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Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology, Department of(305) 243-5874
Room 6079 Rosenstiel Medical Science Building (RMSB) (Map)
Medical Campus Locator: R-189
Fax Number: (305) 243-4555
Dr. Charles W. LuetjeProfessor and Chairman (305) 243-4458
Dr. Tatjana AbaffyResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-1508
Dr. Suzy D. Carvalho BiancoResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-8164
Dr. John L. BixbyProfessor, Vice Provost for Research (305) 243-7587
Dr. Douglas BoettnerResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-5761
Dr. Richard J. BookmanAssociate Professor (305) 243-4487
Dr. Peter BuchwaldAssistant Professor (305) 243-9657
Dr. Kerry L. BurnsteinProfessor (305) 243-3299
Dr. Gennaro D'UrsoAssociate Professor (305) 243-3105
Dr. Rosemeire Kanashiro-TakeuchiResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-2187
Dr. Michael D. KimAssistant Professor (305) 243-1690
Dr. Sandra LemmonProfessor, Director MD/PhD Program (305) 243-5758
Dr. Konstantin LevayResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-3431
Dr. Irene LitoschAssociate Professor (305) 243-5862
Dr. Charles W. LuetjeProfessor and Chairman (305) 243-4458
Dr. Justin PercivalAsst. Professor (305) 243-7303
Dr. Claudia De Oliveira RodriguesResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-1003
Dr. Stephan C. SchurerResearch Associate Professor (305) 243-4842
Dr. Vladlen Z. SlepakProfessor, Director MCP Graduate Program (305) 243-3430
Dr. Danuta Szczesna-CordaryProfessor (305) 243-2908
Dr. Fulvia VerdeAssociate Professor (305) 243-3106
Dr. Yingcai WangResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-2272
Dr. Keith A. WebsterProfessor (305) 243-6779
Dr. R. Grace ZhaiAssociate Professor (305) 243-6316
Dr. Fangliang ZhangAssistant Professor (305) 243-0159
Graduate Students
Damien BarnetteGraduate Assistant (305) 243-4838
Michael BellioGraduate Assistant (305) 243-9061
Shruti BhattGraduate Assistant (305) 243-5954
Michael BirnbaumGraduate Assistant (305) 243-3008
Yenong (Laura) CaoGraduate Assistant (305) 243-9061
Sisi ChenGraduate Assistant (305) 243-4468
Xi ChenGraduate Assistant (305) 243-5548
Roya Pedram FatemiGraduate Assistant (305) 243-4684
Wenrui HuangGraduate Assistant (305) 243-5721
Sumit JainGraduate Assistant (305) 243-3008
Shaurya JoshiGraduate Assistant (305) 243-3008
Darla KarpinskyGraduate Assistant (305) 243-3431
Michael Kritzer-CherenGraduate Assistant (305) 243-7864
Lattoya LarteyGraduate Assistant (305) 243-8220
Christopher PedigoGraduate Assistant (305) 243-3419
Kai RuanGraduate Assistant (305) 243-6058
Danielle ScimecaGraduate Assistant (305) 243-4838
Yun SongGraduate Assistant (305) 243-9657
Illyce SuarezGraduate Assistant (305) 243-3643
Junior TayouGraduate Assistant (305) 243-3431
Shaoyun ZangGraduate Assistant (305) 243-6058
Postdoctoral Associates & Fellows
Jennipher Nikhil AdiPost Doctoral Associate (305) 243-3008
Nikhil Chandrakant AdiAsst. Scientist (305) 243-2811
Akhilesh KumarPost Doctoral Associate, SOM (305) 243-0159
Younghye MoonPost Doctoral Associate, SOM (305) 243-7303
Devang Maheshkumar PatelPost Doctoral Associate, SOM (305) 243-4394
Suhaila RahmanPost Doctoral Associate, SOM (305) 243-4468
Kimberly RowlandPost Doctoral Associate, SOM (305) 243-2518
Veronica Aimee Segarra RiveraAssistant Scientist (305) 243-5761
Roberta SoaresPost Doctoral Associate, SOM (305) 243-3008
Huijun YuanPostdoctoral Associate (305) 243-3008
Research Associates
Christofer BelloResearch Assistant (305) 243-6686
Mrs. Ana Mederos CastroResearch Associate (305) 243-4468
Mrs. Zoraida DiazResearch Associate 2 (305) 243-6058
Ms. Katarzyna KazmierczakResearch Associate (305) 243-5721
Dr. Jingsheng LiangAssociate Scientist (305) 243-5721
William MorganResearch Associate 3, SOM (305) 243-0159
Alexey ProninAssoc. Scientist, SOM (305) 243-3431
Ms. Ana RojasResearch Associate 2 (305) 243-5721
Christian RomeroResearch Associate 1, SOM (305) 243-5548
Benjamin ShermanResearch Associate 3, SOM (305) 243-6186
Huilan WangResearch Associate 3 (305) 243-3008
Ms. Kelly WangSenior Research Associate (305) 243-3431
David Jennings WileyAsst. Scientist, SOM (305) 243-5548
Research Staff
Mrs. Regla MederosResearch Laboratory Technician (305) 243-6058
Juan D Rodriguez RiveraResearch Laboratory Technician (305) 243-5867
Administration(305) 243-1800
Graduate Program(305) 243-3430

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