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Frequently Asked Questions - Receiving/Requesting/Sending Information to/from UM

Q: How do I request information from UM?

A: You can get on our mailing list by filling out our on-line inquiry form at www.miami.edu/admission/inquiry


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Q: I can’t find some specific information. Who can answer my specific question?

A: We recommend e-mailing or calling you admission officer. You can find out who that may be in the Contact Us section of the web site. In many cases, they can answer it quickly or are a good starting point for you.


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Q: I requested information a long time ago. Why haven’t I received anything yet?

A: Unfortunately, there may be some delay from the time you request information to the time you receive it. High School Students that are in their senior year should receive information immediately, beginning in August of their senior year. Students that are juniors, sophomores, or freshman, will receive periodic mailings from us, however, will not typically receive an application or in depth academic information until August prior to their senior year. Changes are made every year to our application and some of our academic areas and this prohibits mailing these materials earlier. In the meantime, much of the information we mail can be found on-line under our academic programs.


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Q: I sent an email to UM a long time ago and nobody ever responded? What should I do?

A: One of your admission officers sole responsibilities is making sure you get the information you need to make your college decisions. If you e-mail somebody at UM and never hear back, contact your admission officer with your question. They may also be able to follow up to get an answer for you or direct you to someone who might know. They are your best bet. You can find out who your admission officer is in the Contact Us section of the web site. You may also contact admission@miami.edu and we will forward your message to the right admission officer. Be sure to include your full name and mailing address and what high school you go to. We make every effort to respond to you within 2-3 days, however, approximately 200,000 students inquire to the University of Miami every year and sometimes it may take us a week or so to get to your message. We try very hard to give our students personal attention and we apologize in advance for any delays.


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Q: How do I send my application and/or documents to UM?

A: Application materials including transcripts, recommendations, and essays, may be sent to:

Undergraduate Admission Office
University of Miami
P.O. Box 248025
Coral Gables, FL 33124-4616

Be sure to indicate the students name and social security number on all documents submitted. It is also advisable to keep a copy of submitted documents and notes on when you sent them.


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Q: How so I send my SAT/ACT scores to UM?

A: You can do this one of two ways. When registering for these exams, you can request to have your official scores sent directly to us. University of Miami’s school code is 0760 for the ACT and 5815 for the SAT. The University also accepts scores reported on official high school transcripts. Check with your high school guidance office to see if they include your scores on your transcripts. If they do, you do not need to pay to have them official sent through ETS or ACT.


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Q: How do I find out if UM has received the information I sent and/or my application?

A: You may contact the office of admission at 305-284-4323 to ask if we have received your documents. However, it is often difficult to confirm this for you immediately. You may want to wait two to three weeks after you mail your information to contact us. Due to high mail volume, (especially around our application deadlines) we are often still processing your documents one to two weeks after we receive it. In other words, it may very well be here, but is still waiting to be entered into our application database for processing. If you really want to be sure that it gets here, send your information all together by certified priority mail, Fed-Ex, or UPS for tracking purposes.


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Q: I requested specific academic information. Why have I not received any?

A: Unfortunately, it is cost prohibitive for us to have individual brochures on each of our majors. We mail general academic information to students with some detailed information on many of our academic programs. For detailed information, see the different academic area web sites and explore the on-line course catalog, the authority when it comes to course listings and offerings. If you visit campus you may also pick up a hard copy of the catalog in the Admission Office (complimentary for prospective students).


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Q: Where do I send my AP scores, IB scores, or college transcripts?

A: See ‘How do I send my application and/or documents to UM?


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