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Your time as a student at the University of Miami is full of rich memories and wonderful experiences that will last a lifetime. The quality of your education and all the opportunities you receive directly relate to annual contributions from alumni, parents, and friends of the University. Students continue the tradition of paying it forward through individual gifts, fundraising, and volunteerism.
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As a student, you may not think you’re in a position to make a difference through charitable giving. But at the University of Miami, students have been “paying it forward” to help their fellow ’Canes for more than 20 years. Every gift, no matter the size, has a real impact on changing the course of someone’s life.

Your gift also helps to boost UM’s rise in national rankings, such as U.S. News & World Report’s Best Colleges list. No matter what part of the University you choose to support, you’ll be advancing UM on its path to becoming the next great American university. Show your Hurricane Pride today by “bleeding orange, and giving green”!

Student Alumni Ambassadors

As the student face of the University of Miami Alumni Association, the Student Alumni Ambassadors help prepare current students for life after graduation. These student leaders raise awareness of UMAA benefits and services, develop and execute the annual student philanthropy and Senior Class Gift campaigns, and host various educational and philanthropic events throughout the year. For more information, please visit

Calling 'Canes is one of the most vital programs at the University of Miami. The telemarketing program is entirely student-managed and staffed by callers of every school and college. Over the years the Calling 'Canes program has raised millions of dollars to benefit the immediate scholarship and institutional needs of the University of Miami.

Working for the Calling ‘Canes means you design your schedule around classes and extracurricular activities. You have the ability to choose from 7 different shifts, earn $9.00 per hour with opportunities for raises, monthly bonuses, and up to $400 tuition assistance per semester!

The Calling ‘Canes program is a fantastic opportunity to learn about the importance of philanthropy, giving back to UM, scholarship support and much more. The program is always looking for dynamic students to join the team. Apply today!

Click here to apply online.

Caller Job Description

For more information, contact:

Veronica Mason
Program Center Manager, Telemarketing, RuffaloCODY

Quotes from Student Callers

Calling Canes

"It’s not just fundraising its friend-raising" - John Flynn

Calling Canes

"Alumni are the roots of my scholarship and talking to them allows me to blossom both personally and professionally" - Michael Recca

Calling Canes

"Being able to talk to those who make my scholarship possible brings me joy" – Jeremy White

Calling Canes

"I am so appreciative of the scholarship I received from UM and being able to talk to Alumni who made it possible is so rewarding. Working at the call center feels like a way to pay it forward" – Lorena Knezevic

Calling Canes

"I have been talking to alumni since my freshman year and can honestly say I have learned so much about my University and the people who made it what it is today" – Veronica Lopez

The Senior Class Gift Campaign is a tradition of student philanthropy that dates back to 1992. Each year, graduating seniors make a small donation to create scholarships for fellow ’Canes. Graduating seniors have contributed more than $155,000 since 1992 to the Senior Class Gift Scholarship Fund, which helps rising seniors with financial needs to reach their goal of graduating.

A diverse student body is the hallmark of a UM education, but the Senior Class Gift Campaign offers a chance to unite all seniors through this commemorative philanthropic activity. The University of Miami is built on tradition, and this symbolic gift marks the beginning of a new tradition: staying connected through alumni support.

Click here to make your Senior Class Gift.

These are some of the faces of current 'Canes students. These are their stories. Thank you for your annual gifts as you continue to provide opportunities for these students and thousands of others to have the best experience possible at the University of Miami through scholarships, study abroad experiences, excellence in the classroom and beyond.

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