, University of Miami Hospital and Clinics(305) 243-1733
Education(305) 243-9192
Employee Health(305) 243-4201
Environmental Services(305) 243-5270
Service Calls(305) 243-5270
Facilities Management(305) 243-4391
General Accounting(305) 243-5200
General Medicine Clinic(305) 243-4900
GI Endoscopy/GI Clinic(305) 243-5718
Gynecology-Oncology(305) 243-9562
Head and Neck/Airway Clinic(305) 243-8602
Health Information Management(305) 243-5275
Hematology Oncology Clinic(305) 243-4230
Hospital Information Systems(305) 243-7339
Hospital Programs(305) 243-3663
In-Patient Unit - Information(305) 243-1000
Infection Control(305) 243-3374
Information Center(305) 243-1000
UHealth(305) 243-4000
Marketing and Communications(305) 243-4302
Materials Management(305) 243-4262
Miramar, Univ of Miami Hospital and Clinics(954) 668-2930
Mohs Clinic(305) 243-4183
Laser Center(305) 243-4185
Multispecialty Clinic(305) 243-6720
Nursing Administration(305) 243-4388
Nursing Quality and Standards(305) 243-5223
Nutrition Services - Medical(305) 243-8885
Outpatient 1st Floor Clinic 
Patient Financial Services 
Patient Relations(305) 243-3820
Grienvance Line(305) 243-9500
TTY(305) 243-3170
Perioperative Services(305) 243-5206
Holding Area(305) 243-5211
Main OR Desk(305) 243-5206
PACU/Recovery Room(305) 243-5202
Pain Management Clinic(305) 243-9369
Pre-Op Clinic(305) 243-5219
Surgery Scheduling Office(305) 243-5265
Personnel(305) 326-6089
Pharmacy(305) 243-4281
Employee/Outpatient Prescriptions(305) 243-5244
Inpatient Prescriptions 
Phase I Clinical Trials 
Physician Logistics(305) 243-9143
Quality Management(305) 243-3718
Radiation Oncology Department(305) 243-4200
Radiology Services(305) 243-6453
Billing: Hospital Fees(305) 243-5255
Billing: Professional Fees(305) 243-7556
CT Section(305) 243-5745
Film Library/Vault(305) 243-8392
Interventional Section(305) 243-2309
Mammography Section(305) 243-8820
Nuclear Medicine Section(305) 243-8905
Reports(305) 243-4040
Scheduling(305) 243-6453
UMHC Applebaum Diagnostic Imaging Center (MRI)(305) 243-5520
Vascular/Ultrasound Section(305) 243-2960
Receiving/Store Room(305) 243-5123
On Site Insurance Verification(305) 243-9201
OPD1(305) 243-6953
Radiology & Ortho 
Surgical Onc/Hem/Onc/Head&Neck/GYO 
Respiratory Therapy(305) 243-5750
Revenue Intergrity(305) 243-3538
Risk Management(305) 243-4481
Security (Emergency Number)(305) 243-6000
Security, Department of 
Site Disease Groups 
Appointment Line (New Patients)(305) 243-8343
Bone and Soft Tissue Cancers 
Breast Cancer 
Colorectal Cancer 
Eye Cancer 
Gynecologic Cancer 
Head and Neck Cancer 
Leukemia, Lymphoma, and Myeloma 
Lung Cancer 
Melanoma and Related Skin Cancers 
Neurological Cancer 
Pancreatic, Liver and Related Cancers 
Pediatric Cancer 
Prostate, Kidney and Bladder Cancers 
Stomach and Esophageal Cancers 
Thyroid and Other Endocrine Cancers 
Spine Institute(305) 243-9418
Strategic Relations 
Support Services(305) 243-2736
Surgical Oncology Clinic(305) 243-5214
Sylvester at Deerfield Beach(954) 571-0111
Information - Toll Free Number(800) 545-2292
Papanicolaou Corps for Cancer Research(954) 425-8100
UHealth Imaging at Deerfield(954) 571-0111
Sylvester at Kendall(305) 270-5000
After Hours (On Call MD)(305) 243-1000
Clinic(305) 270-5003
CTU(305) 270-3458
CTU Scheduler(305) 270-3453
Front Desk(305) 270-3402
Lab(350) 270-3417
Pharmacy(305) 270-3484
Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center(305) 243-1775
Transportation(305) 243-5285
Patient Transport Service(305) 243-4342
Tumor Registry(305) 243-5124
Utilization Management(305) 243-5226
Valet Parking(305) 243-6153
Sylvester Lot(305) 243-8898

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