Class of 2004

Thank you for all who attended your Class Reunion! Special thanks to all of the Class Reunion Committee Members, without your hard work and dedication the reunion party would not have been possible. This group spent time making calls, flipping through yearbooks, talking during conference calls, and sharing ideas to develop a memorable and unforgettable event.

What a memorable weekend we had, and how time flies –the Reunion Parties, Alumni Avenue, and the North Carolina vs. Miami game were just some of the highlights to this amazing weekend. No matter how distant or near your memories of UM are, Alumni Weekend and Homecoming was the perfect opportunity to celebrate our place in UM’s history. We hope you will stay involved with your University of Miami Alumni Association in the future!

We hope you enjoyed your return to campus and sharing a memorable Halloween with us! We hope you will make plans to visit us again next year for Alumni Weekend & Homecoming 2015.

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For photos of Class of 2004 10th Reunion please click here.

Special Announcement: On Friday, October 31, 2014, the Class of 2004 10th Reunion and the has changed locations from the Newman Alumni Center to the Eaton Lakeside Lot which is the site of Alumni Avenue. The time for the reunion will be from 6:00 to 8:00 p.m.

Date: Friday, October 31, 2014
Time: 6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m.
Location: Eaton Lakeside Lot - Alumni Avenue
Cost: $55 general admission/ $45 young alumni (Classes 2004-2014), UM employees, UM students and children (12 years and up)/ Free for children under 12
Alumni Avenue Admission is included with purchase of a class reunion ticket


2004 was marked as a masterful technology year that changed the way you would go forth and communicate forever. Facebook emerged as a social network that revolutionized the way we keep in touch with our friends and family. This same year at the U, we the Class of 2004 also shared another successful launch that will positively impact communities and the world – the unprecedented $1 billion Momentum campaign. The U proved to be an exciting place to be in 2004. Were you one of the ’04 Canes in attendance at the Bank United Center as we hosted the first of only 3 U.S. presidential debates (Bush vs. Kerry) on September 30th? Do you remember cheering the orange and green on to a 16-14 victory over Florida State at the Orange Bowl led by Jarrett Payton who had 131 rushing yards? Do the insightful life lessons shared at the first ever Graduate Convocation by renowned poet and author Maya Angelou resonate with you? We welcome home all the dreamers of UM that dare to keep rainbows in the clouds – cast them over the U as we commemorate the Class of 2004!

A Walk Down Memory Lane...2004

UM Events:

  • President is Donna Shalala
  • The Leonard Miller Family committed $100 million to the University of Miami School of Medicine. In recognition of the biggest gift ever to the University, the School was named the Miller School of Medicine.
  • Miguel “Mike” Fernandez committed $10 million to the School of Business Administration to name the Miguel B. Fernandez Entrepreneurship Building.
  • The Wallace H. Coulter Foundation committed $13 million to create the Wallace H. Coulter Center for Translational Research at the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine.
  • The Dr. John T. Macdonald Foundation made a $5 million grant to the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine to create Miami GeneCure Diagnostics, Florida’s first comprehensive medical genetics diagnostic laboratory.

Fun Facts:

  • Canesfest was held in the Bank United Center for the first time
  • The Hurricanes left the Big East Conference to join the Atlantic Coast Conference
  • The ’Canes were state champs in football defeating Florida 38-33 and Florida State 22-14 and then beat the Noles again in the Orange Bowl 16-14
  • UM hosted the Presidential Debates between George Bush and John Kerry
  • George Walker Bush is President
  • The Year of the Monkey
  • Facebook was founded
  • Current world population reaches 6.4 billion
  • The Summer Olympics are held in Athens, Greece
  • Florida Marlins win the World Series

Popular Films:

  • The Aviator
  • Spider-Man II
  • The Incredibles
  • Million Dollar Baby

Most Popular Music:

  • Feels Like Home (Norah Jones)
  • Encore (Eminem)
  • Songs about Jane (Maroon 5)
  • Confessions (Usher)

Popular TV:

  • Pimp My Ride
  • CSI New York
  • Lost
  • House
  • 24

Help Find Lost Alumni

Help fellow 'Canes reconnect with you, and your alma mater! If you recognize any of these names, please let your classmate know that they're "lost" and need to be FOUND!

Here are three simple ways to update your information and always stay connected with the happenings at the "U":

  • Visit and click on the links to update your information. You can also use this site to search the alumni directory for classmates you want to reconnect with!
  • Call the Office of Alumni Relations at 305-284-2872 or toll free at 1-866-UMALUMS (862-5867) and update your information with a staff representative.
  • Attend a local club event and provide them with your updated information! For a list of clubs in or near your area, visit

Jesse P. Abraham, BM '04
Priscilla M. Abreu, BBA '04
Faisal N. Al Kaabi, BSAE '04
Nouf M. Al Mudhayyan, BSC '04
Alexander R. Alabiad, BSME '04
Amr A. Al-Faleh, BFA '04
Nadia Al-Foudery, BSC '04
Salim A. Al-hasny, BSCE '04
Mohammad Ali, BSC '04
Megren S. Alkulaibi, BBA '04
Ahmed S. Al-Nakhi, BSIE '04
Sara A. Al-Shamsi, BBA '04
Roudy Antenor, AB '04
Adam Antonucci, BSC '04
Susana Aronov, BBA '04
Ray E. Balarezo del Valle, BBA '04
Gianna F. Barbera, AB '04
Brooke D. Barnes, BS '04
Alexander O. Barnett, AB '04
Clint P. Beharry, BSCPE '04
Natalia Belcastro, BBA '04
Keely A. Benjamin, BAIS '04
Maria E. Blanes, BARCH '04
Carly A. Bobar, BSN '04
Lauren G. Bookman, BBA '04
Edgar A. Botero, BSCPE '04
Karen A. Breitlow, BS '04
Cameron R. Browne, BAIS '04
Bradley Burkett, BM '04
Cetonya M. Cacho, BSED '04
Casey A. Carroll Husveth, BBA '04
Priya P. Chandra, BS '04
John R. Chapman, BBA '04
Ananda Z. Chou, AB '04
Yanick Cineus, BSN '04
Valerie L. Cohen, BSC '04
Rita D. Cordova Montes, AB '04
Randi-Michelle Cowin, BS '04
Stephanie A. Crimarco, BSC '04
Rebecca T. Crown-Schwartz, BBA '04, MSTX '07
Darya F. Djamshidi, AB '04
Tatiana Dominguez, BSN '04
Raul L. Duany, BSCPE '04
Adrian N. Dulzaides, BBA '04
Roberta Ehlers, BSEE '04
Chima I. Ezeamama, BSIE '04
Tiffanie R. Fair, BSN '04
Travis L. Farris, BBA '04
Carina P. Ganias, BBA '04
Laurie M. Gayle, BSC '04
Stacey Goldman, BSED '04
Eric M. Gorlow, BSC '04
Matthew A. Gowens, MSIE '04, BSIE '04
Remonia W. Green, BLA '04, MALS '07
Raymond U. Guthrie, BBA '04
Keith W. Hayes, BARCH '04
Alison L. Hazlinger, BBA '04
Meredith A. Heberer, BS '04
Carol I. Hernandez, BBA '04
Carolina Hernandez Herrera, BBA '04
Kyle G. Hess, BSC '04
David B. Hew, AB '04
Jordanna M. Heywood, AB '04
Camilla G. Hilland, AB '04
James L. Hush, BSIE '04
David M. Iniga, BSC '04
Mami Ishii, BM '04
Melina D. Ivanovic, BM '04, MM '06
Marjay G. Jackson, BSN '04
Patricia F. Johnson, BSN '04
Beverly R. Joseph, BBA '04
Anna R. Kadushin, BBA '04
Nasima B. Kala, BBA '04
Amy B. Karlin, BSC '04
Mojan Kazemi, BBA '04
Brian E. Kelly, BBA '04
Benjamin P. Kerzner, BSC '04
Susan L. Kirschbaum, BM '04
Kristen A. Klufas, BS '04
Adam Koivisto, BSC '04

Ekaterina V. Konteeva, BBA '04
Marcos F. Lamacchia, BBA '04
Michael J. Langley, AB '04
Sofia Latimer, BBA '04
Jami M. Lawrence, BSC '04
Jacqueline Leal, BBA '04
Angel E. Llanio, BS '04
Melanie A. Malave, BBA '04
Matthew J. Maley, BSC '04
Stacy R. Marczak, AB '04, JD '07
Anthony D. Mazor, BBA '04
Andrea M. McKitrick, BSBE '04
Aniece J. Meinhold, BBA '04
Christine M. Miller, BAIS '04
Mark R. Miller, BBA '04
Jessica G. Miranda, AB '04
Aaron G. Mitter, BM '04
Marium S. Mukati, BS '04
Pablo Navarro Moreno, BBA '04
Melissa S. Norris, BBA '04
Joyce A. Oliva, BSC '04
Essence L. Oliver, AB '04
Daniel C. Orefice, BBA '04
Lorenzo S. Pappalardo, BBA '04
Alexandra M. Pappas, BFA '04
Amanda T. Papuga, AB '04
Latanae L. Parker, BSC '04
Richard C. Pelletier, BS '04
Robert Pereda, AB '04, JD '09
Jason D. Pirodsky, BSC '04
Marietsy V. Pujol, BBA '04
Willard L. Quinn, BM '04
Ambreen Rahman, BS '04
Rosario C. Ramirez, BLA '04
Tyneshia L. Rice, AB '04, MBA '07
David F. Rivera, BBA '04
Caitlin R. Rivera, AB '04
Juan S. Rodriguez, BBA '04
Yahilin Rodriguez, AB '04
Cristina Roubik, BS '04
Jessica M. Rowen, BAIS '04
Dana C. Royston, BS '04
April L. Runkle, AB '04
Brynne E. Salomone, BBA '04
Gregory S. Schemel, BSSA '04
Jill C. Seiferth, AB '04
Toby Shacalo, BBA '04
Tarek Sioufi, BSC '04
Robert V. Sissac, BBA '04
Kim M. Sosa, BSC '04
Elizabeth A. Stanislawski, BBA '04
Cory B. Steele, BSC '04
Javier A. Suarez, BBA '04
Ivo L. Sunjic, BBA '04
Julie L. Taber, BSED '04
David J. Tagg, BM '04
Shawnteria D. Taylor, BSC '04
Debbie R. Terreros, BBA '04
Jodi M. Thompson, BSC '04
Michelle M. Toledo-Lorido, BBA '04
Marjan Vandevar, BS '04
Santiago Vazquez, BSIE '04
Michelle Vazquez, AB '04
Jean G. Vidal, AB '04
Evelyn Vilaboy, BSED '04
Yelisabel Villarreal, BSC '04
Diana L. Visbal, BSIE '04
Amanda W. Vonderhaar, BSC '04
Jay Wakabayashi, BBA '04
Robyn L. Weinstein, BSC '04
Shaquana Wilkins, BBA '04
Gregory Williams, BBA '04
Hutashi Wilson, BBA '04
Molly L. Wilson, AB '04, MSED '06
Sarine M. Wishnia, AB '04
Tomoko Yoshinaga, BSEE '04
Samantha S. Young, AB '04
Keren M. Zahavi, BSED '04
Md S. Zaman, AB '04
Jessica E. Zarco, BBA '04
Angela L. Zivica, BSC '04, MALS '06

In Memory List

Reunion years are an important time to remember classmates who touched our lives and helped make UM a great place to be. The following is a list of ‘Canes who are no longer with us, though their spirit lives on in our memories:

Gene P. Braganini, BBA '04
Sally A. Henderson, BSN '04
Adam T. Hopper BLA '04
Laura Legra, BSC '04

Jon A. Puittinen, BS '04
Calvin L. Thurston, BBA '04
Jackson J. Vandeberg, AB '04