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  • Spybot Demonstration - How do you run Spybot Search and Destroy? (Sbybot is a free program, available from, that removes "spyware" from your computer..)
  • Windows Update - How do you make sure necessary patches are applied to the Windows operating system?
  • Using Microsoft Photo Editor - How do you crop and resize (reduce) a photograph using Microsoft Photo Editor? Photos that are to be used on the web or in Office products such as Word or PowerPoint should be edited before they are inserted. Use Photo Editor to do this. If you have Microsoft Office, but don't see Microsoft Photo Editer, watch the video on Installing Microsoft Photo Editor.


  • Looking for some other video to help you use Blackboard and unable to find it? Fill out the on-line form at the page to suggest a video that you would like us to create.
  • In order to view these videos you will need a recent version of Macromedia Flash or Macromedia Shockwave. It is available from, Downloads.

The training videos are produced as Macromedia Flash files. If you are unable to view the video, go to, in the "Downloads" area, and download the latest Macromedia Flash Player or Macromedia Shockwave Player.

See for student training videos or for instructor training videos. These video presentations are created by the Blackboard Help Desk ( or 305-284-3949) at the University of Miami.