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CICI is a new multi-universityIndustry/University Cooperative Research Center (I/UCRC) that was formed in July, 2009 to conduct research that stimulates applications and cost effective rehabilitation schemes using composites in civil and military structures.

CICI originated from a merger of the efforts of two universities trying to form a new I/UCRC and a pre-existing center involving two additional universities. Efforts to start CICI began in 2008 when a planning grant was awarded to West Virginia University (WVU) and Rutgers University (Rutgers), the State University of New Jersey, to establish a new I/UCRC focused on the use of composites in infrastructure. During the planning process, it became apparent that there would be considerable synergy between the proposed center and the work performed by a soon-to-graduate center, Repair of Buildings and Bridges with Composites (RB²C). RB²C involved a partnership between University of Miami (Miami) and North Carolina State University (NCState).

After discussions with NSF and consultation with various industry representatives, a decision was made to submit a full proposal to start a new I/UCRC that included participation by all four universities. CICI began operation in July, 2009. The lead university for CICI is WVU. Research sites are at: Rutgers, Miami and NCState.

The four universities complement each other's expertise in conventional and advanced polymer composite materials and systems to enhance CICI research capabilities while attaining broad support from industry. The merger of the four universities into a new I/UCRC provides an opportunity to explore high-risk, high impact research that could lead to technological innovations that could not be explored by each university singularly.

If you are interested in our activities and want to know more, or simply want to share some comments, do not hesitate to contact us!

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