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Pediatrics, Department of 
Mailman Center for Child Development (Map)
Medical Campus Locator: D820
Fax Number: (305) 243-3990
Appointments(305) 243-KIDS
Office of the Chairman(305) 243-3993
Administration(305) 243-6868
Administration & Finance(305) 243-6197
Advancement Office(305) 243-3956
Faculty Affairs(305) 243-4029
Grants Management Office(305) 243-7443
Human Resources(305) 243-6395
Office of the Chairman Emeritus(305) 243-1073
Practice Management Operations,(305) 243-6275
Adolescent Medicine(305) 243-5880
Ambulatory and Community 
Assistive Technology Services(305) 243-4466
Audiology(305) 243-5937
Batchelor Children's Institute 
Cardiology, Holtz Children's Hospital(305) 585-6683
Child Protection Team(305) 243-7550
Child Protection Team/ South Dade Office(305) 255-5584
Child Protection Team/Monroe County Office(305) 255-5504
Clinical Research Administration(305) 243-1423
Continuing Medical Education(305) 243-3992
Critical Care Medicine(305) 585-6051
Debbie Institute(305) 243-6961
Auditory - Oral Education Program(305) 243-5804
Early Education Program(305) 243-6961
Infant - Toddler - Preschool Education Program(305) 243-3226
Legacy for Children Research Project(305) 243-8001
Dermatology, RMSB(305) 243-6704
Appointments(305) 243-6704
Pediatric Dermatology Research(305) 243-6704
Pigmented Lesion Clinic(305) 243-4183
Developmental Services Program: Neurodevelopmental Assessment Service(305) 243-6562
Early Steps / Early Intervention Program(305) 243-6660
Education Division (Early Childhood Programs) 
Early Discovery(305) 243-4617
Emergency Services, Children's Hospital Center, Pediatric Emergency Room (R-131)(305) 585-6022
Endocrinology, MCCD(305) 243-2920
Ethics Programs(305) 243-5723
Gastroenterology, MCCD(305) 243-3166
Fellows(305) 243-3166
General Pediatrics 
Comprehensive Care(305) 585-7755
Pediatric Mobile Clinic 
UChild Health at Kendall(305) 270-5050
UChild Health at the Medical Campus(305) 243-7570
WIC & Nutrition Unit(305) 585-7847
WIC Newborn Unit(305) 585-5767
Hematology/Oncology(305) 585-5635
Pediatric Bone Marrow Transplant(305) 585-5635
Pediatric Hemophilia Treatment Center(305) 585-5635
Pediatrics Sickle Cell Center(305) 243-6924
Holtz Children's Hospital(305) 585-6549
Infectious Diseases & Immunology(305) 243-6676
Mailman Center for Child Development(305) 243-6631
Appointments & Patient Information(305) 243-6631
Clinic Administration(305) 243-9644
Financial Office 
Interdisciplinary Evaluation Services (IDES)(305) 243-5248
MCCD Scheduling & Registration Team 
Parent Family Leadership(305) 243-6123
Training Programs(305) 243-6123
Maternal Lifestyle Study(305) 243-4841
Medical Records(305) 243-6846
Medical Student Training Program(305) 585-6364
Neonatology(305) 585-6408
Nephrology, Holtz Children's Hospital(305) 585-6726
Nursing Division(305) 243-4466
Nutrition Division 
Occupational Therapist Division 
Pediatric Cardiology 
Perinatal Chemical Addiction Research and Education (C.A.R.E) Program(305) 243-4078
Appointments or Information(305) 243-4078
Poison Control Center(305) 585-5250
Poison Control Center 24-hour Emergency Poison Information(800) 222-1222
Psychology Division(305) 243-6857
Public Relations Office(305) 243-5654
Pulmonary Division(305) 243-6641
Residency Training Program(305) 585-6042
Social Work Division(305) 243-6864
Speech/Language Pathology(305) 243-6831
Touch Research Institutes(305) 243-6781
Touch Research Institutes, Wellness Center(305) 243-6781

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