A university is measured by the achievements of its graduates. Whatever they accomplish, wherever they go, whoever they become, they shine a spotlight on their alma mater for the rest of their lives. Alumni provide the resources and continuity that allows an institution to build on its heritage and history and transform a university from a basic place of learning and research to a formative and identifying era in one's life.

A trend over the past several years has been the creation of alumni centers on campuses nationwide, providing a place for alumni to return and gather. Alumni centers showcase the traditions of the university and bind generations to each other.

During the 2001-2005 strategic planning process of the University of Miami Alumni Association, the idea of having a dedicated alumni center at the University of Miami started to become a reality as the UMAA discovered a wide-range of support for the concept. Over time, details of an alumni center began to take shape, including a location (the corner of Brescia Ave. and Hurricane Drive, various designs and concepts and resource goals.

Most importantly, the idea of an alumni center was strongly supported by University Past President Donna E. Shalala, who prioritized strengthening the connection with Miami alumni. With the support of alumni and the administration, the University of Miami Alumni Center rapidly become a reality.

As a celebration of all the achievements of our alumni, the Robert and Judi Prokop Newman Alumni Center was built at the heart of the University of Miami. This home is a gift to our graduates, at the hub of our vibrant academic and professional community as the next important step in continuing the momentum of the University of Miami.