Frequently Asked Questions

General Information

Q: How do I become a member of the University of Miami Alumni Association, and how much does it cost?
Q: How can I obtain a “Photo ID Alumni 'Cane Card”?
Q: Why does my Alumni Card show a different graduation year?

Board of Directors/Alumni Council

Q: What is the Alumni Council and Board of Directors?
Q: How many meetings does the Board of Directors have annually?
Q: How does one become a member of the Board of Directors and what are their responsibilities?
Q: How does one become an Alumni Council member and what are their responsibilities?
Q: What are standing and ad hoc committees?

Alumni Programs/Events

Q: When is Homecoming/Alumni Weekend?

Giving to UM

Q: What is the Annual Fund?
Q: Why does the Annual Fund need my support every year?
Q: If I can only afford a small gift, is it worth it to the University?
Q: I hear a lot about “alumni participation” and “Hurricane Pride”. Why is this important and how does it increase the value of my degree?
Q: Can my Annual Fund donation be directed to a specific area?
Q: When should I make my gift?
Q: Does UM have annual giving societies?
Q: What are matching gifts and how can I make sure my gift is matched? Am I recognized for my matching gift?
Q: Are Annual Fund gifts tax-deductible?
Q: How often can I expect to be solicited for the Annual Fund during the fiscal year?
Q: What are the different ways I might be solicited for an Annual Fund gift?
Q: Can I let the University know my preference for being solicited or making annual contributions.
Q: Why am I encouraged to make a larger Annual Fund gift in a Reunion year?

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