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Promotion Your Website

Redirecting traffic toward your website is one of two most important steps in the development of a successful web site. By exposing your site to a wide range of possible customers, you could maximize the efficiency of your site.


Maximizing Search Placement

  1. Placement:  The closer it is to the homepage of your site, the more likely it is to appear at the top of the list.
  2. Frequency: The more pages that link to your site, the higher ranking it gets.
  3. Location and frequency of keywords:  If the searched-for word is in your title, that gets more weight than if it is only listed once in the text of your site.  You want to think about what words the users of your site would use to try to find you.  Then, make sure those words are in your text, and if possible, in your title. 
  4. Meta Tags:  Most important meta tags are the keyword and description tags.  If you are using the web development site, make sure you fill in the Keyword List for every piece of content you enter. We fill in the description for you, based on the text of your page.
  5. Submit your key pages: See below for information on submitting your site.
  6. Verify and Maintain your listing:  Check the search engines periodically to make sure that the search engine is pointing to valid and appropriate pages.


Negatively affecting your search engine placement 

  1. Too many links that are from images:  Make sure that you have HTML links to items in your site, instead of just image links to the inside of your site.
  2. Frames:  Most search engines cannot follow frame links.  Make sure if you are using frames that there are alternative methods for search engines to enter your site.
  3. CGI generated pages:   Some search engines have difficulty with CGI generated sites.  Avoid using ? symbol in your URLs.  Search engines tend to choke on that.


Submitting your site to search engines By submitting your URL to the search engines, people will be able to look up your site by typing in a certain keywork, such as "IBM" for www.ibm.com
Sending mail list and solicited e-mails Do not spam people, but if appropriate, send URLs to your site to mailing lists you are a member of. 
Reciprocal links Put links to other appropriate non-commerical sites on your page in exchange for them linking to your page.
Award Site Registration Register for appropriate awards.  Winning brings people to your site.


In brief, your success of your site depends on the result of your advertisement.