Class of 1963

Thank you for all who attended your Class Reunion! It was a wonderful night at President Shalala’s House. Special thanks to all of the Class Reunion Committee Members, without your hard work and dedication the reunion party would not have been possible. This group spent time making calls, flipping through yearbooks, talking during conference calls, and sharing ideas to develop a memorable and unforgettable event.

What a memorable weekend we had, and how time flies –the Reunion Parties, Alumni Avenue, and the Virginia Tech vs. Miami game were just some of the highlights to this amazing weekend. No matter how distant or near your memories of UM are, Alumni Weekend and Homecoming was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our place in UM’s history.

Thank you to all of you who celebrated your place in history with us as we honored all alumni during Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2013. We hope you enjoyed your return to campus and that you will make plans to visit us again next year for Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2014.

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Date: Thursday, November 7, 2013
Time: 7:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m.
Location: Ibis House, President’s Residence
Cost: Package A: $130 This package includes the Class of 1963 50th Reunion, the Audrey Finkelstein UM Experience, Alumni Avenue, Pregame Celebration, and the 37th Annual Golden Ibis Brunch.

Package B: $190 This package includes the Class of 1963 50th Reunion, the Audrey Finkelstein UM Experience, Alumni Avenue, Pregame Celebration, Football Game Ticket, and 37th Annual Golden Ibis Brunch.

Description: On this night, it will be 1963 all over again! Visit your old friends; share your memories as you raise a glass to toast this amazing milestone – your 50th Reunion at the University of Miami! Remember the sounding of the hollowed bell atop the student Union to let the entire campus know that Homecoming week was here?  How about the crowning of Homecoming Queen Gladys Vines? Were you in attendance when Ray Charles performed at the 36th annual Homecoming dance, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center?  Who could forget the Gotham Bowl, in New York City, played in 17 degree temperatures? 1963 was truly a great year on campus. Save the date and relive the memories that started your lifetime as a 'Cane!

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Class of 1963 50th Reunion Committee:

  • Mrs. Janet Adams, AB ’63
  • Mr. James Foster, BS ’63
  • Mr. Charles Horich, AB ’63
  • Mrs. Veronica Helsby, BED ’63
  • Mr. Brian Hersh, BBA ’63
  • Col. Ronald Hollod, BBA ’63
  • Mr. Steven Meadow, BBA ’63
  • Mr. Jack Packar, BBA ’63, JD ’66
  • Ms. Marie Shea, BED ’63
  • Mr. Jon Stemples, BSEE ’63
  • Mr. Harvey Wagner, BBA ’63

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Class of 1963 50th Reunion Committee, please contact Cie Cochran (305) 284-2206

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A Walk Down Memory Lane…1963
UM Events:

  • The debate team clinched five trophies and won the Novice Championship at the University of South Carolina
  • The Lowe Art Museum presented, the Renoir Picasso, 1914 exhibit
  • The UM symphony orchestra performed "Joan at the stake", which had a tremendous impact on Miami
  • The Ring Theatre produced, "Androcles and the Lion", "Fuente Ovejuna" and "Tartuffe"
  • RSMAS is remodeled, receiving new full scale buildings that served as classrooms
  • A model of the new student union went on display in Ashe revealing the new recreation center
  • The 1962-63 Basketball season resulted in 24 wins and 4 losses

World Events:

  • Kennedy Assassination, Friday November 22, 1963, In Dealey Plaza, Dallas Texas
  • Martin Luther King delivers the "I have a Dream" speech
  • Studebaker the US car maker goes out of business and ends production
  • First US State lottery, New Hampshire
  • The great train robbery of 1963 takes place in England, 2.6 million pounds is stolen
  • Alcatraz Federal Prison closes


  • Average cost of a home was $12,650
  • Average income per year was $5,870
  • Average cost of a gallon of gas was $.29
  • Average cost of a bedroom air conditioner was $149.95
  • New Ford Cortina was $675

Pop Culture:

  • The Beatles release their first album with fan favorites like: "Please, Please Me",  "I Want to Hold Your Hand", "I Saw Her Standing There", and "Meet the Beatles" which started Beatlemania
  • The first episode of the BBC television series Doctor Who is broadcast
  • Bob Dylan walks off the Ed Sullivan Show
  • The second James Bond film "From Russia With Love" is released

Popular Films and Television Shows Included: Cleopatra, The Longest Day, Lawrence of Arabia, Mutiny on the Bounty, To Kill a Mockingbird, Coronation StreetThe Andy Griffith Show, The Flintstones, Mister Ed, The Avengers, and The Dick Van Dyke Show
Popular Performers Included: The Beatles, Roy Orbison, Buddy Holly, The Drifters, and Jim Reeves
Technological Advancements/Achievements: AT & T introduces touch tone phones, Flymo sells first Hover Mower, the first prototype Learjet takes off, zip codes were implemented in the US, lava lamps were launched by Edward Craven Walker, tape cassettes were invented, and pull tab cans were used for sodas

Help Find Lost Alumni
Help you're fellow 'Canes reconnect with you, and your alma mater! If you recognize any of these names, please let your classmate know that they're "lost" and need to be FOUND!
Here are three simple ways to update your information and always stay connected with the happenings at the "U":

  • Visit and click on the links to update your information. You can also use this site to search the alumni directory for classmates you want to reconnect with!
  • Call the Office of Alumni Relations at 305-284-2872 or toll free at 1-866-UMALUMS (862-5867) and update your information with a staff representative.
  • Attend a local club event and provide them with your updated information! For a list of clubs in or near your area, visit

Jane H. Abrams, BED '63, Staten Island, New York
Frances S. Adler, BBA '63, Hollywood, Florida
Gerald J. Akum, AB '63, Canada,
Paulette C. Alexander, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Mary D. Anderson, AB '63, San Diego, California
Joan I. Applebaum, AB '63, Port St Lucie, Florida
Laurence K. Au, AB '63, Hong Kong,
Billie P. Banti, AB '63, Oakland, California
Charles T. Bare, BBA '63, Lafayette, California
Richard D. Barrie, BBA '63, Branford, Connecticut
Adrienne Bateman, BED '63, Jeanerette, Louisiana
Arthur E. Beck, BS '63, Brooklyn, New York
Salvatore Belloise, BED '63, Hollywood, Florida
Leonard S. Berlinski, AB '63, Netherlands,
Lynne J. Birch, AB '63, St Petersburg, Florida
Martin L. Blaire, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Laurence L. Bluerock, BBA '63, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Lois W. Blumin, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Helen M. Bourne, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Margaret B. Boyd, BED '63, Montvale, New Jersey
Ola H. Bradbury, AB '63, Canada,
Elissa F. Braunstein, AB '63, Bronx, New York
Murray N. Breland, AB '63, Thailand,
Jeffrey D. Brody, BBA '63, New York, New York
Mary A. Bulter, BED '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Anthony R. Buttita, BS '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Barbara M. Calhoune, BED '63, Hollywood, Florida
Jeanette J. Caputo, BBA '63, New York, New York
Richard H. Carlson, AB '63, West Milford, New Jersey
James F. Carney, AB '63, Fishkill, New York
Nancy A. Cates, R.N., BSN '63, Coral Gables, Florida
John R. Cendoya, BSCE '63, Atlanta, Georgia
Stanley E. Chambers, BBA '63, Seal Beach, California
Margaret E. Childs, AB '63, Opelousas, Louisiana
Gordon W. Chin, BSAE '63, Jamaica,
Paul A. Cifaldi, Jr., BBA '63, Northport, New York
H R. Clarke, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Steven A. Coffey, AB '63, Hurleyville, New York
Roberta J. Cohen, AB '63 MA '68, Miami, Florida
Daniel E. Connell, BBA '63, Santa Rosa, California
Marilyn R. Corenblum, BSED '63, ,
James Cotton, BSME '63, Charlotte, North Carolina
Alfred C. Couric, BBA '63, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Myra L. Crabtree, BED '63, North Miami, Florida
Robert V. Critchlow, AB '63 MA '68, Alexandria, Virginia
Norman R. Crump, BBA '63, Chicago, Illinois
Robert F. Daley, BBA '63, Howell, Michigan
Barbara S. Davis, AB '63, Blue Hill, Maine
Gary A. Davis, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Ilene S. Davis, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Linda S. De Mauro, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Elena De Valle, BBA '63, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Sheila S. Dennis, AB '63, Dobbs Ferry, New York
Poe S. Der, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Mary L. Devereux, BED '63, Tucson, Arizona
Richard S. Dillon, BSEE '63, Metairie, Louisiana
Jose A. Dominguez, BBA '63, Peru,
E. J. Doran, BBA '63, New York, New York
William C. Dorris, BBA '63, Washougal, Washington
Arlin J. Dubler, BBA '66 AB '63, North Miami, Florida
Dudley J. Elvery, II, AB '63, Richmond, Virginia
Edward L. Epstein, BBA '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Ronald Epstein, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Fernando Fabregas, BSCE '63, Venezuela,
Charles Fain, AB '63, Scottsdale, Arizona
Richard W. Fields, BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Roy E. Fink, BBA '63, Santa Monica, California
Martin D. Fleisher, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
David L. Franklin, BED '63, Normal, Illinois
Stephen W. Freeman, BED '63, Bristol, Florida
Stephen Fried, AB '63, Castle Afb, California
Mary Ann W. Froude, BED '63, England,
Thomas F. Gannon, Jr., BBA '63, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Jerrold M. Gans, BSEE '63, Miami, Florida
Robert Gehl, BBA '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Robert G. Genest, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Enzo Giammattei-Risso, BBA '63, El Salvador,
Nelson M. Giraud, BBA '63, Rockville, Maryland
Arnold L. Glass, BS '63, Fpo New York, New York
Howard A. Gold, BBA '63, Los Angeles, California
Barry D. Goldman, Esq., BBA '63, Vero Beach, Florida
Robert Goldman, BSEE '63 MBA '72, Davie, Florida
George E. Goldring, AB '63, New York, New York
Gary M. Gordon, AB '63, Laguna Hills, California
Robert S. Gordon, BBA '63, San Francisco, California
Guy N. Graham, AB '63, Gainesville, Florida
Norman Graham, Jr., BBA '63, Elizabeth, New Jersey
Pauline M. Granarnick, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Richard M. Grant, BED '63, Indianapolis, Indiana
Robert A. Graves, BED '63, Cleveland, Ohio
Gary L. Gray, BED '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Hattie S. Greenberg, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Henry Greenfield, AB '63, Hendersonvlle, North Carolina
Irving Gross, BS '63, New York, New York
Stephen S. Gross, BS '63, Corte Madera, California
Robert L. Guttman, BBA '63, Claremont, California
Marion E. Hall, BED '63, N/A, North Carolina
Orris T. Hall, BSCE '63, Orlando, Florida
Robert M. Hall, BBA '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Robert W. Hall, BS '63, Miami, Florida
M. A. Hamilton, BED '63, Pembroke Pines, Florida
Jack Handwerker, AB '63, Brooklyn, New York
Enid T. Hartig, AB '63, Temple Terrace, Florida
Miguel E. Herrero, BBA '63, Rio Piedras, Puerto Rico
Edward C. Hodge, Jr., BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Warren F. Hodge, BBA '63, Sandusky, Ohio
Jean K. Hodgman, AB '63, Newington, Connecticut
Robert N. Holsaple, BED '63, Alcoa, Tennessee
Leonard L. Hunter, III, AB '63, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Linda S. Hyman, BED '63, Brooklyn, New York
Judith R. Jackson, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Robert M. Jacobson, AB '63, Bronx, New York
Karen S. Johansen, AB '63, Fairborn, Ohio
Kenneth P. Johansen, AB '63, Fairborn, Ohio
Allen A. Johnson, Jr., BS '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Floyd W. Johnson, Jr., BBA '63, W Hollywood, Florida
Gail A. Johnson, BS '63, Hialeah, Florida
Andrew E. Jones, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Joseph H. Kagel, BSEE '63, Anaheim, California
E E. Kalogerakis, BSEE '63, Greece,
Natalie F. Kane, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Kenneth Kastin, BBA '63, Jacksonville, Florida
Kathy D. Kays, AB '63, New York, New York
Mary O. Ketchum, AB '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Edith M. Kidd, AB '63, A.P.O. New York, New York
Nancy R. Klein, BED '63, New York, New York
Franklin M. Kless, BSEE '63, Unadilla, Georgia
Joan E. Kratish, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Daniel J. Kwan, AB '63, Indianapolis, Indiana
Luke F. Lanigan, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Lynn Lapin, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Louis Leeda, BBA '63 MBA '66, Winter Park, Florida
Bruce Leibowitz, BBA '63, Brooklyn, New York
Robert Leibowitz, BBA '63, Bayside, New York
Philip B. Leon, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Marjorie Ann M. Lesser, BED '63, Waterford, Connecticut
Harriet B. Levine, BED '63, West Hills, California
Arnold S. Levy, BBA '63, Canton, Massachusetts
Linda M. Lieblein, BED '63, Kew Gardens, New York
Jo E. Lienhart, AB '63, San Diego, California
Linda M. Little, BBA '63 AB '65, Miami, Florida
William A. Lo Curto, BSAE '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Jayne M. Lubin, BED '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Judith N. MacEachron, AB '63, Lake Worth, Florida
Joel E. Macht, AB '63, Denver, Colorado
Stanley Maluty, BED '63, Cooper City, Florida
Carole L. Mann, BED '63, N Miami, Florida
Susan W. Marleaux, AB '63, Surfside, Florida
Thomas R. Martin, BBA '63, ,
John W. Matthews, BBA '63, Pt Pleasant Beach, New Jersey
Harry P. McCall, BBA '63, Scottsdale, Arizona
William O. McClish, BED '63, Port St Lucie, Florida
John F. McConville, BS '63, Hialeah, Florida
Harold Mermelstein, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Alan D. Miller, AB '63, Campbell, California
Barbara A. Miller, AB '63, New York, New York
Carlos J. Mills, BBA '63, Maracaibo, Venezuela,
Patricia A. Mincey, BED '63, Hialeah, Florida
Edward Modzelewski, BED '63, Virginia Gardens, Florida
Anthony B. Moore, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Carole R. Morris, AB '63, England,
Pedro M. Mudarra, AB '63 MA '69, Hialeah, Florida
Gene A. Mullin, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Kenneth M. Mulmat, AB '63 BS '64, St Thomas, Virgin Islands
Rhoda G. Nagle, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Nancy E. Nelson, BS '63, Juneau, Alaska
Manuel Noubleau, BSAE '63, El Salvador,
Sara J. Nutty, BBA '63, Connersville, Indiana
Wilfred J. O'Brien, Jr., BBA '63, Naples, New York
Anthony M. Ogden, AB '63, Charlotte, North Carolina
Nelson E. Olmedillo, BBA '63, Venezuela,
Elvira M. Ors, BS '63, Opa Locka, Florida
Emilie C. Palacio, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Caryl A. Parks, AB '63, San Rafael, California
Susan B. Penrith, BBA '63, Chicago, Illinois
Mary L. Pierson, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Robert H. Pitts, BBA '63, Tallahassee, Florida
Isabel Planiol, AB '63, Mc Donough, Maryland
Diana H. Plowman, BED '63, Augusta, Georgia
Leonard I. Polsky, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Donald E. Rains, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Gary P. Ransom, BBA '63, Holly Springs, North Carolina
Harold A. Rapoport, BBA '63, Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Edye L. Rappe-Du Cher, AB '63, Oakland, California
Wendy L. Raudebaugh, BED '63, Columbus, Georgia
Marvin B. Ray, BBA '63, Marietta, Georgia
Dick Reeser, Jr., BBA '63, Ft Lauderdale, Florida
Leonard H. Reich, AB '63, New York, New York
Rochelle N. Ressler, BS '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Stewart Richer, BBA '63, New York, New York
Diane E. Robinson, AB '63, Atascadero, California
S C. Rodgers, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Robert P. Romans, AB '63, Pottsville, Pennsylvania
Morris Rosen, BBA '63, North Miami, Florida
Louise G. Ross, BED '63, Apo New York, New York
Robert Rothlin, BBA '63, Rockaway Beach, New York
Daniel F. Russell, BS '63, Tiskilwa, Illinois
Ronald Ruthfield, BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Bernard K. Rutkowski, BSAE '63, Deerfield Beach, Florida
Alan N. Sacharoff, BBA '63, Canada,
Felipe Sagastume, BSME '63, Miami, Florida
Shirley Sanders, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Richard Sanford, BBA '63, San Diego, California
Diane L. Sansone, AB '63, Holmdel, New Jersey
Enrique S. Santoni, BBA '63, Dominican Republic,
Joan S. Scheer, R.N., BSN '63, Sunny Isles Beach, Florida
Frederick Schreiner, AB '63, Cobbs Creek, Virginia
Robert E. Schwartz, AB '63, Aventura, Florida
Stephen E. Schwartz, AB '63, Bronx, New York
Robert Seldner, AB '63, New York, New York
Barbara M. Sevald, BM '63, Apo New York, New York
Vicki L. Shermer, BS '63, Los Angeles, California
David Shikes, AB '63, Newton Highlands, Massachusetts
Paula J. Shimmin, R.N., BSN '63, Houston, Texas
Bernard Skoke, BBA '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Frank A. Smith, Jr., BBA '63, Thornton, Colorado
Michael R. Smith, BBA '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Joel Snow, BBA '63, Bronx, New York
Mark S. Solomon, AB '63, Mount Vernon, New York
Richard B. Solymos, BED '63, Canada,
Sylvia E. Springer, AB '63, West Palm Beach, Florida
Frances Star, BS '63, Tampa, Florida
John M. Stearns, BBA '57 AB '63, Miami, Florida
Frederick I. Steele, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Harris J. Steinberg, BSCE '63, Los Angeles, California
Dale E. Steinke, AB '63, San Francisco, California
Thomas D. Stepanski, BBA '63, Menasha, Wisconsin
Edward D. Stern, BBA '63, Pickerington, Ohio
Ronald L. Stevenson, Jr., BBA '63, San Antonio, Texas
William G. Stewart, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Scott G. Stoddard, M.D., BBA '63, Laredo Afb, Texas
Dorothy P. Stoddart, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Marcia L. Stone, BED '63, Miami, Florida
James C. Strickland, BED '63, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Lynnette H. Stuut, BS '63, North Miami, Florida
Luis Suarez, Jr., BS '63, Tallahassee, Florida
Victoria I. Sullivan, AB '63, Lafayette, Louisiana
Simon Sunikansky, AB '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Mary A. Swayze, BS '63, Apo New York, New York
Steven Swickle, AB '63, Hewlett, New York
Richard M. Tankersley, BBA '63, Bedford, Virginia
Linda G. Teer, BED '63, Great Lakes, Illinois
Joseph Teisan, Jr., BBA '63, San Francisco, California
Joan C. Thibodeax, AB '63, Johnson City, Tennessee
Davis M. Thompson, AB '63, Coconut Grove, Florida
Paige R. Thompson, BED '63, Modesto, California
Vu T. Thong, BS '63, Coral Gables, Florida
Petra R. Toben, AB '63, Carrollton, Texas
Martin Topp, AB '63, Flushing, New York
Mary E. Tracy, BS '63, Portland, Oregon
Robert V. Traver, BBA '63, Poughkeepsie, New York
Miguel L. Triay, BBA '63, New York, New York
Frank W. Trischitta, BBA '63, Briarcliff, New York
Bonnie E. Tubin, BED '63, Miami Beach, Florida
Peter A. Tufts, BBA '63, Chicago, Illinois
Virginia L. Turner, AB '63, Jacksonville, Florida
Pamela J. Tyler, BS '63 MS '66, San Diego, California
Jose D. Vallarino, BSIE '63, Panama,
Richard K. Van Meter, AB '63, Palmetto Bay, Florida
Gladys C. Vines, AB '63, Rocky Mount, North Carolina
Stephen J. Walter, BBA '63, Marblehead, Massachusetts
Stefanie Wang, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Howard S. Warner, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Sandra A. Weinstock, AB '63, Roslyn, New York
Donald C. Weir, AB '63, Bordentown, New Jersey
Howard J. Werner, BBA '63, Cairo, New York
Joanne E. Whalen, BED '63, Bellingham, Massachusetts
Donna J. Whelan, BS '63, Miami, Florida
Sheila White, BED '63, Atlanta, Georgia
Gwynne Williams, BBA '63, Glen Head, New York
Martha F. Williams, BED '63 MED '67, Miami Springs, Florida
Jo A. Wolf, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Andrew S. Wolstein, BBA '63, Boulder City, Nevada
Sharon J. Yaskin, BED '63, Miami, Florida
Richard I. Young, BBA '63, Miami, Florida
Stratton G. Zammas, AB '63, Miami, Florida
Warren H. Zediker, BBA '63, Fresno, California

In Memory List
Reunion years are an important time to remember classmates who touched our lives and helped make UM a great place to be. The following is a list of 'Canes who are no longer with us, though their spirit lives on in our memories:

Robert P. Abramson, BSME '63, AB '63
Keith J. Ackerman, BBA '63
Martha O. Ames, BED '63
Helen G. Anderson, AB '63
Janice K. Anderson, AB '63
Vivian L. Andes, R.N., BSN '63, MED '71
Ann Andrews, BED '63
Sara K. Archer, BSN '63
George W. Arges, BBA '63
Harvey S. Arnold, AB '63
John F. Augustine, BBA '63
Paul R. Avery, BED '63, MA '81
Victor F. Azrak, BBA '63
Donald F. Bailey, AB '63
Arvil F. Baker, BS '63
Mary J. Barnes, AB '63
Theodore J. Batich, BBA '63
Vivian H. Beck, BED '63, MED '66
Paul S. Berger, Esq., BBA '63, JD '66
Frank L. Boscia, BBA '63
Ellen R. Bosem, BED '63
Esther H. Brenner, BED '63
Nancy L. Briceland, BED '63
H. J. Brosius, BBA '63
Clyde D. Brown, BBA '63
Michael C. Brust, BBA '63
Phillip O. Buchman, BBA '63
Michael A. Burney, BBA '63
Lewis M. Bush, AB '63, MA '64
Richard R. Calay, BED '63
Christopher T. Caputo, BBA '63
Maria Carnicero, BED '63, MA '68
John B. Carr, BBA '63
Steven Cirker, BBA '63
Patricia L. Clay, AB '63
William J. Clegg, Jr., AB '63
David J. Clifford, BBA '63
Frances V. Cline, AB '63
Norma G. Cohen, AB '64
Stephen Cohen, AB '63
Louis J. Colombo, BBA '63
Anita M. Cooper, BS '63
Joaquin J. Cortez, BED '63
Manuel J. Coya-H, BBA '63
Ronald A. Cyril, AB '63, JD '67
Ronald R. Daniels, BSAE '63
Jack M. Davidson, BBA '63
Snowden T. Day, AB '63
Robert E. Dolan, BSEE '63
Edgar J. Doyle, BBA '63
Steven W. Duboff, AB '63
George M. Dykes, III, BBA '63
Joseph B. Elgin, BSIE '63
Barbara E. Ellis, BED '63
Edwin R. Elwood, BM '63
George F. Ensey, IV, AB '63
Antoinette S. Ewell, AB '63
C Fatjo, BBA '63
Ronald A. Ferrer, BED '63
Richard Fienberg, AB '63
Loretta M. Finan, BBA '63
Carol A. Fineman, AB '63, MS '66,PHD '70
Richard Fisher, BBA '63
Kathryn P. Fisk, BED '63, MED '70
Matthew J. Fitzsimmons, BBA '63
Alan B. Follender, M.D., BS '63, MD '67
Martha P. Forman, AB '63
Ingeborg Frank, AB '63
Clifford S. Frank, BSEE '63
Sylvia S. Friedman, AB '63
Robert E. Gaffney, BBA '63
James P. Gahagan, Ph.D., AB '63, MS '67,PHD '69
Anna R. Gale, BED '63
Martin Gallant, BBA '63
Alan R. Gish, AB '63
Nini L. Goldberg, AB '63
Robert J. Gorman, BSEE '63
Edward F. Grady, BBA '63
Claus Greve, BBA '63
Gerald A. Gross, AB '63, JD '66
John A. Guarnieri, III, BBA '63
Philip Guerra, Jr., BBA '63
Anne-Lise Gustafson, Esq., AB '63, JD '71, LLMO '73, LLM '73
Sheldon Haffner, BBA '59, BED '63
Natalie A. Hager, BED '63
Frederic G. Hahne, BBA '63
Florence P. Hall, Ph.D., BED '63, MED '69
Douglas E. Hall, BBA '63
James S. Haselwood, BBA '63
Harold L. Hause, Jr., BED '63
Roger G. Heim, AB '63
Raymond H. Heims, BBA '63
Elaine Herman, AB '63
Sarah H. Higgins, AB '63
Louis W. Hoglund, BBA '63
Robert L. Holliman, BBA '63
Harvey R. Horowitz, BBA '63
H H. Hutchinson, BBA '63
William S. Jennings, BSEE '63
Patricia C. Jones, AB '63
John J. Karabasz, BBA '63
Otto J. Karch, BSAE '63
Gerald D. Katz, BBA '63
Bart B. King, BBA '63
Michael L. Kirtley, BS '63
Richard G. Knable, P.E., BSCE '63
John W. Kolb, BBA '63
Jean B. Korner, AB '50, MED '63
Edwin B. Kuempel, BED '63
Madelyn S. Kumble, AB '63
Renee B. Landes, AB '63, MA '68
Don C. Law, BBA '63
Henry J. Lebejko, Jr., BBA '63
Samuel J. Leff, AB '63
Flora D. Levin, AB '63, MA '66
Neal H. Levine, BBA '63
Sylvia S. Lieberman, BED '63
Judith D. Liebman, BED '63
Marie A. Longton, AB '63
Daniel G. Lynch, AB '63
Joseph M. Mack, BBA '63
Hector J. MacKinnon, Jr., BED '63
Robert B. Mahoney, BBA '63
Philip G. Mancini, BED '63
Frank A. Manis, BBA '63
Robert A. Margolis, BBA '63
Diana E. Marks, BBA '63

Michael G. Martin, BBA '63, JD '66
Andrew P. Mavrides, BED '63, JD '73
John J. Mazur, BBA '63
Philip K. McEnery, Jr., BBA '63
Russell S. McFarland, AB '63
James J. McManus, BBA '63
Ann F. Melfa, BED '63
Blanche D. Meyers, BBA '63
Betty D. Meyers, BBA '63
Catherine Michie, AB '63
Stanislaus M. Miciak, BSIE '63
Harriett J. Miller, BED '63
John C. Millican, BBA '63
William E. Mills, BSAE '63
Samuel J. Mizrahi, BBA '63
Arthur V. Moninger, Jr., AB '63
Angel M. Moreno, BSME '63
George C. Morgan, BBA '63
Walter E. Morris, BBA '63
Harold N. Murphy, BBA '63
William R. Newfield, BBA '63
Benita K. Nott, AB '63
George D. Nourse, BBA '63
Ruth D. O'Kain, R.N., BSN '63
Alan J. Olkin, BSEE '63
James J. O'Neill, BBA '63
Howard R. Owen, BBA '63, MBA '64
Naresh Patel, BSCE '63
Noel R. Paynic, BSAE '63
Jay F. Pearson, Jr., BSEE '63
William O. Pennel, Jr., BBA '63
Thomas Perkins, BBA '63
Lawrence H. Plummer, BBA '63
George O. Potter, BED '63
Charles W. Potter, BBA '63
Rosemarie Puckett, BED '63, MED '71
Victor R. Puig, BSEE '63
Claire E. Purnell, BED '63
Donald A. Quade, BBA '63
Arthur E. Quintiliani, Esq., JD '58, BED '63
David J. Rafkin, BM '63
Quenton F. Rahal, BBA '63, MBA '68
Ahmad M. Rashed, BSEE '63
Frank T. Ratchford, BED '63, MED '66
Roy S. Ratsky, BBA '63
Marilyn F. Reed, AB '63
William J. Reichlin, BBA '63, MBA '72
Virginia M. Rial, AB '63
Richard A. Rice, BED '63
George A. Ricker, BED '63
Charles J. Ringling, BBA '63
Raymond F. Risavy, P.E., BSEE '63
Theodore J. Roberts, BBA '63
Eric A. Roberts, BBA '63
Donna L. Rodriguez, BBA '63
Bent G. Rohn, BS '63
Frank W. Rom, BBA '63
John C. Rose, II, AB '58, BED '63
Malcolm Ross, Jr., AB '63
Charles S. Ross, AB '63
Sylvia U. Rossman, BED '63, MED '64
Glenn D. Roth, BBA '63
Mary K. Rubino, AB '63
Robert L. Runion, Jr., BBA '63
Edmund B. Ryder, BM '63
Phyllis K. Salzman, BED '63, MED '69
Robert H. Samuels, AB '63
Victor Savoca, BED '63
Michael R. Schinitsky, BS '63
Carla D. Schulte, AB '63
Esther Schutte, AB '63
Alfred M. Seaber, Jr., BBA '63
Philip K. Shankweiler, BM '63
Norma M. Shaw, BED '63
Debrah S. Sheppard, AB '63
William C. Sherrill, BBA '63
Jerome H. Shevin, Esq., AB '63, JD '66
Michael E. Shick, AB '63
Thomas C. Shogren, BBA '63
Michael I. Sidrow, BSIE '63
Richard W. Smith, AB '63
Eloise P. Smith, BED '63, MED '74
Henry G. Smith, AB '63
Harry S. Spangler, BBA '63
Duane L. Stauffer, BS '63
Barbara B. Steiner, AB '63
Ronald E. Stemmler, BSIE '63, MSIE '65
Thomas W. Stewart, BED '63
Earl F. Stout, AB '63
Willett M. Stubbs, AB '63
Philip D. Sweetland, BBA '63
Joseph H. Swiderski, BED '63
Maurice R. Taus, BED '63
William S. Taylor, Jr., BBA '63
Waino H. Tervo, Jr., AB '63
Herbert L. Thomas, III, BBA '63
Edward G. Tidaback, AB '63
Richard D. Tracy, BSEE '63
Gary F. Trepke, BBA '63
Carroll G. Turner, BSAE '63
Stephen M. Udell, AB '63, JD '66
Herbert M. Ullman, BSEE '63
Clyde B. Vaughan, AB '63
Boss E. Vest, BED '63
Reynoldo Viquez-A, BSAE '63
Salomon Wainberg, C.P.A., BBA '63
Ronald P. Waisman, BBA '63
Michael Wallace, BBA '63
Stephen A. Warner, BBA '63
Phyllis N. Washington, BED '63, DCT '70
Frances W. Wasserman, AB '63
Kenneth M. Waxman, BED '63
John H. Westerfield, Jr., BBA '63
Lon Weston, AB '63, MED '70
Stanley M. Wieder, BBA '63
Theodorick L. Wilkinson, Esq., AB '63, JD '66
Richard J. Wills, BBA '63
Robert K. Wilson, BED '63
Robert G. Wilson, BBA '63
Steven Yablon, BBA '63
Richard B. Zaccaro, AB '63
Dorothy E. Zahler, BED '63
Richard S. Zinn, Jr., AB '63