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Psychiatry and Behavioral Sciences, Department of(305) 243-6400
Suite 1455 Clinical Research Building
Medical Campus Locator: D-28
Fax Number: (305) 243-1619
Dr. Charles NemeroffLeonard M. Miller Professor and Chairman (305) 243-6400
Carmen AlsinaExecutive Assistant (305) 243-6400
Office of the Executive Vice-Chairman(305) 355-9104
Office of the Vice-Chair (Research)(305) 243-2000
Office of Academic Affairs(305) 243-2666
Office of Professional and Community Development(305) 674-2194
Office of Vice Chair for Administration(305) 243-2728
Research Administration(305) 243-2000
Administration and Finance 
Human Resources(305) 243-2686
Amish Affective Disorders Project(717) 534-2038
Addiction Psychiatry and Psychiatric Comorbidity Programs(305) 243-7931
Bio Informetics Group(305) 243-6400
Cancer Control Research(305) 243-8790
Center for Sociocultural Research, Treatment & Community Projects(305) 284-2535
Center on Aging(305) 355-9080
Center on Aging and Disabilities (CAD)(305) 355-9128
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry, Division of(305) 355-7009
CAP Clinic(305) 355-7046
Complementary & Integrative Medicine, Division of(305) 243-4751
Acupuncture Clinic(305) 243-3537
Consultation Psychiatry & Psychosomatic Medicine, Division of(305) 355-8068
Division of Psychology(305) 243-6400
Education and Training, Division of(305) 355-8260
JMH Mental Health Hospital and Comprehensive Health Services Center 
Highland Park Office(305) 355-9430
JMH Mental Health Psychiatric Emergency (CRISIS)(305) 355-7777
JMH Mental Health Hospital Center, Psychiatric Inpatient Services(305) 355-8178
JMH Mental Health Hospital Center, Psychiatric Outpatient Services(305) 355-8118
Deaf & Hard of Hearing Outpatient Mental Program(305) 355-8059
JMH Mental Health Hospital Center Substance Abuse(305) 243-8064
The Healing Place(305) 355-8255
Laboratory for Clinical and Biological Studies (LCBS)(305) 243-2010
Laboratory for Molecular Neuroendocrinology & Neurotransmitters(305) 243-4408
HIV/AIDS and Adherence Research Group(305) 243-5033
Participant Enrollment(305) 243-5033
Laboratory for Neuropharmacology of Drug Abuse(305) 243-5692
Laboratory for Preclinical Research on Drug Addiction(305) 243-5987
Division of Neurogenomics(305) 243-3522
Library, Pomerance(305) 355-9073
Miami Institute of Mental Health Disparities (MIMHD) 
Memory Disorder Clinic(305) 355-9065
Miami Area Geriatric Education Center (MAGEC)(305) 355-9123
Outpatient Specialty Programs(305) 355-9028
CLINICIANS(305) 355-9028
Clinicians Support Staff(305) 355-9028
Billing Office 
Mt. Sinai Medical Center Psychiatry Department(305) 674-2194
Psychiatry at Boca Raton(561) 455-3627
Psychiatry at Miami Beach(305) 243-3465
Psychiatry at West Palm Beach 
U Health Psychiatry at Coconut Grove(305) 243-3465
Psychology, Division of(305) 355-8245
Translating Effective Health Behavior Strategies into Practice for HIV+ Women(305) 243-2103
University of Miami Behavioral Health (UMBH)(305) 243-7270
UMH Psychiatric Services(305) 689-4444
University of Miami Behavioral Health (UMBH)(305) 243-7270
Clinical Departments(305) 243-7270
Finance(305) 243-7270
Managed Care and Accreditation Functions(305) 243-7270
Operations and Support Departments(305) 243-7270
VAMC Mental Health & Behavioral Sciences(305) 575-3239

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