Alumni in the Spotlight

Ashley Anne Taggart, B.S. '12, M.D. '16

1. What degree did you receive and what are your plans post-graduation?
I just received my MD (Doctor of Medicine) degree from the Miller School of Medicine. I will be moving to Boston, MA in June to start my Obstetrics and Gynecology Residency Training at Brigham and Women’s Hospital/Massachusetts General Hospital (Harvard-affiliated hospitals). I completed both undergrad and medical school at the University of Miami.
2. How has your UM education prepared you for how far you’ve come today and where you see yourself tomorrow?
The education I received at UM and the opportunities I had to grow as a student leader were truly unique and have fully prepared me for anything the world will throw at me in this next phase of my life.
3. Tell us about activities you led or were a part of while at UM. What are you most proud of about your time at UM/What legacy are you leaving?
This past year I was the Executive Director of our Department of Community Service, better known as DOCS (Learn more at DOCS is a student-directed, non-profit organization endorsed by the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine (UMMSM) that seeks to provide quality health screenings and services to the underserved populations of South Florida. Each year, we serve about 2,000 patients through the volunteer efforts of our medical students, physicians, and other health care providers. As the Executive Director, I oversee the planning and execution of all projects, including nine annual health fairs, two weekly clinics, a community leadership conference, and our certified application counselors program. I am so proud of the work that DOCS does for the Miami community, and I feel blessed that I was able to contribute to that work during my time as a medical student.
4. What was your favorite moment or experience during your time at UM?
My favorite experience during my time at UM was standing on the football field as Iron Arrow Chief for our annual Homecoming Football Game Honor Court.
5. What is the most important thing that UM taught you?
The most important thing that UM taught me is that a leader’s work is never finished. You must always strive to improve yourself and the work you do.
6. What are you most looking forward to as an alum?
I have already been an undergraduate alum for 4 years now, and I greatly enjoyed attending football games as a medical student/alum.
7. What is one piece of advice you’d give your freshman self.
One piece of advice I would give to my freshman self is don’t hold back. Get involved, make new friends and enjoy every second of your experience at UM because one day you will look back on these years as the best years of your life.
8. How do you plan on staying engaged with your alma mater?
I plan on joining the Alumni network in Boston to keep in touch and hopefully make it to some events in both Boston and Miami in the future. I already participate in the UM License Plate Program – so that’s probably my favorite alumni benefit :)
9. Which UM alum do you admire most and why (famous or someone you know personally)?
The alumnus I admire most is Dr. Amar Deshpande. He has been an inspiration for many of the students that have attended the Miller School of Medicine, including me. He always motivates us to think critically and challenge ourselves. He also leads us by example. His actions continually inspire us to emulate his practice as a physician.