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Pathology, Department of(305) 243-2683
Suite 1416 Clinical Research Building
Medical Campus Locator: R-5
Fax Number: (305) 243-1115
Dr. Richard J. CoteProfessor and Chairman (305) 243-2683
Patricia Ann MalinowskiSr. Manager, Business Operations (305) 243-2683
Dr. Norman H. AltmanProfessor (305) 243-1635
Dr. David M. AndrewsAssociate Professor of Clinical (305) 585-5886
Dr. Pablo BejaranoProfessor of Clinical (305) 585-5583
Dr. Norman L. BlockProfessor (305) 575-3477
Dr. Jocelyn H. Bruce-GregoriosProfessor (305) 585-7017
Dr. Gerald E. ByrneProfessor (305) 585-7242
Dr. Renzhi CaiResearch Associate Professor (305) 325-9999
Dr. Jennifer R. Chapman-FredericksAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 585-7242
Dr. Philip ChenProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-2829
Dr. Timothy J. ClearyProfessor (305) 585-7851
Dr. Richard J. CoteProfessor and Chairman (305) 243-2683
Dr. Carolyn CrayProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-4767
Dr. Tengjiao CuiResearch Assistant Professor (305) 575-3477
Dr. Ram H. DatarAssociate Professor (305) 243-6142
Dr. Yao Shan FanProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-6870
Dr. Parvin Ganjei-AzarProfessor of Clinical (305) 608-1949
Dr. Awtar Ganju-KrishanProfessor (305) 243-6553
Dr. Monica T. GarciaAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 585-6520
Dr. Monica T. GarciaAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 585-6520
Dr. Monica T. GarciaAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 585-6520
Dr. Monica T. GarciaAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 585-6520
Dr. Carmen R. GomezProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-5229
Dr. Offiong IkpattAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 585-5070
Dr. Tan InceAssociate Professor of Clinical (305) 243-1782
Dr. Miklos JaszberenyiVisiting Asst. Professor (305) 575-3477
Dr. Arumugam JayakumarResearch Asst. Professor (305) 324-4455
Dr. Merce JordaProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-6560
Dr. Venkata M. KakulavarapuResearch Asst. Professor (305) 575-7000
Dr. Jonathan T. LordPending Rank at Professor of Clinical (305) 243-4171
Dr. Clara MilikowskiAssociate Professor of Clinical (305) 585-3638
Dr. Naomi S. MontagueAsst. Professor of Clinical (305) 585-2386
Dr. Azorides R. MoralesProfessor (305) 585-6484
Dr. Mehrdad NadjiDirector (305) 585-6194
Dr. Michael D. NorenbergProfessor (305) 585-7049
Dr. Vania NoseProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-5760
Dr. Victoriano PardoProfessor (305) 575-3159
Dr. Roberto PerezResearch Assistant Professor (305) 575-3477
Dr. Carol PetitoDirector (305) 585-8970
Dr. Rebeca PortoAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 256-5064
Dr. Negar RassaeiAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 585-7244
Dr. Lisa J. ReidyResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-5629
Dr. Ferenc G. RickResearch Assistant Professor (305) 575-7000
Dr. Philip G. RobinsonClinical Associate Professor (305) 585-2386
Dr. Philip G. RobinsonAssociate Professor of Clinical (305) 585-2386
Dr. Maria M. RodriguezProfessor of Clinical (305) 585-6637
Dr. Andrew E. RosenbergProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-8730
Dr. Charles L. RouaultPending Rank at Professor of C (305) 243-6305
Dr. Andrew V. SchallyResearch Professor (305) 575-3477
Dr. Andrew V. SchallyDistinguished Leonard M. Miller Professor (305) 575-3477
Dr. Sherry ShariatmadarAssociate Professor of Clinical (305) 585-6467
Dr. Steven SimonClinical Assistant Professor (305) 585-6044
Dr. Thomas M. SodemanProfessor of Clinical (305) 243-5401
Dr. Bernard W. SteeleProfessor (305) 585-6510
Dr. Saleem UmarAssistant Professor of Clinical (305) 243-9447
Dr. Rafael ValenzuelaProfessor (305) 575-3158
Dr. David WatkinsPending Rank at Professor (305) 243-0405
Dr. Clarence C. WhitcombAssociate Professor of Clinical (305) 585-6529
Dr. Christian D. WunschAssociate Professor (305) 585-6890
Dr. Julia ZaiasResearch Assistant Professor (305) 243-9964
Administration(305) 243-2683
Anatomic Pathology(305) 243-1213
Autopsy(305) 585-6016
Biomedical Nanoscience Institute(305) 243-6142
Chemistry Research(305) 585-6446
Clinical Chemistry Core Laboratory(305) 585-6521
Clinical Pathology(305) 585-6452
Comparative Pathology(305) 243-6700
Continuing Medical Education Programs(305) 585-6194
Cytogenetics(305) 243-6870
Cytopathology(305) 585-6184
Dade County Medical Examiners(305) 545-2430
Diagnostic Molecular Pathology and Flow Cytometry Laboratory(305) 243-6100
Endocrine Pathology(305) 243-5780
Endocrine Polypeptide and Cancer Institute(305) 575-3477
Hematology (Core Lab)(305) 585-6505
Hematopathology(305) 585-7242
Histology Laboratory(305) 585-6044
Immunofluorescence Laboratory(305) 585-7085
Immunohistochemistry Laboratory(305) 585-7016
Immunology Laboratory(305) 585-6500
Information Technology(305) 243-2829
Jackson South Community Hospital(305) 256-5064
JMH Laboratory Services - Administration(305) 585-6210
Medical Billing & Collections(305) 243-5838
Medical Student Education(305) 243-3734
Micropathology Laboratory(305) 585-6508
Molecular Morphology Research Laboratory(305) 243-5629
Neuropathology(305) 585-7017
Neuropathology Research(305) 324-4455
Pathology Referral & Laboratory Services(305) 585-6890
Pathology Specialty Services(305) 585-5923
Pediatric Pathology(305) 585-6637
Quality Assurance & Quality Improvement (JMH Anatomic Pathology Services)(305) 243-5760
Rapid Tissue Processing Research Laboratory(305) 585-6044
Renal Pathology(305) 585-7086
Residency Program(305) 585-8381
SCCC Tissue Bank(305) 243-6353
Special Coagulation Laboratory(305) 585-5897
Stem Cell Laboratory(305) 585-6437
Surgical Pathology(305) 585-7065
Tissue Molecular Profiling Laboratory(305) 243-5629
Toxicology Laboratory(305) 232-7020
Transfusion Medicine Services(305) 585-6131
Tumor Stem Cell Division Interdisciplinary Stem Cell Institute(305) 243-1782
UMHC Pathology & Laboratory Services(305) 243-6560
University of Miami Hospital Pathology & Laboratory Services(305) 325-5587

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