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March 6, 2012

Dear Students:

Every so often I am called by a distraught parent who can’t locate one of you at the University. Fortunately, we always locate our students, but our Student Affairs staff and our UM police have had to spend considerable time and resources tracking you down. Typical explanations have included: “lost cell phone or dead battery”; “went to a hotel to sleep for 24 hours after mid-terms”; “went home with a friend”; and “got so involved in student organizations and events that I just forgot.”

I get all that and can even empathize, but most parents are not being overprotective and are genuinely concerned—as many of you will be some day. So please don’t make their lives—and mine—any more difficult than necessary. If you are going to be out of touch for a while or find that you may be already, try to find some way to let them know you are okay.

That is especially true with Spring Break coming up, when you may not be here on campus. As one of my favorite movie characters once said, “E.T., phone home!”

Enjoy Spring Break, be safe, care for your fellow ’Canes, let someone know of your whereabouts, and, most importantly, keep your wits about you at all times. That is what being a ’Cane is all about—making good decisions and caring about those who care about you.

The Prez