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Neurology, Department of
Chairman's Office(305) 243-7519
Room 1352 Clinical Research Building
Medical Campus Locator: M712
Fax Number: (305) 243-7081
Dr. Ralph L SaccoProfessor & Chairman (305) 243-7519
Danielle Yvonne LeblancExecutive Assistant (305) 284-9092
Mrs. Jessica E BusquetsAdministrative Assistant (305) 243-8785
Farida MorrisExecutive Assistant (305) 243-7519
Evelyn Lizeth YaffarOffice Assistant (305) 243-3462
Dr. David AdamsProfessor (305) 243-1691
Dr. Gustavo J. AlamedaInstructor (305) 243-6946
Dr. Doraiswami R. AyyarProfessor (305) 243-2422
Dr. Richard Stuart BailynAsst. Professor of Clinical (561) 455-3627
Dr. Antonio BarrientosResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-8683
Dr. Michael Geoffrey BenatarPending Rank at Assoc. Profess (305) 243-6480
Dr. Walter G BradleyProfessor & Chairman Emeritus (305) 243-1164
Dr. Kunjan R. DaveResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-3590
Dr. Ana Luisa DelgadoInstructor (305) 585-1258
Dr. Silvia DelgadoAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-6732
Dr. Salim I. DibAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-5812
Dr. Bruno V. GalloAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-7315
Dr. Myron GinsbergProfessor (305) 243-6449
Dr. Cynthia HardenProfessor/Director  
Dr. Deborah O HerosAssoc Professor of Clinical (305) 243-1691
Dr. Richard S. IsaacsonAssoc. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-2120
David Ethan KahnInstructor (305) 243-4621
Dr. Paige M. KalikaAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-2421
Dr. Heather L. KatzenRes. Asst. Professor (305) 243-7529
Dr. Sebastian KochAssoc. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-2344
Dr. Bonnie E LevinAssociate Professor (305) 243-7529
Dr. Maria R. LopezAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-1691
Dr. Robert F Lopez-AlberolaAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-2421
Dr. Merredith LoweAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-7713
Corneliu C LucaInstructor (305) 243-4075
Dr. Janice Y MaldonadoAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-6732
Dr. Robert C MartinezInstructor (305) 243-3902
Dr. Alberto Martinez-ArizalaProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-6946
Dr. Deborah C. MashProfessor (305) 243-5888
Dr. Micheline McCarthyAssociate Professor (305) 575-3151
Dr. Amedeo MerendaAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-7521
Teshamae Sereen MonteithAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-1029
Dr. Henry Paul MooreAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-6732
Dr. Carlos T MoraesProfessor (305) 243-5858
Dr. Fatta NahabAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-4749
Dr. Kester NeddVoluntary Faculty - Associate Professor (305) 585-1258
Kester J NeddVoluntary Associate Professor (305) 585-1258
Dr. Bruce A. NolanAssoc. Prof. of Clinical (305) 243-5195
Dr. Kristine O'PhelanAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-4621
Dr. Stephen E OlveyAssoc. Professor of Clinical (305) 585-5514
Dr. Melissa Rennella OrtegaInstructor (305) 243-4015
Dr. Gustavo OrtizAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-2336
Dr. Miguel Perez-PinzonProfessor & Director CVD Center (305) 243-7698
Dr. Kottil W. RammohanPending Rank at Professor of C (305) 243-4655
Dr. Alberto RamosAsst. Professor (305) 243-1305
Ciro Ramos EstebanezInstructor (305) 243-4621
Dr. Ami Pravinkant RavalResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-7491
Dr. Yolanda Reyes-IglesiasAssistant Professor (305) 575-3151
Dr. Eugene L. RobertsAssociate Professor (305) 243-4640
Dr. Jose RomanoAssociate Professor of Clinical (305) 243-2336
Dr. Bruce S RubinVoluntary Assistant Professor (305) 243-6223
Dr. Tanja RundekResearch Associate Professor (305) 243-7847
David J SchreiberPending Rank at Assoc. Prof Cl (305) 295-3331
Dr. Cenek SengunClinical Instructor (305) 243-6767
Dr. Cenk SengunAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-6714
Dr. Enrique A. SerranoAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-7713
Dr. Khema SharmaAssociate Professor (305) 243-5586
Dr. Robert ShebertAssociate Professor of Clincial (305) 243-4015
Dr. Thomas J. SickProfessor (305) 243-3858
Dr. Carlos SingerProfessor (305) 243-6767
Dr. Leticia TornesInstructor (305) 243-4744
Dr. Ashok VermaProfessor of Clinical & Director of Residency Prog (305) 243-1164
Dr. Douglas WallaceAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-6732
Dr. Douglas M WallaceAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-5176
Dr. Brant D. WatsonProfessor (305) 243-6439
Dr. Clinton WrightAssociate Professor (305) 243-1664
Dr. Dileep Raghvendra YavagalAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 243-4621

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