Class of 1964

Thank you for all who attended your Class Reunion! It was a wonderful night at Newman Alumni Center. Special thanks to all of the Class Reunion Committee Members, without your hard work and dedication the reunion party would not have been possible. This group spent time making calls, flipping through yearbooks, talking during conference calls, and sharing ideas to develop a memorable and unforgettable event.

What a memorable weekend we had, and how time flies –the Reunion Parties, Alumni Avenue, and the North Carolina vs. Miami game were just some of the highlights to this amazing weekend. No matter how distant or near your memories of UM are, Alumni Weekend and Homecoming was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our place in UM’s history.

Thank you to all of you who celebrated your place in history with us as we honored all alumni during Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2014. We hope you enjoyed your return to campus and that you will make plans to visit us again next year for Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2015.

Please take a moment to complete the Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2014 Survey that pertains to you:

For photos of Class of 1964 50th Reunion please click here.

Date: Thursday, October 30, 2014
Time: 7:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m.
Location: Newman Alumni Center
Golden Reunion Package: $100 Per person, includes: Class of 1964 50th Reunion, Audrey R. Finkelstein UM Experience, Alumni Avenue, and the 38th Annual Golden Ibis Society Brunch.

Reunion by itself: $55 general admission/ $45 young alumni (Classes 2004-2014), UM employees, UM students and children(12 years and up)/ Free for children under 12 Alumni Avenue Admission is included with purchase of a class reunion ticket.


On this night, it will be 1964 all over again! Visit your old friends; share your memories as you raise a glass to toast this amazing milestone – your 50th Reunion at the University of Miami! Remember the sounding of the hallowed bell atop the student Union to let the entire campus know that Homecoming week was here? How about the crowning of Homecoming Queen Larraine Salmon? Were you in attendance when Count Basie performed at the 37th annual Homecoming dance, held at the Miami Beach Convention Center? 1964 was truly a great year on campus. Save the date and relive the memories that started your lifetime as a 'Cane!

A Walk Down Memory Lane...1964

UM Events:

  • President is Henry King Stanford
  • Legislation essential to the representational function of the Undergraduate Student Government was passed during this year. The president and vice-president would now be elected directly by the student body.
  • The University of Miami Hostesses, a group of 30 attractive girls selected for their charm and personality, represented the University at its varied social and academic functions.
  • “On an international campus – a home away from home,” was the motto of the International Club. Outstanding social events of the year included the Christmas dance and the Pan-American Week dance.

Fun Facts:

  • Lyndon B. Johnson is President
  • The Year of the Dragon
  • The first Ford Mustang rolls across the assembly line
  • First moog synthesizer
  • The Beatles appear on the Ed Sullivan Show
  • IBM introduces the System/360
  • Roald Dahl pens “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”
  • Summer Olympics are held in Tokyo, Japan
  • Winter Olympics are held in Innsbruck, Austria
  • St. Louis Cardinals win the World Series

Popular Films:

  • Goldfinger
  • Mary Poppins
  • Dr. Strangelove
  • Academy Award Best Film: My Fair Lady

Most Popular Music:

  • House of the Rising Sun (Animals)
  • Baby Love (Supremes)
  • I Want to Hold Your Hand (Beatles)
  • I Get Around (Beach Boys)
  • Pretty Woman (Roy Orbison)

Popular TV:

  • Peyton Place
  • Bewitched
  • Gilligan’s Island
  • The Munster’s
  • Jeopardy

Help Find Lost Alumni

Help fellow 'Canes reconnect with you, and your alma mater! If you recognize any of these names, please let your classmate know that they're "lost" and need to be FOUND!

Here are three simple ways to update your information and always stay connected with the happenings at the "U":

  • Visit and click on the links to update your information. You can also use this site to search the alumni directory for classmates you want to reconnect with!
  • Call the Office of Alumni Relations at 305-284-2872 or toll free at 1-866-UMALUMS (862-5867) and update your information with a staff representative.
  • Attend a local club event and provide them with your updated information! For a list of clubs in or near your area, visit

Ryutaro Adachi, BBA '64
Lucille V. Alaka, AB '64, MA '67
Michael J. Ambrose, BBA '64
Gay Andrews, AB '64
Cathleen Anton, AB '64
Patrick A. Areffi, AB '64
Donald L. Asbury, AB '64
Gerardina Baldrich, AB '64
Michael F. Barnett, AB '64
Irene M. Bartelt, BS '64
Jeanne C. Benjamin, BED '64
John C. Bieda, BBA '64, MBA '66
Brita L. Bishop, BS '64
Thomas B. Bodkin, BBA '64
Dorothy D. Bonnett, BED '64
Aleksei V. Borovski, AB '64
Roger H. Boucher, BS '64
Carson Bradford, AB '64
Lesley I. Bressack, BED '64
James W. Brown, AB '64
Paul L. Brown, BSEE '64
Henry A. Bryggesaa, BSEE '64
David W. Burkett, AB '64, JD '69
Patricia Burrows, AB '64
Debra A. Buttitta, BS '64
Felix E. Cabrera, BBA '64
Vito P. Caggiano, AB '64
Christopher M. Canan, BBA '64
Thomas Cassel, AB '64
Hongsa Chanthavong, AB '64
Michael H. Chow, BBA '64
John H. Christmas, BBA '64
Thomas J. Ciresa, BED '64
James M. Clark, BED '64, MED '65
Douglas B. Clement, BBA '64
George H. Cohen, AB '64
Bernie Cohen, BBA '64
Roxanne H. Cohn, BED '64
Serafia Constantin, BED '64
Phyllis T. Coombes, AB '64
James B. Cooper, AB '64
Richard J. Corbitt, AB '64
Eileen O. Cowart, BSN '64
Thomas H. Cox, BBA '64
Constance L. Crump, AB '64
Burton D. Curliss, AB '64
Patricia M. Currie, BSN '64
John A. Cutaia, AB '64
Juanita M. Cuzauskas, AB '64
Dianne Cwiklinski, BED '64
George J. Dahl, BBA '64
Lorraine T. Daigle, BS '64
Duane B. Danser, BED '64
Natasha S. De Carlucci, AB '64
Mario A. De Castro, AB '64
Frank M. De Fazio, AB '64
Dale P. De Mauro, BBA '64
Martha R. Dennis, AB '64
Jeanne M. Denzer, AB '64
Raymond Deschenes, BSEE '64
Joel M. Dew, AB '64
Vaughn W. Doak, AB '64
Walter H. Donavan, AB '64
Constance C. Dortch, AB '64
Kim A. Douglass, AB '64
Jean S. Eddy, AB '64
Joseph M. Elinoff, AB '64
Gary S. Elliott, BBA '64
Basil J. Ellmers, AB '64
Judith R. Enteen, BED '64
Beatrice L. Epstein, BED '64
Francine S. Ewing, BBA '64
Marilyn L. Falk, AB '64
Julio C. Fernandez, AB '64
Freddie Finkelstein, BBA '64
Howard J. Fisher, BS '64
John B. Flanagan, AB '64
Ina C. Flashner, BED '64
Edward E. Fleck, AB '64
Steven T. Fleming, BBA '64
Phyllis J. Fliegel, BED '64
Nicolas C. Fonseca, BBA '64
Marian E. Frank, AB '64
Miguel M. Freyre, AB '64
Lucian Gago, BBA '64
Louis J. Gallo, BS '64
Pedro J. Garcia-Troncoso, BBA '64
John P. Garling, AB '64
Edwin J. Geiger, BBA '64
Marlena Gershaw, BED '64
Florence K. Gersten, BED '64
Sandra R. Glasgow, BED '64
Larry B. Golden, BED '64
John Gomez, BBA '64
Ricardo Gonzalez, BBA '64
Henry C. Gornell, BS '64
Carroll S. Goss, AB '64
Evelyn J. Graham, BED '64
Sondra S. Greene, AB '64, MED '74
Judith K. Griffith, BBA '64
Beverly R. Gurevitz, AB '64
Victor P. Hakim, AB '64
John B. Hamilton, BS '64
Elmer E. Harris, AB '64
William H. Hart, BBA '64
Robert T. Hasler, BBA '64
Maria L. Hernandez, AB '64
Ruth A. Hess, BED '64
Ann L. Higgins, AB '64
Margaret M. Hill, BS '64
Paul F. Hodge, BSME '64
Robert N. Holsenrad, AB '64
Shale R. Holtzman, BED '64
Joann Horai, AB '64, MS '68, PHD '70
Ronald A. Horst, BBA '64
Jere L. Hough, BED '64
Roberta J. Hough, BSN '64
James F. Howell, AB '64
Bryan F. Hughes, AB '64
Colin C. Hulme, BBA '64
James R. Hyde, AB '64, MA '67
Susanne S. Jackam, AB '64
Rosemarie Junak, AB '64
Ronald S. Kadi, BS '64
Meryl S. Kahn, BED '64
Marlene Karp, BED '64
Carol R. Kasper, BED '64
Eric B. Kaufman, AB '64
Manuel Kellermann, BS '64
William P. King, BBA '64
Joan D. Kingsley, BED '64
Margaret Klaber, AB '64
Ronald J. Kless, BBA '64
Michael J. Kogan, AB '64, BS '67
Joan E. Kranz, BED '64
Isaac D. Krasne, BBA '64
Barbara S. Krieger, BED '64
Adrienne S. Kusner, AB '64
Sandra J. Lachman, BED '64
Lawson L. Lamar, BED '64
Alice F. Land, BED '64
Barbara L. Lansdell, BED '64
Allan R. Levine, BBA '64
Robert L. Leviton, AB '64, JD '67
Sandra L. Levy, BED '64
Marilyn L. Lewis, BED '64
Eleanor A. Lillie, BED '64
A K. Lindblom, AB '64
Barry G. Lipsky, BBA '64
Martin Listowsky, BS '64
Iris K. Litman, BED '64
Sandra Lohdorf, AB '64
George S. Losey, BS '64
Douglas S. Lundy, AB '64
Roberta G. Lunine, AB '64

Robert B. MacFarlane, AB '64
Barbara S. Magagnos, BED '64
Donald B. Maloof, AB '64
Ronald M. Manchester, AB '64
Bonnie S. Mandel, BED '64
David A. Mantwill, BBA '64
Mary Louise C. Marchetti, BBA '64
Seymour Margolis, AB '64
Stanley V. Margolis, BS '64
Jerome T. Markel, BBA '64
Barry Marks, BBA '64
Barry N. Marlin, BBA '64
Daisy Martinez, BSAE '64
Michael F. Masters, AB '64
Mary D. McKinney, BED '64
Donald McNeil, BS '64
George V. McNulty, BBA '64
Matthias P. Meehan, BS '64
Carmine J. Melillo, BBA '64
Michael E. Merrill, AB '64
Joyce B. Messing, BED '64
Brenda P. Miller, BS '64
Sandra K. Miller, BSN '64
Tu V. Minh, BBA '64
Robert J. Minteer, BS '64
Joseph E. Mitchell, BBA '64
Peter H. Mitchell, BBA '64
Suzanne A. Mitten, AB '64
Sherry A. Mixon, BED '64
Deborah T. Morgan, AB '64
Mary E. Morris, BED '64
Robert D. Morrison, BBA '64
Kenneth M. Mulmat, AB '63, BS '64
Margaret M. Newman, AB '64
James B. Nicholson, BBA '64
Thomas J. Nolan, AB '64
Ann S. O'Brien, AB '64
Katherine Ostrander, BSN '64
James G. Pardew, BSIE '64
Cleo G. Parker, AB '64
Michael Paskoff, BBA '64
Robert P. Paterson, BED '64
Mary L. Paulson, BS '64
Jacqueline C. Payne, BED '64
Margaret J. Pettibone, AB '64
Irwin W. Phillips, BBA '64
Elaine Phillips, BSN '64
John Piskie, BBA '64
Kathryn R. Plaska, AB '64
William M. Poage, BBA '64
John W. Powell, AB '64
Elizabeth P. Prewitt, AB '64
Richard W. Price, AB '64
Harishkumar S. Pujara, BSCE '64
Robert L. Quarles, AB '64
Gail A. Quinby, AB '64
Thomas F. Rand, BS '64
Marjorie P. Raphael, AB '64
Charles P. Reed, BBA '64
Boyce C. Rensberger, AB '64
Rochelle W. Reservitz, BED '64
Margarita S. Rich, AB '64
Harvey M. Richman, BBA '64
Harold Richter, AB '64
Mary B. Ricker, BED '64
Ibrahim H. Rifai, BSAE '64
Patricia J. Ritt, BED '64
John A. Ritz, BSEE '64
Thomas A. Roberts, BBA '64
Judy A. Roberts, AB '64
Geraldine Rock-Van Culin, BED '64
Sandra L. Rockwell, AB '64
Albert B. Roessler, BBA '64
Peter Ronson, AB '64
Irwin H. Ross, BBA '64
Kenneth W. Roth, BBA '64
Stanley B. Rudnick, AB '64
Lilia Ruiz, BBA '64
Patsy A. Rush, BS '64
Melvin R. Russell, BBA '64
Ruth A. Saffi, BED '64
Santokh S. Saluja, BSEE '64
Maxine B. Schack, AB '64
Robert J. Schamay, BBA '64
Barbara B. Schatt, BBA '64
Paul F. Schmid, BBA '64
Sallyn G. Schneider, BED '64
Edith R. Schor, AB '64
Peter H. Schrank, AB '64
Edwin L. Scott, BS '64
Joyce T. Scott, BED '64
Elizabeth A. Sears, AB '64
Charles R. Seibold, BBA '64
Nancy J. Sellers, BS '64
Amy Serns, AB '64
Joyce P. Shafer, AB '64
Edwin L. Shatus, AB '64
William L. Shaw, AB '64
Rhoda S. Shiff, AB '64
Gerald J. Silver, BBA '64
Peter L. Simon, BBA '64
Marc E. Slavin, AB '64
George M. Slavin, BBA '64
George A. Smith, BBA '64
Norman R. Smith, BBA '64
Cecil L. Smith, AB '64
Douglas S. Snediker, BBA '64
Ronald M. Sohr, BBA '64
Leonard B. Spilfogel, BBA '64
Marcia M. Springer, AB '64
Allan Stanton, AB '64
Marjorie G. Stark, AB '64
William J. Steger, BBA '64
Joanne Stern, AB '64
Henry C. Sterner, AB '64
Robert M. Stickney, BED '64
Beverly I. Stock, BED '64
James R. Stolpmann, BSME '64
Frederick L. Strauss, BBA '64
Marion Strumas, BED '64
Efrain T. Suarez, BBA '64
Wing H. Tan, BSEE '64
Raymond Taylor, BBA '64
Sandra T. Thompson, AB '64
Louis R. Toll, BBA '64
Robert Torres, AB '64
Frederick W. Tran, BED '64
Carlton J. Trosclair, BBA '64
Geraldine D. Understahl, AB '64
Peter P. Vadas, BSME '64
Emalyn D. Vaughn, AB '64
Carol J. Verbeski, BED '64
William G. Verge, AB '64
Janis H. Wahl, BED '64
Helen A. Walker, BS '64
Elaine S. Wasserstein, BBA '64
Brenda H. Watson, BED '64
Edward D. Wayne, AB '64
Robert W. Webb, BSEE '64
Philippa Weine, BED '64
Barbara S. Weisel, BED '64
Joseph M. Weisman, BBA '64
Thomas A. Wester, AB '64
Charlene E. Wheeler, AB '64
Bernadene A. White, BED '64
Bobby J. Widmeyer, BBA '64
David S. Wieder, AB '64
Barbara N. Wigodsky, BED '64
Richard L. Woodworth, BM '64
Richard L. Wright, BBA '64
David C. Wright, BS '64
Ann F. Wright, AB '64
Thomas D. Yalden, AB '64
Philip J. Zarabozo, AB '64

In Memory List

Reunion years are an important time to remember classmates who touched our lives and helped make UM a great place to be. The following is a list of ‘Canes who are no longer with us, though their spirit lives on in our memories:

James V. Accardi, AB '64
Junius M. Adair, BED '64, BSED '64
Junius M. Adair, BED '64, BSED '64
Betty V. Adkins, AB '64, MA '66, PHD '74
Peter S. Allen, BBA '64
Michael S. Altman, BSEE '64
Suzanne P. Altman, BED '64
Arthur A. Andricopoulos, BED '64
Joyce S. Apte, BED '64
Robert R. Ayers, AB '64
Helen E. Baker, BED '64
Howard W. Bartholomew, BS '64
Alan F. Bartol, BBA '64
Marjorie Bass, BED '64
Padraic A. Bergin, BBA '64
Jose R. Bernardo, BARCH '64, MM '69
Ira Berns, BS '64
Ingrid E. Bigman, BBA '64
Ralph P. Bilbao, BED '64, MED '67
Sherrie K. Bilbao, BED '64
Walter H. Birk, BSCE '64
Robert C. Blackburn, BSME '64
Bryna Bloom, AB '64
Martin Blum, BS '64
Julia E. Bojus, BM '64, MM '67, PHD '72
Mary N. Boromisa, BED '64
Gerald A. Bottorff, BS '64, MS '67
George W. Boukater, BSME '64
Russell O. Brackman, BBA '64
Thomas E. Brady, BBA '64
Louis T. Bragassa, AB '64
Patrick F. Brennan, AB '64
Sondra G. Bressler, BED '64
Thomas W. Broadbent, BBA '64
Earl T. Burrows, AB '64
Valerie J. Byrnes, AB '64
Kenneth A. Callan, BBA '64
Rene J. Callobre, BBA '64
Maureen A. Campbell, AB '64
Gerald F. Capes, BBA '64
Anthony V. Cardulla, BSAE '64
Marjorie J. Carpenter, BSN '64
John R. Carr, BBA '64
James G. Casale, BM '64
James J. Ciccone, AB '64
Bertha Claret, BBA '64
Barbara D. Clark, AB '64, MA '67
Albert B. Clark, AB '64
Richard G. Corey, BBA '64
Joann D. Corvini, BED '64
Priscilla M. Coulter, BED '64
Barry L. Covin, BBA '64
Earl Creech, MD '64, BS '64
Russell A. Currin, BSAE '64
Ondina A. Dale, BS '64
Philip M. Damashek, BBA '64
Anne W. Dann, BSN '64
Paul A. Daruna, BS '64, MD '69
James T. Dawsey, BS '64, MD '68
Eric De Aguero, BBA '64
Joann De Falco, BED '64
Carlos T. De Navarra, BSCE '64
Curtis R. De Witz, BBA '64
David M. Dean, BS '64, MS '68, PHD '73
A. N. del Valle, AB '64
William J. Dixon, BED '64, MED '70
Daniel D. Dolan, BBA '64
Lucille I. Dubois, AB '64
Richard B. Duby, AB '64
Edward E. Durkin, BBA '64
Jean M. Dutch, BED '64
Richard S. Dysart, BBA '64
Phillip S. Easterling, BBA '64
Helen Elias, AB '64
Walter G. Ellerton, AB '64
Wayne C. Ellis, BBA '64
Richard W. Emery, AB '64
John B. Emery, AB '64
Richard B. Epstein, BBA '64
Mark A. Evans, BED '64, JD '67
Harry A. Falk, BBA '64
Margaret H. Faylor, BED '64
Karl T. Felmeden, BBA '64
Esther D. Ferrell, BED '64
Robert J. Filippello, BBA '64, MA '66
Mark J. Finkel, BBA '64
Dorothy A. Fleeger, BED '64
Kenneth D. Fleisher, BBA '64
John O. Frick, BBA '64
Lois M. Friedman, BED '64
Lionel O. Frigo, BED '64
George Gaza, BS '64
Christopher C. Gilmore, AB '64
Joseph W. Gladis, BBA '64
Roger M. Golden, BBA '64, MBA '66
Robert A. Goldman, AB '64
Ann P. Goldman, BED '64
Arlene D. Goldstein, BED '64
Robert J. Goode, AB '64
Tova B. Goodis, AB '64
Judith E. Gordon, AB '64
Angus D. Grace, AB '64, JD '67
Valgene L. Gravo, BED '64
David A. Gray, BBA '64
James A. Green, BED '64
Ronald T. Greene, BBA '64
Jerry Greenfield, AB '64
Barbara L. Grundstein, AB '64
Suzanne S. Guanci, BBA '64
James F. Haas, BBA '64
Robert F. Hagerty, BBA '64, MBA '71
John J. Halstead, BED '64, MED '69
Thomas P. Hanson, BED '64
Sandra A. Harshaw, BED '64
Robert J. Hart, BBA '64, MBA '66
Albert B. Haskell, AB '64
Carole D. Hayes, BED '64
Sheila S. Heller, AB '64
Rogelio N. Helu, BBA '64
Stuart M. Herbst, BED '64
Jorge R. Herrera, BBA '64
James C. Hilderbrand, AB '64
John T. Hill, BS '64
Hubert W. Hill, BBA '64
Martin H. Hochman, BED '64, MED '71
Benno B. Hodge, BS '64
Charles L. Holiber, BBA '64
Alma J. Horton, BED '64
Ruth B. Howard, BS '64
Ouida M. Hudson, BED '64
Joseph M. Hurtak, BBA '64
Andrew R. Ilowitt, BBA '64
Warren J. Ingraham, BBA '64
Ronald Isaacson, BS '64, MD '67
John R. Jatis, AB '64
Donald G. Jayne, BED '64

Tom B. Johnson, AB '64
Dorothy P. Johnson, AB '64
Virginia H. Jones, BED '64
Joel Kaye, BED '64, MED '67
Benard V. Kennedy, BBA '64
George E. King, AB '64, MA '65
Ronald S. King, BED '64, MA '71
George E. King, AB '64, MA '65
Gerald W. Kleinheinz, AB '64
Julius Kletsky, BED '64
Marthanne H. Klugman, AB '64
Barry S. Knauf, BBA '64
Kenneth C. Knox, BBA '64
Ronald K. Koffler, BBA '64, JD '67
Robert D. Korner, AB '64, JD '68
Lorraine E. Kozic, AB '64
Edward Kretchmar, BBA '64
Isidore P. Krupski, BSME '64
Ilene J. Kushner, AB '64
Georgia A. La Rowe, BED '64
Henry E. Lambert, BBA '64
James H. Lauth, BBA '64
Stuart L. Levy, AB '64
Leonard S. Levy, BBA '64
Hal J. Lieffers, BS '64
Kenneth P. Liroff, BS '64
John H. Long, AB '64
Michael H. Lopez, BBA '64
Evelio G. Lopez, BSME '64
Richard D. Lowenstein, BS '64
Paul J. Lyden, BS '64
James B. MacDiarmid, AB '64
Joseph A. Maggio, BED '64
Michael N. Maken, BBA '64
Ishmael G. Mason, BED '64
Ollie M. McQueen, BED '64
John L. Melder, AB '64
Samuel G. Mersel, BBA '64
Eugene J. Mesaros, AB '64
Roberta D. Meyer, BSN '64
Samuel M. Meyer, BS '64
Joseph A. Miklasz, BBA '64
W R. Minor, BBA '64
Charles Minton, AB '64
Bobbie J. Mitchell, AB '64
Charles L. Mobley, BM '64, MM '71
Ivan Morales, BBA '64
Thomas H. Morrison, BBA '64
Charles A. Morvillo, BBA '64
Barry L. Nadler, BSEE '64
James O. Nelson, BBA '64, JD '67
Rebecca S. Newman, BED '64
Burt C. Newton, BBA '64
Frederick M. Niebuhr, BBA '64
James P. Niles, BBA '64
Mary C. Nimick, AB '64
Cass L. Paley, BM '64
Betty L. Parham, BED '64
Manuel G. Parra, BBA '64, MBA '68
Francis X. Passarella, BED '64
E. R. Pastor, BBA '64
Eugene F. Patterson, BBA '64
Mark Pavlove, BED '64
Corning Pearson, AB '64
David B. Peelle, AB '64
Robert J. Pellegrine, AB '64
James O. Pengra, BBA '64
Daniel R. Perez, BED '64
Stephen R. Perry, BS '64
Donald R. Pettigrew, BM '64
Judson B. Phelps, BBA '64, JD '66
Alice G. Pomerantz, BSN '64
Steven Posner, BBA '64
Shirley C. Powers, BED '64
Harold B. Probes, AB '64
Stanley A. Rabzak, BBA '64
Geoffrey L. Randall, AB '64
Miguel G. Recarey, BBA '64
Edwin O. Reed, BBA '64
Paul F. Reilly, BBA '64
Gerald B. Reynolds, BED '64
Ann T. Reynolds, AB '64
John C. Robbins, BSME '64, MS '74
Arthur Rosenberg, BED '64
Rochelle H. Ross, AB '64
Selma F. Rubin, AB '64, MA '66, PHD '72
John M. Rudisill, AB '64
Jacob L. Rudnick, BBA '64
Richard A. Ruppert, AB '64
Andrew I. Sabak, AB '64
Enrique J. Salas, BBA '64
Stephen T. Saltz, BBA '64
Sandra G. Schaps, BED '64, MED '68
Sigmund O. Schickman, AB '64
Daniel R. Schueren, AB '64
John H. Schuler, BED '64
Richard W. Seiderman, BBA '64
Ned R. Service, BBA '64, JD '75
Lucille G. Shandloff, AB '64
James S. Sloan, AB '64
Paul C. Smith, BSAE '64
Norman Sokoloff, AB '64
Theodore I. Sokolsky, BBA '64
Sondra P. Spiegel, AB '64
Grant F. Spinner, BBA '64
Norman Steinberg, BBA '64, JD '67
Richard H. Stephan, BBA '64
Ruth V. Stock, BSN '64
James E. Stone, BBA '64
Harold Strauss, BSCE '64
Walter P. Sullivan, BBA '64
Loma A. Tarpley, BS '64
Naomi S. Taube, BED '64
Marvin H. Taylor, AB '64
Robert H. Thaiss, BBA '64
Athena M. Theophilos, BBA '64
Delmiro A. Vazquez, BS '64
Harold B. Vinik, BBA '64
Ralph F. Vitolo, AB '64
Richard C. Wade, BS '64, MD '68
Edward L. Wenger, BBA '64
Harvey White, BBA '64
F D. Wills, BM '64
Ruth H. Wilson, AB '64
William O. Wilson, BBA '64
Stanley M. Winokur, BBA '64
Jeanie P. Withers, BED '64
Justine S. Wolfe, BED '64
William E. Wonders, BBA '64
William E. Wood, AB '64, MA '66
Walter J. Woodman, AB '64
C. Lynn T. Wright, BM '64
Steve N. Xynidis, AB '64
Melvin Zipris, BED '64
Frayda Zlotshewer, AB '64
Jayne R. Zolides, BBA '64