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Surgery, DeWitt Daughtry Family Department of
Life Alliance Organ Recovery Agency - Organ Procurement Organization(305) 243-7622
Off Campus Location Locator: R-440
Fax Number: (305) 243-7628
Miss Kataeme AbrahamsHospital Services Coordinator (305) 243-7622
Mabel Ira BaezRecovery Coordinator (UM LAORA (305) 243-5837
Jadie BarringerDonor Management Coordinator 2 (856) 522-9552
Omaida BicharaDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-5837
Juan Manuel Camacho-VillamilRecovery Coordinator (UM LAORA (305) 243-7003
Samara Cancel DiazCustomer Service Representativ (305) 689-1400
Natalie CardenasCommunications Coordinator (305) 243-7453
Andrea M CastanoCommunications Coordinator (786) 218-1594
Scott ClereDonor Management Coordinator 2 (305) 243-7003
Werviston Lemes De FariaSurgical Technician (305) 243-5701
Soraya Tasha EdwardsRecovery Coordinator (305) 781-0092
Devan Halley FagerSecretary (305) 243-5371
Ruslan FedkivRecovery Coordinator (UM LAORA (305) 243-7003
Tommy FriesonDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-7003
Jose A GarciaRecovery Coordinator (UM LAORA (305) 243-7003
Jessica GarciaHospital Services Coordinator (305) 243-0351
Adrian GomezDonor Referral Responder TP (305) 243-7003
Josh GonzalezDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-7003
Maria E GonzalezDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-7003
Roselaure Nathgeda GousseRecovery Coordinator (305) 243-7328
Jeanette HarringtonDonor Referral Responder TP (305) 243-5837
Sarah Elizabeth HavelDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-7003
Debora Lynn KingsburyDonor Referral Responder TP (305) 243-7003
Sujey LeivaSecretary (305) 243-7342
Nicolas LitardoRecovery Coordinator (UM LAORA (305) 243-3788
Alma Alcira MaltezRecovery Coordinator (UM LAORA (305) 243-7003
Phillipp MellonDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-7003
Dacia NealDonor Management Coordinator 3 (305) 243-7003
Nefretiti M NkemRecovery Coordinator (305) 243-0286
Maickoll Alejandro PapastavrosDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-5003
Francisco Dejesus PerezRecovery Coordinator (305) 243-7003
Esther PerezCommunications Coordinator (305) 243-7003
Oscar Alberto Perez GutierrezRecovery Coordinator (UM LAORA (305) 794-8673
Gregory W PidcockDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-7326
Deron Alan RiddickHospital Services Coordinator (305) 243-7622
Lourdes RiveraCustomer Service Representativ (305) 243-7003
Orlando RodriguezDonor Management Coordinator 1 (305) 243-7003
Alghidak SalamaDirector (305) 243-7003
Melva SanchezCommunications Coordinator (305) 243-7003
Hugo ValdiviaDonor Management Coordinator 2 (305) 243-5003
Yuriy Y YushkovResearch Asst. Professor (305) 243-9103
Call Center(800) 255-4483
Administration and Accounting(305) 243-7622
Clinical Operations 
Community and Hospital Services(305) 243-7588
Community and Hospital Services - Spanish Line(800) 255-VIDA
Organ Donation Information Request Line(800) 232-2892
Perfusion and Preservation Laboratory(305) 243-6315
Quality Assurance and Compliance Improvement(305) 243-7622

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