Quiet Ultra-Efficient Integrated Aircrat(QUEIA) Using Co-Flow Jet Flow Control

NASA Competition 2nd Place Winner

The competition is to design futuristic airplane for year 2058. Our design is titled "The 2058 Aircraft: Quiet Ultra-Efficient Integrated Aircraft (QUEIA) ". The team members are: S. Aspe, J.J. Dussling, N. R. Heinz, D. J. Martinez, adviser: Gecheng Zha. QUEIA has incorporated some revolutionary co-flow jet(CFJ) flow control features based on our current research funded by DoD to reduce fuel consumption, emission and noise. It is an integrated airframe-propulsion-CFJ flow control flying wing system. This is the first time in UM history that UM students won NASA airplane design competition, which is worldwide and very competitive.

In prepartion, more to come.

Figure 1. QUEIA