The Meaning Behind the Ring

The Official University of Miami Class Ring captures Hurricane pride common to all UM alumni since the school’s establishment in 1925. The "U" symbol appears on the top of all of the rings in the official collection. The symbol has increased in popularity and recognition over the years, transitioning from an athletic logo to one that represents the entire University and its commitment to excellence.

The ring also features Sebastian the Ibis, the UM mascot, and the Great Seal of the University of Miami. Folklore maintains that the ibis, a symbol of knowledge found in the Everglades and Egypt, is the last sign of wildlife to take shelter before a hurricane and the first to reappear after the storm.

The Great Seal of the University of Miami is based on traditional heraldic symbols: the motto Magna Est Veritas means "greatest truth," the book represents learning, the torch symbolizes the spread of learning and the key signifies the unlocking of learning.

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