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Cardiovascular Division 
Floor 11 Clinical Research Building
Medical Campus Locator: C-205
Fax Number: (305) 243-1731
Rebecca G. LeeVice Chair, Administration IV (305) 243-1689
Dr. Carlos Enrique AlfonsoAsst. Professor of Clinicl Medicine (305) 243-7589
Dr. Sharon N. Andrade-BucknorAsst.Prof-Clin.Med & Medical Dir.-Exercise Lab JMH (305) 585-5752
Dr. Eugene Joseph Bauerlein, IIIAssoc.Prof.-Clin.Med & Dir, Adult Heart Transplant (305) 585-5541
Dr. Martin S. BilskerAssoc. Prof., Dir.,JMH Echo Lab & Cardiol. Clinic (305) 585-5542
Dr. Nanette H. BishopricProfessor & Director Cardiovasc. Genomics Program (305) 243-1166
Dr. Simon ChakkoProfessor of Medicine; Chief, VAMC Cardiology (305) 575-3182
Dr. Sandra ChaparroAsst. Professor of Clinical Medicine (305) 243-7067
Dr. James O. CoffeyAsst. Professor (305) 243-7040
Dr. Mauricio G. CohenAssoc Prof of Medicine & Dir. Cath Lab-UMH (305) 243-5050
Dr. Eduardo de MarchenaProf/Chair-UMMG/Director of International Medicine (305) 243-5535
Dr. Joshua M HareProfessor of Medicine/ Director, ISCI (305) 243-5579
Dr. Kathy A. HebertAssoc Prof/Director,Disease Mgmt Outcomes Research (305) 585-5544
Dr. Alan W. HeldmanProfessor of Medicine (305) 243-5138
Dr. Robert C. HendelProf. of Med., Dir., Cardiac Imaging & Outpt Svcs (305) 243-8092
Dr. Alberto InterianProfessor of Medicine & Dir., Electrophysiology (305) 285-2642
Dr. Maureen H. LoweryProf. of Clin.Med; Medical Dir., Exercise Lab UMHC (305) 243-7243
Dr. Claudia MartinezAsst. Professor of Clinical Medicine (305) 243-2699
Dr. Roberto A. Miki-YoshidaAssist. Prof. Clinical Medicine (305) 243-5879
Dr. Raul MitraniPending Rank at Associate Professor of Medicine (305) 243-5070
Dr. Robert J MyerburgProfessor of Medicine & Physiology (305) 585-5523
Donald G. RosenbergVoluntary Professor (305) 243-7242
Dr. Alan H. SchobProfessor of Medicine & Chief, VA Cardiovasc. Lab (305) 575-3182
Dr. David M. SeoAssoc Prof; Director, Genom.Med-Biorepository Prog (305) 243-7997
Dr. Rafael F. SequeiraProfessor of Medicine (305) 585-5530
Dr. Lina ShehadehResearch Asst. Professor (305) 243-0867
Dr. Xiaohua SongResearch Assistant Professor with Dr. D. Seo (305) 243-8238
Dr. Robert Brian StangAssistant Prof., Clin. Medicine and Chief, VA CCU (305) 575-3182
Dr. Jianqin WeiResearch Asst. Professor (305) 243-3008
Dr. Howard J. WillensAssoc. Professor of Clinical Medicine (305) 575-7000
Suresh Asanka AtapattuSr Programmer/Biomed. Engineer for Dr. de Marchena (305) 243-9200
Ana CabreraNurse Specialist, Research (305) 689-4406
Laura J HudsonSenior Research Associate for Dr. R. Hershberger (305) 243-5678
Barbara Jo LangResearch Nurse Specialist (305) 243-4950
Juhani MattiPost Doctoral Scholar (305) 585-5523
Staff of the Cardiovascular Division
Manuela R. AbarcaMedical Assistant to Dr. Roberto Miki (305) 243-5879
Jacqueline AguirreSr.Patient Access Representative for Dr. R. Miki (305) 243-5879
Antonette BarrettMedical Assistant (305) 243-1900
Elvira M BenardMedical Assistant (305) 243-7080
Maritza CapassoSr. Patient Access Rep. (305) 243-8851
Antonio CastanedaClinical Research Coordinator (305) 243-6276
Maria Elena DiazSr. Customer Service Representative, Call Center (305) 243-8300
Ms. Angelica EscalanteProgram Coordinator to Dr. Lowery (305) 243-7243
Julie Ann FernandezSr. Pt. Access Rep. for Drs. Rosenberg & Kerzner (305) 243-7242
Doris FernandezSr. Patient Access Representative (305) 243-4813
Mrs. Janet Fossum-BriedenSecretary, VA Cardiology Section (305) 575-3182
Aura M. GarciaSr. Patient Access Rep. & Assistant to Dr. D. Seo (305) 243-7997
Vanessa GonzalezManager, Finance/Interim Sr. Div. Administrator (305) 243-9889
Raquel C. HessingSr. Pt. Access Rep (305) 285-2642
Jennifer Y. KimGrants Manager (305) 243-7179
Maite LopezCardiovascular Technologist (305) 243-1900
Silvia ManzanaresMedical Assistant (305) 243-1900
Rosalie MervolionAdmin. Assistant to Drs.RJ Myerburg & R Sequeira (305) 585-5523
Raquel S MotaAdministrative Assistant to Dr. Moscucci (305) 243-9067
Ms. Ariadna MotolaSr. Surgery Scheduler (305) 243-5535
Olga ParedesAdministrative Assistant (305) 243-7067
Vanessa PerezPatient Access Representative (305) 243-1940
Priscilla PlaPatient Access Representative (305) 243-7040
Marie R. PradoSr Pt. Access Rep/Drs Bauerlein/Bilsker/Bishopric (305) 585-5542
Reldy Riveron VillafuerteSr. Research Laboratory Techni (305) 243-0283
Pamela Elizabeth RodriguezAdministrative Assistant (305) 243-5070
Laura SanchezSr. Pt. Registration Representative (305) 243-1900
Lucia SearaSr. Patient Access Rep. (305) 243-7080
Jypsy F SuarezPatient Access Representative (305) 243-1900
Pamela VargasPatient Access Representative (305) 243-2587
Mercy Arrhythmia and Syncope Center, Bayside Pavilion-2nd floor(305) 285-2685
VAMC Cardiology Section(305) 575-3182

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