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Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center
Research Laboratories 
Medical Campus
Andreansky Laboratory(305) 243-4896
Antoni Laboratory(305) 243-1393
Armstrong Laboratory(305) 243-6801
Barber Laboratory(305) 243-1282
Barredo Laboratory(305) 243-2516
Briegel Laboratory(305) 243-9849
Byrne Laboratory(305) 243-3482
Capobianco Laboratory(305) 243-8039
Civantos Laboratory(305) 243-5276
Diaz Laboratory(305) 243-1045
Dietz Laboratory(305) 243-5756
E. Thomas Laboratuory(305) 243-2895
El-Ashry Laboratory(305) 243-5603
Farooq Laboratory(305) 243-9799
Figueroa Lab 
Franzmann Laboratory(305) 243-7657
Gilboa Laboratory(305) 243-1045
Greer Laboratory(305) 243-3116
Grichnik Laboratory(305) 243-6193
Halman Laboratory(305) 243-1588
Harhaj Laboratory(305) 243-7894
Hu, J. Laboratory(305) 243-9054
Hu, S. Laboratory(305) 243-4472
Ince Laboratory(305) 243-2932
Kasahara Lab 
Kim Laboratory(305) 243-2937
Kirsner Laboratory(305) 243-9691
Kobetz Laboratory(305) 243-6185
Komanduri Laboratory(305) 243-6060
Kresty Laboratory(305) 243-4988
L. Wang Laboratory(305) 243-8920
Lampidis Laboratory(305) 243-4878
Landgraf Laboratory(305) 243-5815
Lechner Laboratory(305) 243-1645
Lee Laboratory(305) 243-2907
Lippman Laboratory(305) 243-1457
Liu, Z. Laboratory(305) 243-2051
Lokeshwar, B. Laboratory(305) 326-6051
Lokeshwar, V. Laboratory(305) 243-6321
Lopez, D. Laboratory(305) 243-6577
Lossos Laboratory(305) 243-5954
Merchan Laboratory(305) 243-8303
Mesri Laboratory(305) 243-6544
Nawaz Laboratory(305) 243-1868
Nguyen Laboratory(305) 243-9489
Nimer Laboratory(305) 243-0821
Ning Laboratory(305) 243-2647
Podack Laboratory(305) 243-6694
Pollack Laboratory(305) 243-7820
Ramos Laboratory(305) 243-4605
Robbins Laboratory(305) 243-5717
Rocha-Lima Laboratory(305) 243-8362
Rosenblatt Laboratory(305) 243-4784
Roy Lab 
Saluja Lab 
Schally Laboratory(305) 575-3477
Scully Laboratory(305) 243-9821
Sengul Laboratory(305) 243-2618
Seo Laboratory(305) 243-4612
Serafini Laboratory(305) 243-7917
Shiekattar Lab 
Simpkins Laboratory(305) 243-7294
Singal Laboratory(305) 243-7679
Slingerland Laboratory(305) 243-7294
Thomas, E. Laboratory(305) 243-2709
Thurer Laboratory(305) 585-5271
Torroella Laboratory(305) 243-8948
Trent Lab(305) 243-0180
Wahab Laboratory(305) 243-4210
Wieder Laboratory(305) 243-6060
Xu Laboratory(305) 243-2006
Zelent Lab(305) 243-5105

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