2015 Regional Alumni Awards Ceremony

Friday, June 5, 2015
Private Country Club, Invitation Only Event
Los Angeles, California
7:00 p.m.

The Alumni Awards Ceremony will be part of a comprehensive weekend of programming for alumni including the 'Canes Film Showcase. To learn more, click here for details.

Edward T. Foote II Alumnus of Distinction

"personal or professional achievements that bring honor and recognition to the University of Miami"

Award Description | Previous Recipients

Sylvester Stallone, B.F.A. '98
Screenwriter, Filmmaker, Actor

Sylvester Stallone


Henry King Stanford Alumnus of the Year

"continued exemplary service to the University of Miami"

Award Description | Previous Recipients

Jeanne Wolf, A.B. '61, M.A. '66
President, Jeanne Wolf’s Hollywood
West Coast Editor, The Saturday Evening Post

Jeanne Wolf


Karl Schulze, B.B.A. '74
President, Schulze Haynes Loevenguth & Co.

Karl Schulze


William R. Butler Community Service Award

"exemplary volunteer service to the community where the alumnus or alumna resides"

Award Description | Previous Recipients

Austen Everett, A.B. '11*
Founder, The Austen Everett Foundation

Austen Everett

(*Awarded posthumously)



For more information, contact:
Erica Arroyo,
B.S.C. '03, M.A.L.S. '08,
Sr. Director, Alumni Programs


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