Career Advancement and Networking Executive Series

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The University of Miami Alumni Association has partnered with the University’s Citizens Board to host a year-long alumni career panel series targeted at major career fields to provide more networking opportunities for alumni.

The series provides opportunities for alumni to engage with seasoned professionals in their particular field of interest, network, and possibly make future job connections.

Success permitting, this is a series we are looking to replicate and take on the road with our national programming tour that currently exists with our top deans and administrators.

September 2, 2009

The first Career Advancement and Networking Executive Series (CANES), covered the Government and Non-Profit Sector.
Featured Panelists: Rudy Fernandez, Pat Salerno, B.G.S. '73, Dennis Scholl, J.D. '81, Daniella Levine

November 16, 2009

The second Career Advancement and Networking Executive Series (CANES), “Identifying, Honing and Applying Entrepreneurial Skills to Build a Successful Career in Any Sector,” was the opening event for Global Entrepreneurship Week 2009.
Featured Panelists: Sal Faso, B.B.A. '67, Sandy Jukel, B.B.A. '79, Mike Tomas, M.B.A. '00, Harvey Wagner, B.B.A. '63

February 17, 2010

The third Career Advancement and Networking Executive Series (CANES), “Communications and Sports Industries” gave advice on how to obtain a job in the sports and communications industries as well as the changes that the sectors have undergone.
Featured Panelists: Kimberly Stone, M.B.A. '04, Jim Flanagan, A.B. '72, Tom Annear

For more information, contact:
Adlar Garcia
Director, Alumni Programs