E-mail for Life

The UMAA is happy to announce Alumni e-mail for life, allowing ALL alumni to have a registered umiami.edu e-mail alias.

What is e-mail for Life?

E-Mail for Life is an address at the @miami.edu domain that lasts a lifetime. No more worrying about sending friends and colleagues a new address each time you change Internet Service Providers – give them one address that follows you wherever you go! Plus, you show your Hurricane pride each time you send or receive e-mail.

What is e-mail forwarding?

The university will forward e-mail sent to your @miami.edu address to another address of your choosing. The @miami.edu address stays with you no matter how many times you change ISPs. E-mail forwarding does not provide you with a mailbox or access to the Internet. E-mail forwarding does not store mail; it simply forwards it.

Where do I set-up or change my info?

CaneLinkCaneLink is the University of Miami portal. The CaneLink system provides students, faculty, employees and alumni with access to personal information and links 24 hours a day on the internet. Online resource links are easily accessible and portal customization is available.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do i start? What is my alias? and for other frequently asked questions, click here.


For more information, contact:
Wendy Chun
Director, Online Communication


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