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November 22, 2011

To the University of Miami Community:

The past two weeks have brought to light disturbing news about alleged events that may prompt the public to question ethical standards in the greater academic community.

I want to take a moment to stress to the University of Miami family—students, faculty, and staff—that each of us is held to the highest standards of ethics and integrity in all that we do.

We will not tolerate behavior that violates any law or University regulation, and we are committed to doing all we can to create an environment that discourages such behavior. It is the obligation of every member of the UM community to take immediate action and report any inappropriate conduct.

For years the University has had multiple programs for reporting possible infractions. We are now launching a new program to bolster these efforts: ’Cane Watch, a Web and telephone tool for confidentially reporting violations throughout the University. ’Cane Watch enables students, faculty, staff, and others to express a concern or report a problem—anonymously if they so choose. It is a tool to supplement existing avenues for addressing concerns through supervisor-employee discussions, Student Affairs, Faculty Affairs, and Human Resources.

’Cane Watch is administered by an external third-party vendor, independent of the University. Reports can be made over the Internet by visiting www.canewatch.ethicspoint.com. Telephone reporting will be available by the end of the calendar year.

All members of the University community have a responsibility to one another to prevent, stop, or report any improper activity. The University’s safety, integrity, and inclusiveness depend on each and every one of us.