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April 1, 2009


Dear Students,

Please ride on the grass!

Today the shortest distance between two points is whatever path you choose.

As I have been walking our beautiful Coral Gables campus recently, I have been noticing that we have a large number of paths that all too often don’t take you where you really want to go.

Paths to nowhere, if you will – at least if you’re at the UC and want to get to Memorial.

Or from the LC to Ferre.

Or from the School of Architecture through Hecht to the BankUnited Center.

I’ve heard, too, that it’s not always easy to ride your bikes on these paths because they are too narrow.

So here’s your charge for today. Make getting from your Point A to B a straight line. YOUR straight line.

Ride your bikes and walk across the grass and the Green.

Create new paths.

Chart new routes.

Our campus planners will learn from you where new paths should be.

So, today, April 1, do walk and ride on the grass!

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