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January 16, 2009

Some random thoughts before a long weekend:

Overreacting is an important strategy in a crisis. My mind-set is that we always have to do more than necessary during any kind of financial crisis.

In this one, cash is king, so we have asked everyone to eliminate all unnecessary spending—from snacks, to paper, to travel. It is the little things that add up to big dollars. We will sit on the dollars so we don’t have to borrow to pay for necessities and can preserve our reserves.

It’s really not confusing. I’m sure most of you are doing the same thing in your personal budgets.

We can do this. Our goal is to protect your job, our core programs, and continue to get better. We can do this—yes we can!

Concerning yesterday’s jet crash in New York’s Hudson River—one of our students was on that plane. He will graduate in May because he had an angel on his wing and a courageous pilot in the cockpit, and the New York/New Jersey community had an emergency plan that worked.

On the occasion of Monday’s celebration of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday, I would like to share my favorite speech. It is one few have ever read—the address Dr. King delivered in acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize in 1964. Please click here to access this brilliant speech, which rings every bit as true 45 years later.

As usual, send me your ideas and have a safe and happy weekend.

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