International 'Canes Communities

Beijing 'Canes Reception

As the University's footprint continues to expand with a growing number of international alumni and students, we believe it's important to make sure our alumni stay connected. The UM Alumni Association supports a growing number of international 'Canes Communities as hubs to connect and network with fellow Hurricanes. Get connected today!

Brazil ’Canes

China 'Canes

Tong Liu, B.B.A.’10, M.Acc.’12
Qiong Yao, M.S.Ed.’13
Zhe Shi, M.B.A.’12
Zhengxuan Huang, A.B.’15

Yi Xia, M.P.A.’13
Di Ye, B.B.A.’12
Haoyue Zhang, B.S.C.’14
Xiaojun Ji, Ph.D.’06
Rodrigo Duarte, M.A.’10

Hong Kong
Kristina Tanso, A.B.’06
Cheuk-Fai (Louis) Chan, ’10
Wai-Yan (Ellen) Kar, A.B.’15

Colombia ’Canes

Gloria Duque, B.B.A.’99, M.B.A.’04

Middle East ’Canes

Reyadh Alrabeah, B.S.I.E.’87

Spain ’Canes

Jaime Escalante, B.B.A.’93, M.B.A.’11

United Kingdom ’Canes

 Maria Newstrom, B.Arch.’09


The UM Alumni Association travels the globe to connect with alumni, parents and friends of the University. In Spring 2016, we traveled to Asia and Panama. In late 2015, we hosted the first-ever International Distinguished Alumni Lectures Series during our visits to London, Madrid and Zurich.

Stay tuned for future events near you. See photos from recent international events.



For more information on international groups or events, contact:

Natalie Yaonan Song, B.S.C. ’12
Assistant Director,
Alumni Engagement, International