This is a community of professionals who support faculty members in their use of the Blackboard course management system. There are currently three major components to our community.

Mailing List - Communicate with other professionals who share this part of your responsibilities.

Podcast Interviews - Listen to an interview with someone else at another institution who supports the faculty as they use the Blackboard system.

  • Subscribe with iTunes (If you have/use iTunes, click on this link to go to the podcast page within the iTunes store. Then click on the "Subscribe" button to subscribe to the series. iTunes will automatically download each new interview when it becomes available.
  • Llisten Now (You can listen to the podcasts from this link without subscribing.)
  • Subscription Feed (You can subscribe using other software byusing this RSS2.0 feed. Right click on the "Subscription Feed" link, copy the shortcut, then go to your software and paste in the RSS2.0 feed.)

Best Practices - See what other institutions are doing to promote and support Blackboard with their faculty members. Add details about your institution to this ever changing document.

2004-2005 Webcasts - These 2004-2005 interviews provide some valuable information, but were too complicated to continue. New interviews are being supplied as Podcasts, above.


The Blackboard Faculty Support Community consists of professionals who support faculty in their use of the Blackboard system. The main web page is accessible from the www.miami.edu/bb/bbfs/ URL.