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Public Health Sciences, Department of(305) 243-4592
Floor 10 Clinical Research Building
Medical Campus Locator: R-669
Fax Number: (305) 243-5544
Dr. Jose SzapocznikProfessor and Chair (305) 243-8217
Dr. Hilda M. PantinExecutive Vice Chair (305) 243-2343
Caprice Michelle BattleSecretary (305) 243-4592
Dr. Kristopher L. ArheartAssociate Professor (954) 662-6457
Dr. John C. BeierProfessor (305) 243-2977
Dr. Scott C. BrownResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-4410
Dr. Margaret Mary ByrneResearch Associate Professor (305) 243-3482
Dr. Alberto J. Caban-MartinezPending Rank at Assoc. Profess (305) 243-7565
Dr. Shari Messinger CayetanoAssociate Professor (305) 243-4465
Dr. Noella A. DietzResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-5756
Dr. Daniel J FeasterAssociate Professor (305) 243-7881
Dr. Burton GoldsteinProfessor (305) 243-3485
Dr. Orlando William Gomez-MarinProfessor (305) 243-6863
Dr. Wayway Myaing HlaingAssociate Professor Prof. Practice (305) 243-3693
Dr. Viviana HorigianResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-4305
Dr. Jennifer HuProfessor (305) 243-7796
Dr. Hemant IshwaranPending Rank at Professor (305) 243-5473
Dr. Erin N. KobetzAssistant Professor (305) 243-6185
Dr. Naresh KumarPending Rank at Assoc. Professor (305) 243-4854
Dr. David J. LeeProfessor (305) 243-6980
Dr. Howard A. LiddleProfessor, Director (305) 243-6860
Dr. Kathryn E. McCollisterAssistant Professor (305) 243-3479
Dr. Clyde B. McCoyProfessor (305) 243-6005
Dr. Hilda M. PantinExecutive Vice Chair (305) 243-2343
Dr. Tatiana PerrinoResearch Asst Professor (305) 243-8983
Dr. Guillermo PradoAssociate Professor (305) 243-2748
Dr. J Sunil RaoProfessor (305) 243-4252
Dr. Isildinha M. ReisResearch Associate Professor (305) 243-5884
Dr. Cynthia Lyn RoweAssociate Professor (305) 243-3653
Dr. Seth J. SchwartzAssociate Professor (305) 243-4359
Dr. Tulay Koru SengulAssistant Professor (305) 243-2618
Financial Administration
John Alexander AlzateSr. Budget Analyst (305) 421-4224
Jessica CarbajalSponsored Programs Specialist (305) 421-4878
Personnel and Faculty Affairs Administration
Mrs. Linda BeasleyHuman Resources Assistant (305) 243-5710
Research Staff
Nicole Marie CanoClinical Research Coordinator (305) 243-4416
Norma Andrea Castillo-HernandezResearch Associate 2 (305) 243-8937
Silvia M MestreSenior Research Associate 2 (305) 243-9747
Maria I. TapiaSenior Research Associate 3, SOM (305) 243-2341
Jessica Barbara UchaResearch Associate 2 (305) 243-4399
Ingrid Manuela UsagaSr. Research Associate 3, SOM (305) 243-4355
Rosa Elena VerdejaSenior Research Associate 1 (305) 243-8949
Brief Straregic Family Therapy(305) 243-3002
Cancer Epidemiology, Division of Cancer Control (SCCC)(305) 243-3356
Center for Family Studies(In the Department of Epidemiology and Public Health)(305) 243-4592
Center for Treatment Research on Adolescent Drug Abuse (CTRADA)(305) 243-6434
Clinical Translation Science Institute(CTSI)(305) 243-4882
Division of Biostatistics 
Drug Abuse and AIDS Research Center at University of Miami(305) 243-6005
Graduate Programs in Epidemiology and Public Health(305) 243-2209
Health Economics Center(305) 243-3479
HIV/AIDS Surveillance(305) 243-6932
Sociomedical Sciences Research Group(305) 243-3470
Treatment and Prevention Evaluation Program(305) 243-6202

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