January 31, 2011 | Monday 

Miami Project Researchers Hunt for Drugs to Treat Traumatic Brain Injury
As part of a new U.S. Department of Defense grant consortium called Operation Brain Trauma Therapy, two researchers at The Miami Project to Cure Paralysis—W. Dalton Dietrich and Helen M. Bramlett—will identify and develop drugs that reduce swelling, improve blood flow, limit neuronal damage, and prevent cognitive impairments after mild, moderate, or severe traumatic brain injury. | more

• Telischi Named Chair of Otolaryngology | more

President Shalala to Deliver Inaugural Collegetown Faculty Lecture on Health Care Reform
Drawing upon the knowledge and skills that made her the longest-serving secretary of health and human services in U.S. history, President Donna E. Shalala will deliver a timely lecture on health care reform this Thursday, February 3, in Storer Auditorium at 6:30 p.m., with a reception beginning at 6 p.m. | more

Creative Writing Program to Host Craft-Intensive Weekend; UM Employees Receive 10 Percent Discount
Have a great American novel in your head or on your hard drive? The University of Miami’s Master of Fine Arts in Creative Writing Program will host the weekend workshop series “Write Now” on February 19 and 20. The series is designed to engage the local writing community and guide participants via workshops and seminars in fiction, poetry, and memoir. UM faculty and staff will receive a 10 percent discount off registration. | more

Miami Baseball Enters USA Today/ESPN Poll at No. 18

With spring practice now under way, the University of Miami baseball team has earned its fourth preseason ranking, coming in at No. 18 in the USA Today/ESPN Preseason Top 25 Poll. Last season UM ended the year ranked No. 15 in the final poll. | more

• Men's Basketball Employee Day | more

LoweDown Happy Hour: Celebration of Cuban Art

Join the Lowe Art Museum for the first LoweDown of 2011, as it celebrates the exhibition “Rafael Soriano: Other Worlds Within, A Sixty Year Retrospective” on Thursday, February 3 from 7 to 9 p.m. Guests can enjoy a guided tour of the exhibition, presented by Rafael Soriano’s daughter, Hortensia, along with tasty Cuban treats, and register for a raffle of the exhibition catalog. | more

The Power of Positive Thinking
While many of us invest a great deal of time and energy into physically caring for our bodies, few of us consider the importance of taking the same care to assure our mindset also supports optimal health. The Faculty and Staff Assistance Program will offer the lunchtime seminar, The Power of Positive Thinking, for those interested in exploring how thoughts can influence health and well-being.| more

  • College of Engineering to Host AMA Meeting | more
  • Research, Creativity, and Innovation Forum Seeking Judges | more
  • Special Interest Housing Group Application Process Under Way | more
  • SEEDS to host workshop with author and Scientist Ellen Daniell | more
  • Learn about Effort Certification Reporting | more
  • Free English Course for International Graduate Teaching Assistants | more
  • Business School to Host Information Session on its Executive M.B.A. Program in Palm Beach | more
  • School of Law and H.O.P.E. Public Resource Center Offer Free Income Tax Preparation | more
    Testing the Limits of Education Reform
    The current state and future of education took center stage on Thursday, January 27, when Diane Ravitch, former assistant secretary of education under George H.W. Bush, delivered the Northern Trust 2011 Lecture “Testing the Limits of Education Reform” at Storer Auditorium. The lecture was presented by Northern Trust and UM's School of Education. Ravitch, an educational historian and one of the nation’s most vocal critics on what is being done in the name of school reform, discussed a range of topics, from standardized testing and charter schools to the educational policies of the Obama administration. Above, Ravitch, right, signs a copy of her latest book, The Death and Life of the Great American School System, for School of Education graduate student Shahrzad Daneshvar.
    | more

    Interdisciplinary Inquiry
    The Idea of the Hospital, a new interdisciplinary offering at the University of Miami School of Law, kicked off the first of its eight day-long “module” sessions on Saturday, January 22, with a discussion about nursing’s role in this complex health care institution. UM President Donna E. Shalala led the morning lecture for 21 graduate students from a variety of disciplines: law, engineering, architecture, medicine, business, and epidemiology and public health. | more

    Through Monday, January 31: Cosford Screening: La Traviata | more
    Monday, January 31: Biology Departmental Seminar: Climate, Harvest, and the Dynamics of Plant Populations in a Changing World | more
    Monday, January 31: Launch Pad Weekly Workshop: Bootstrapping Your New Business | more
    Monday, January 31: Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center Seminar: Motors, Movement, and Malignancy | more
    Monday, January 31: Microbiology and Immunology Seminar Series: Characterization of rVSV for Use as an Oncolytic Vector | more
    Monday, January 31: Faculty Learning Community Kick-Off Panel to Be Held | more
    Monday, January 31: DMAS/FRS for Beginners | more
    Monday, January 31: Sponsor-Investigator Responsibilities Course | more
    Monday, January 31: Laughter as Resistance: Performance during the Holocaust | more
    Through February 1: Building Change-Ready Teams | more
    Tuesday, February 1: Cell Biology and Anatomy Seminar: Nuclear Structural Changes in Embryonic Stem Cell Differentiation and Cancer | more
    Tuesday, February 1: Cardiology Grand Grounds: Prospective Identification and Isolation of Cardiovascular Progenitors from Human Embryonic Stem Cells | more
    Tuesday, February 1: International Graduate Law Programs Lecture Series: Domestic Violence as a Human Rights Violation: A Survivor’s Journey | more
    Tuesday, February 1: Sylvester Oncogenomics Core Facility Lecture: Implementing NanoString Technology in a Core Facility | more
    Tuesday, February 1: Community Engagement and Public Scholarship: A Good Neighbor Protocol for Higher Education| more
    Tuesday, February 1: Human Genetics and Genomics Seminar Series: Dissecting the Genetic Etiology to Late-Onset Alzheimer’s Disease | more
    Tuesday, February 1: Art Exhibition at CAS Gallery Celebrates Black History Month | more
    Tuesday, February 1: Why Latino History Matters to U.S. History | more
    Tuesday, February 1: Working in a Team Environment | more
    Wednesday, February 2: Psychiatry Grand Rounds: Heartache and Heartbreak: The Remarkable Relationship Between Depression and Heart Disease | more
    Wednesday, February 2: School of Law Faculty Lecture Series: Law Talk v. Science Talk: The Languages of Law and Science in WTO Proceedings | more
    Wednesday, February 2: Center for Humanities Lecture: Night-Rule: Empires of the Nonhuman in Montaigne, Shakespeare, and Descartes | more
    Wednesday, February 2: Endocrinology Journal Club: Relationships between Vascular Calcification, Calcium Metabolism, Bone Density, and Fractures | more
    Wednesday, February 2: Endocrinology Grand Rounds: Lawrence M. Fishman Lecture: Cardiac Hormones and the Treatment of Cancer | more
    Wednesday, February 2: Gail F. Beach Memorial Visiting Lectureship Series: In Vivo Discovery of Molecules for Treatment of Neuropsychiatric Disease | more
    Thursday and Friday, February 3-4: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Faculty Candidate Seminar: On the D-List: Posttranslational Arginylation of the Cytoskeletal Proteins | more
    Thursday, February 3: Neurological Surgery and Miami Project to Cure Paralysis Grand Rounds: Next-Generation Sequencing: Discovering Neuron-Intrinsic Mechanisms of CNS Repair | more
    Thursday, February 3: Endocrinology Fellows Clinical Case Conference: Hyponatremia | more
    Thursday, February 3: Neurological Surgery Grand Rounds: Deep Brain Stimulation | more
    Thursday, February 3: Endocrinology Grand Rounds: The Lawrence M. Fishman Lecture: Cardiac Hormones in the Treatment of Congestive Heart Failure and Renal Failure | more
    Thursday, February 3: Endocrinology Special Fellows Conference: The Lawrence M. Fishman Visiting Professor in Endocrinology, Diabetes, and Metabolism | more
    Thursday, February 3: Molecular and Cellular Pharmacology Series: Structural and Functional Analysis of Insect Odorant Receptors | more
    Thursday, February 3: Miami Dolphins to Present Proceeds from Cycling Challenge | more
    Thursday, February 3: Miami Ballroom Dance Club to Host Spring Open House | more
    Thursday, February 3: Orthopaedics Grand Rounds: Radiation Safety and How to Transfer a Spine-Injured Patient | more
    Thursday, February 3: Neurological Surgery Grand Rounds: Next-Generation Sequencing: Discovering Neuron-Intrinsic Mechanisms of CNS Repair | more
    Thursday, February 3: Surgical Grand Rounds: Spinal Cord Injury: Treatment, Controversies, and New Frontiers | more
    Thursday, February 3: Bascom Palmer Grand Rounds | more
    Thursday, February 3: Legal Theory Workshop Speaker Series: From Subject to Sovereign: Citizen and Nation-State in a Globalized World | more
    Thursday, February 3: Velos Patient Management Courses to Be Offered | more
    Thursday, February 3: Otolaryngology Grand Rounds: Laryngopharyngeal Reconstruction | more
    Thursday, February 3: OB/GYN Grand Rounds: Is This Ovary Malignant? Separating the Wheat from the Chaff | more
    Thursday, February 3: Anesthesiology Grand Rounds: New Agents for the Treatment of Pain | more
    Friday, February 4: Neurology Grand Rounds: Cortical Spreading Depression: A Laboratory Curiosity that Just Won’t Go Away | more
    Friday, February 4: LEND Program to Present Friday Noon Interdisciplinary Lecture Series | more
    Friday, February 4: Law School to Hold Multicultural Admissions Fair | more
    Friday, February 4: The Impact of the Haitian Earthquake on Its Libraries | more
    Friday, February 4: Protest vs. Privacy: Featuring Attorney Sean Summers, of the Recent Supreme Court Case Snyder v. Phelps| more
    Friday, February 4: Division of Biostatistics, Department of Epidemiology and Public Health Seminar: Assessing Interactions and Associations with Genetic Data in Clinical Trials | more
    Monday, February 7: Learn More about the Audit Process | more
    Monday, February 7: College of Engineering Distinguished Speaker Series: Nanoscale Modifications of Cementitious Materials | more
    Monday, February 7: A Conversation About Faith, Politics, and the Media | more

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