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September 18, 2012

Dear Students,

Exercise is important, and on November 6 you can exercise one of your most important rights as an American—you can vote!

There’s still time to register to vote for the presidential election. October 9 is the last day to register. As a student living in South Florida and attending the University of Miami, you have the right to vote in Florida. Students living in the residential colleges can vote right at the BankUnited Center.

TurboVote makes it easier than ever to register. Go to www.umiami.turbovote.org and register online. You’ll receive a completed registration form with a self-addressed stamped envelope. Sign it, seal it, and mail it! If you have already registered to vote, you can still sign up to receive text or email reminders so you won’t miss the election.

Let’s keep this simple—register to vote by October 9.

And on November 6, flex your citizenship muscle and vote.