To set up your course web site on the Blackboard system at UM, begin by logging in to the system and accessing your site. Follow the instructions below or view the step-by-step guide with screen images to login.

  • Go to www.courses.miami.edu.
    1. Enter www.courses.miami.edu into the address box of your Web browser and click on the Go button.
  • Login.
    1. Enter your username, enter your password, and click on the Login button.
      • Your username is your UM e-mail alias. For example, wvilberg@miami.edu would have wvilberg@miami.edu for a username and b.vilberg@umiami.edu would have b.vilberg@umiami.edu for a username. All UM e-mail aliases end with either @miami.edu or @umiami.edu.
      • Your initial password is your birthday. Someone born December 7, 1982 would have an initial password of 12/7/1982.
      • CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD as soon as possible after logging in for the first time.
      • If you have forgotten your password, click on the Forgot your Password link, submit the request form, and your password will be sent to you by e-mail. You must provide your UM e-mail alias.
  • Enter your course site.
    1. Click on your course in the My Courses section.
      • If you do not see your course, contact the chair of your department to make sure that you are listed as the instructor of record. If that is not the problem, contact the Instructional Advancement Center help desk at iac.help@miami.edu or 305-284-3949.
    2. When you arrive at a new course Web site everything will be disabled. The only button on the left will be "Announcements" and there will be a single announcement saying that this course Web site is not currently being used.

Now that you are logged in, the next task is to remove the “not in use” announcement.