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What are the UM Student Alumni Ambassadors?

The UM Student Alumni Ambassadors (SAA) is a prestigious and diverse group of dynamic and motivated volunteer student leaders, and the student face of the University of Miami Alumni Association (UMAA).  Members serve as liaisons between UM students and alumni by promoting the tradition of annual giving and involvement amongst the student body, through the development and execution of an annual fundraising campaign and by hosting various educational and philanthropic events to raise awareness of UMAA benefits and services.

Members also have the opportunity to volunteer and network with alumni at various UMAA programs.

What do the Student Alumni Ambassadors do?

Meetings are bi-weekly during the academic year, and include training in a variety of fundraising and communication techniques, planning discussions for programs and events, and fun!

Members host and/or participate in a variety of programs and networking opportunities throughout the year to educate current students on the impact of student and alumni philanthropy and involvement, including but not limited to Legacy, Orientation, Canefest, Family Weekend, Chick-IN and Check-OUT!, Alumni Awareness, Alumni Weekend and Homecoming, Philanthropy Awareness Day, Dinner with 12 Strangers, the Official Ring Tradition, Get Carded, and various alumni and/or donor events hosted by the University and the UMAA.

Members also plan and participate in a fundraising campaign that involves soliciting donations from current students to raise funds that create scholarships for fellow 'Canes through a variety of educational and philanthropic programs, including on-campus tabling.

Being a student at UM is just the beginning! You are a 'Cane for Life! If you are a creative student with a love for your alma mater and an interest in educating the University of Miami Community about the importance of staying connected to your UMAA through involvement and annual giving, then consider applying to be a Student Alumni Ambassador!

Mission and Purpose

The mission of the SAA is to support the University of Miami Alumni Association in establishing and enhancing a mutually beneficial and enduring relationship between the University of Miami, its alumni, current and future students.

The purpose of the SAA is to serve as an active liaison between the student body and the Alumni, sponsoring a wide variety of educational and philanthropic programs and benefits that foster a spirit of loyalty, involvement, annual giving, and a life-long commitment to the University of Miami.

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2014-2015 UM Ambassadors

Executive Board

President: Casey Rea
Vice President, Internal: Emily York
Vice President, External: Adam O’Reilly
Secretary: Renuka Tolani
Treasurer: Peter Mann
Public Relations Specialist: Maura Lapoff
Recruitment Chair: Chelsea Cook

Current Members

Raisa Ahmed
Brenner Anderson
Kyle Apple
Owen Berry
Rachel Chapnick
Chelsea Cook
Bradford Cozby
Leen Dahman
Chloe Harrison
Pierrah Hilaire
Yuqing Huang
Dahlin Jackson
Maria Jimenez
Shellby Johnson
Maura Lapoff
Jacob Levy

Peter Mann
Jack Miya
Kierin Mukerjee
Adam O'Reilly
Jackie Pape
Danielle Poreh
Jesi Price
Renuka Ramchandran
Casey Rea
Natalie Szmyd
Renuka Tolani
Jelly Vanderwoude
Michael Viamonte
Kevin Weaver
Emily York

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Kate Lake
Director, Alumni Engagement

Taylor Stayton
Assistant Director, Annual Giving