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Pediatrics, Department of
Early Steps / Early Intervention Program(305) 243-6660
Floor 12th Clinical Research Building
Medical Campus Locator: C208
Fax Number: (305) 243-3501
Charles R. BauerProfessor of Pediatrics, Director (305) 243-5808
Silvia B. Fajardo-HiriartMedical Director (305) 243-6660
Reinaldo Rodriguez, BAProgram Coordinator (305) 243-6660
Administrative Support
Ms. Elisabeth RaveloAdministrative Assistant (305) 243-5808
Ms. Minnie SimrilAdministrative Assistant (305) 243-6660
Lourdes D UhorchakReceptionist (305) 243-6660
Clinical Support Team
Mrs. Lydia E. FelicianoSenior Patient Access Representative (305) 243-5600
Dolores A. LamasPatient Access Representative (305) 243-6660
Mrs. Maria J. VegaPatient Access Representative (305) 243-6660
Clinical Team
Mrs. Maria O. CalejoParent Educational Coordinator (305) 243-6660
Luz M. CastilloQA Data Manager (305) 243-6660
Andrea M. GarciaChild Development Specialist (305) 243-6660
Michelle Harwood, Ph.DAssistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics (305) 243-6660
Nathalie McNeilPhysical Therapist (305) 243-6660
Helina PierreChild Development Specialist (305) 243-6660
Arielle RigaudAssistant Professor of Clinical Pediatrics (305) 243-6660
Georgette RoderDevelopment Specialist (305) 243-5600
Alexandra Michelle StoergerChild Development Specialist (305) 243-6660
Angela Indiana TejedaOutreach Coordinator (305) 243-6660
Data / Medical Records Team
Luz M. CastilloQA Data Manager (305) 243-6660
Dolores MarteSenior Data Entry Clerk (305) 243-6660
Ms. Delphine PinderFile Clerk (305) 243-6660
Corina M. RodriguezFile Clerk (305) 243-6660
Mrs. Viviana TuyaSenior Data Entry Clerk (305) 243-6660
Olinda VillarSenior Data Entry Clerk (305) 243-4807
Fiscal Management Team
Ada M DariasSr. Financial Assistant (305) 243-6660
M. Michele Gaston, MBAProgram Finance Manager (305) 243-6660
Marie J. MathieuPatient Accounts Representative (305) 243-6660
Service Coordination Team
Olabisi Abebi BaruwaSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Devorah L. BasingerSupervisor, Case Workers (305) 243-6660
Jean P. CharlesSenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Rosa D. CornejoSenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Ruth D'MezaSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Carmen G. FajardoSupervisor, Case Workers (305) 243-5600
Wendy L. FernandezSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Mrs. Silvia M. Frade-EguarasSupervisor, Case Workers (305) 243-6660
Orlando GarciaSenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Otilia D. Gonzalez-VareseSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Marlene D. Guzman GomezSenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Maria De Los Angeles HernandezSenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Amy LittleSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Claudia LopezSenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Daniel A. MontesinosSenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Janielle K. MurphySenior Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Maria Cecilia NeriSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Hillary M. PedersenSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Gwendolyn Phillips-SamuelsSupervisor, Case Workers (305) 243-5600
Yadira QuilesSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Rennay RoseSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Johanna SantosSr. Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Tayra SuarezSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600
Vanessa UlloaCase Worker (305) 243-6660
Veronica VillaSr. Case Worker (305) 243-6660
Lashawnda R. WilliamsSenior Case Worker (305) 243-5600

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