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Web Development Site Upgrade

What is "www6.miami.edu"?

Recently, the University upgraded its online systems in preparation for the hurricane season and to increase the capacity and stability of www.miami.edu.

Some visitors may have noticed that the web address at the University of Miami has changed. Instead of the typical "http://www.miami.edu" address, visitors will notice the appearance of "http://www6.miami.edu." This new address appears automatically throughout the Web site and is being used temporarily to host existing web resources. Do not be alarmed if you are redirected from "www.miami.edu" to "www6.miami.edu" while browsing the site.

The new web address was configured so that it would not change any aspects of a visitor's normal browsing experience. All "www.miami.edu" addresses should continue to function appropriately. In fact, many visitors may not have even noticed the new Web address.

There are a few items to be aware of:

  • If you experience any problems or have any concerns, contact the Web Development team at 305-284-3071 or at webmaster@miami.edu.
  • Based on your personal Web browser configuration, some Internet Explorer 6 users may experience a problem when attempting to view graphics or images. These users will receive an "X," or "missing file" icon in the position where the original image is supposed to appear. This is fixed by clearing the Internet Explorer cache. When on a Web page that is not displaying an image appropriately, press 'Ctrl+F5' on your keyboard. This will allow Internet Explorer to redownload the affected images. If the problem persists, it is most likely an issue unrelated to the University's IT changes. You should contact the particular Web site's webmaster or call 305-284-3071 for more assistance.

As new information about the upgrade is available, we will post details on this page. Likewise, we will publish any troubleshooting issues to this site as well.

University of Miami employees that maintain or manage existing Web pages are instructed to continue propogating their original "www.miami.edu" Web addresses. Notification of a new Web address to your prospective visiting audiences is NOT necessary. Remember, "www6.miami.edu" is a temporary location. Users that code Web links in their Web pages should continue targeting "www.miami.edu." All content will automatically appear as "www6.miami.edu" when published through your regular Web site management process.

Thank you for your patience during this upgrade to a better Web site environment.