Class of 1989

Date: Friday, October 31, 2014
Time: 5:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m.
Location: Newman Alumni Center
Cost: $55 general admission/ $45 young alumni (Classes 2004-2014), UM employees, UM students and children (12 years and up)/ Free for children under 12
Alumni Avenue Admission is included with purchase of a class reunion ticket


What’s old is new again at this event! Let’s celebrate! So much excitement surrounded your years here. The year 1989 was highlighted with many important events including: the monumental fall of the Berlin Wall, the conception of the World Wide Web, Exxon Valdez Oil Spill, and George Bush, Sr. became President of the United States. It was also an amazing time to be a Miami Hurricane! The football team claimed the 1989 National Championship by defeating the Alabama Crimson Tide in the Sugar Bowl! Do you remember the ’Canes decimating the Seminoles 31-0? The campus had many upgrades in 1989 including: the addition to Richter Library, Mahoney Residential College remodel, groundbreaking for a new physics building, the largest private donation to a comprehensive cancer center, and new school proposals. Remember rocking out to “The Greatest Show on Earth” halftime program? Or Don Resnick – representing Alpha Sigma Phi in the Mr. UM contest – singing a reworked Clash song called “Should I Drink Here or Should I Go”, to protest the Rat’s new alcohol policy. The memories are plentiful. Save the Date and relive the memories that started your lifetime as a 'Cane

Class of 1989 25th Reunion Committee:

  • Brett Beveridge, BBA ’89
  • John Calles, JD ’92
  • Daphne Matute, Barch ’89
  • Jonathan Meola, AB ’89
  • Johnny C. Taylor, Jr., BSC ’89
  • Roy Weinfeld, AB ’89, JD ’95

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Class of 1989 25th Reunion Committee, please contact Kevin Irwin (305) 284-3257
For information on how you can volunteer please click here. Sign the Guestbook here.

A Walk Down Memory Lane...1989

UM Events:

  • President is Edward T. Foote II
  • Miami defeats Nebraska 23-3 in the Orange Bowl
  • Head football coach Jimmy Johnson leaves Miami to take the Dallas Cowboys head coaching job
  • Dennis Erickson is hired as Johnson’s replacement and leads the ’Canes to the 1989 National Championship
  • UM License Plates featuring Sebastian the Ibis go on sale for the first time
  • Whitten Student Union gets approved for a renovation

Fun Facts:

  • George Herbert Walker Bush is President
  • The Year of the Snake
  • Germany celebrates the fall of the Berlin wall
  • 4400 year old mummy is found in the great pyramid at Giza, Egypt
  • Dilbert comic strip is syndicated
  • Nintendo releases the Game Boy
  • MGM studio opens at Disneyworld
  • Actress Zsa Zsa Gabor is arrested for stabbing a police officer in Beverly Hills
  • Oakland Athletics win the World Series
  • San Francisco 49ers win the Super Bowl

Popular Films:

  • Batman
  • Lethal Weapon II
  • Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
  • Star Trek V, the Final Frontier
  • The Abyss
  • Steel Magnolias
  • Look Who’s Talking
  • Little Mermaid
  • Academy Award Best Film: Driving Miss Daisy

Most Popular Music:

  • The Best (Tina Turner)
  • Like a Prayer (Madonna)
  • Eternal Flame (Bangles)
  • Love in an Elevator (Aerosmith)

Popular TV:

  • Quantum Leap
  • Seinfeld
  • Baywatch
  • America’s Funniest Home Videos

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Mercedes L. Abaid, BBA '89, MBA '90
Amin E. Abdel-Mutaal, BSCE '89
Ahmad H. Abd-Kadir, BSIE '89
Basim Abdul-Hussain, BSEE '89
Azman Abdul-Rahim, BBA '89
Ahmad T. Abd-Wahab, BSIE '89
Fauziah Ab-Rahim, BARCH '89
Rohana Affandi, BBA '89
Julie Agarwal, BBA '89
Ibrahim A. Ahmad, BSIE '89
Emad S. Ahmed, BSAE '89
Shai Aizin, BSC '89
Hassan A. Al Abdul Malik, BSAE '89
Nayef R. Alanzi, BSAE '89, BSCE '89
Talal A. Alattar, BSAE '89
Abdul-Nabi A. Al-Blushi, BSAE '89
Ahmed H. AlDaib, BSIE '89
Badar S. AlGhafry, BSCE '89
Mehsen S. AlGherair, BSAE '89
Abdulla A. AlHajri, BSAE '89
Nabeal Al-Harbi, BSEE '89
Suhaimi Ali, BBA '89
Fadhel M. Ali, BSAE '89
Anis-Alwani Alias, BBA '89
Ahmed A. Al-Ibrahim, BSEE '89
Mahmoud Aljuwaiser, BS '89
Mohammad F. Alkhashti, BSAE '89
Khaleda A. Al-Khoraibet, BBA '89
Abdullah S. Almana, BSEE '89
Rauf A. Al-Mannai, BSCE '89, BSAE '89
Abdulla H. Almazidi, BSCE '89, BSAE '89
Sulaiman M. Almughrabi, BSEE '89
Abdullatif M. Alnaemi, BSEE '89
Mahmud J. Alnaser, BSEE '89
Salem Alneaimi, BSEE '89
Jafar A. Al-Qattan, BSAE '89
Murshed R. AlRashdan, BBA '89
Ahmed N. Al-Riyami, BSEE '89
Ali A. Al-Rqobah, BSAE '89
Abdulla M. Alsada, BSCE '89
Faisal I. Al-Saffar, BSAE '89
Adel S. Alsager, BSIE '89
Shahrizan Amir-Hamza, BARCH '89
Arizan Arifin, BARCH '89
Josaphat Arnan, BSME '89
Mohd-Arif Bakri, BSIE '89
Salim A. Ba-Omar, BARCH '89
Fethi Belgacem, BSES '85, MS '89, MSBE '90, PHD '94
Lianne Bethencourt, AB '85, AB '89
David E. Black, BS '89, PHD '98
Dawn M. Brandsma, BSC '89
Claudia A. Brodersen, BBA '89
Sergio G. Caiazzo, BM '89, MM '02
Elizabeth A. Caro, BBA '89
Matthew R. Carran, BBA '89
Lavina Chatani, BBA '89
Azirah Che-Azib, BS '89
Christopher H. Chun, BS '89
Kim N. Clarke, BBA '89
Kendrick F. Coleby, BM '89
Suzana Daut, BSCE '89
Rosario De-La-O, AB '89
Michael DiBari, BSC '89
Donald Ellis, BGS '89
Sidney Esper, BSAE '89, BSCE '89
Karen D. Ford, BBA '89
Julio A. Galletti, AB '89
Martha L. Garcia, AB '89
Luis A. Garcia-Verona, BSEE '89
Bryan A. Glinton, BBA '89
Kathleen A. Grace, BBA '89
Joan M. Greenfeder, BBA '89
Susan M. Guettan, BBA '89
Patricia H. Haban, BSN '89
Kamaruzaman Hani, BSIE '89
Aimen Haq, BSEE '89, MSEE '91

Jeffrey W. Harding, AB '89
Bokhari Hassan, BBA '89
Omran Hayat, BSAE '89
Cheryl L. Higginbotham, AB '89
Andrea Hopkins, BGS '89
Enrique I. Howard, BSEE '89
Imran B. Ismail, BARCH '89
Telvin Ju, BS '89, PHD '96
Susan B. Kaiser, BSC '89
Azman Kassim, BSCE '89
Awad S. Khawar, BSAE '89
Deanna Klesh, BSC '89
Lisa E. Kusnitz, BBA '89
Phillip M. Lacy, BSC '89, MFA '93
Dennis T. Lee, BSCE '89
Laura L. Lewis, BSC '89
Robert M. Linnehan, AB '89, JD '92
David Lopez, AB '89
Hugh R. MacDougall, BBA '89
Michael A. Maciorowski, BS '89
Noordin Mahajar, BBA '89
Ahmad Mahmoud, BSEE '89
Horace C. Mair, BBA '89
Tracy L. Maisel, BARCH '89
Allison Marlow, BBA '89
Yusri B. Maskon, BSEE '89
Daniel Megias, BBA '89
Atul Menon, BBA '89
Anuar Mohamadnor, BSEE '89
Rosli Mohamed-Hanip, BSEE '89
David A. Montgomery, BARCH '89
John J. Moore, BM '89
Holly T. Moreno, BSC '89
Timothy Morey, BM '89
Kenneth D. Morgan, BBA '89
Yousef M. Murad, BSIE '89
Lisa B. Needleman, BSC '89
Regina M. Nelson, BSN '89
Ahmad F. Noordin, BSEE '89
Scott Ormen, BBA '89
Rafidi Osman, BARCH '89
Safian Puteh, BSME '89
Abdulrahman Rafia, BSIE '89
Sheila Rao, AB '89
Richard D. Robillard, AB '89
Oscar C. Roman, BS '89
Andrew J. Ross, BBA '89
Michael A. Ruiz, AB '89
Mohd Rusli Sakti, BSEE '89
Jill A. Saperstein, BSC '89, JD '92
Lili L. Shadravan, AB '89
Saidatul B. Shahidan, BBA '89
Randy L. Shannon, BGS '89
Rolando R. Siles, BSAE '88, BSCE '89
Deborah J. Singh, BS '89
Mohammed Taha, BSEE '89
Lucy Tamayo, BBA '89
Xaverius R. Tantra, BSIE '89
Anastasia H. Tantra, BSAE '89
Lorraine Tappen, AB '89
Alberto Tolosa, BBA '89, MBA '91
Lisa H. Turner, BBA '89
WanAdlyRashidan Wan-Abdul-Rashid, BBA '89
Steven W. Watkins, BM '89
Randy K. Weisburd, BBA '89
Jeffrey Wielgus, BS '89
Joseph J. Wiltshire, BSED '89
Mohamed Yaacob, BARCH '89
Norziana Yusoff, BARCH '89
Siti A. Zainal, BARCH '89
Azhar-Rizal Zainal-Abidin, BBA '89
Raihana Zainuddin, BARCH '89
Bonnie S. Zoberg, AB '89
Mohamad H. Zogheib, BSEE '89
Meor W. Zulaidin, BARCH '89
Zulhisam Zulkifly, BSEE '89
Miriam Zurita, BM '89

In Memory List

Reunion years are an important time to remember classmates who touched our lives and helped make UM a great place to be. The following is a list of ‘Canes who are no longer with us, though their spirit lives on in our memories:

Hamid A. AlQawooq, BSAE '89
Shirlene A. Ananayo-Rawlik, AB '89
Eric T. Anderson, AB '89
Charlene F. Barr, AB '89
Daniel E. Carp, BSC '89
Mario H. Castillo, BS '89
Anita Y. Cheng, AB '89
Curtis C. Cole, BSSA '89
Michael H. Curry, BM '89
Eileen D. Gately, AB '89
Jodi H. Gross, BSC '89

Gina L. Hale, BBA '89
Paul B. Hillman, BSC '89
Liu O. Knabe, AB '89
Cole Lewis, BBA '89, BBA '89, MBA '93
Reuben E. Rose, BBA '89
Sallie E. Scudder, AB '89
Roman C. Seidl, BBA '89
Kenneth R. Sjogren, BM '89
Timothy M. Tiedemann, BM '89
Steven R. Trombino, BBA '89, MBA '98