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* - faculty expert speaks Spanish

David Abraham
Professor, School of Law
Can talk about Cuban Adjustment Act and Cuban migration to the United States. 
Cell: (609) 203-3892
Office: (305) 284-5535

*Dr. Jose Azel
ICCAS Senior Research Associate
Can speak about Cuban economy and its impact on society. Expert on International Business
Cell: (954) 336-5987
Office: (305) 284-2822

Dr. Bruce Bagley
Dept. of International Studies
Can speak about Latin America, Central America and Cuba/Latin American relations anddrug trafficking
Office: 305-284-6867

Thomas Boswell
Chairman of the Dept. of Geography and Regional Studies, College of Arts & Sciences
Cuban migration. Hispanic populations in the U.S. World population problems, migration, ethnicity, housing segregation and discrimination, and poverty. 
Office: (305) 284-6694 | Web site

*Lourdes Casares
Department of Psychology
Can talk about the psychological assimilation and acculturation of Cuban and Cuban Americans in Miami.
Cell: (305) 785-8227 

*Andy Gomez
Assistant Provost and Senior Fellow, Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies
Contemporary Cuba, transition issues, psychological impact of Cubans during transition
Office: (305) 284-9431
Cell:  (305) 582-2266 | Web site | Web site

*Michelle G. Gonzalez
Assistant Professor, Department of Religious Studies, College of Arts & Sciences
Cuban-American and Cuban religion, Afro-Cuban culture and religion, and more broadly Latino/a, Black, Latin American religion, and feminism.
Office: (305) 284-9782
Cell: (305) 546-4535

Brian Latell
Senior Research Associate
Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies
Contemporary Cuba; U.S-.Cuba; transition issues; Raul Castro
Office: (305) 284-2822
Cell: (703) 402-8099 | Web site | Web site
(EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Latell is under an exclusive contract for television interviews with NBC TV in English.)

*Rafael Lima
Assistant Professor, School of Communication
Can discuss what’s on the minds of Cuban-Americans right now, including those who may be considering a return to Cuba to help with reconstruction. Can also discuss Cuban prisons, the subject of two of his documentaries, El Presidio – The Trip Back, and Plantados.
Cell:  (305) 401-3506
Office:  (305) 284-3908 | Web site

*Luis Locay
Assistant Professor, School of Business Administration
Economics in Cuba
Office: (305) 284 1502 | Web site

Dennis O. Lynch
Dean Emeritus and Professor of Law
Office: 305-284-6877

*Lillian Manzor
Associate Professor of Spanish and Director, Degree Programs in Latin American Studies
Founding member of ENCASA – Emergency Network of Cuban American Scholars and Artists for Change in US-Cuba Policy . She can talk about Cubans on the island since she travels to Cuba frequently, on Cuban culture, U.S.-Cuba relations, civil society in Cuba, travel restrictions and human rights.
Office: (305) 284-7314

*Jorge Piñon
Energy Fellow, CHP “Center for Hemispheric Policy, Energy issues
Office: (305) 284-2822 / (305) 926-6910 | Web site

*Susan Kaufman Purcell
Director, Center for Hemispheric Policy
Latin American and the Caribbean economic trade, investment and political issues, Latin American/U.S. relations. From 1980-81, she served on the U.S. Department of State’s Policy Planning Staff. She has written, co-authored and co-edited 11 books, and writes a monthly column for America Economia magazine.
Office:  (305) 284-9830
Cell:  (917) 224-2712 | Web site

Edgardo Rotman
Foreign & International Law Librarian and Senior Lecturer in International & Comparative Law
Office: 305-284-3735

*Joaquin Roy
Professor of International Studies and director of the European Union Center.
He can speak on the European Union, its economy and political alliances as well as the relationship between Cuba and the EU.
Office: 305-284-3266

*Hans de Salas del Valle
Research Associate, Institute for Cuban and Cuban American Studies
Contemporary Cuba, transition issues
Office: (305) 284-2822
Cell: (305) 761-6704 | Web site

Irwin P. Stotzky
Professor of Law
Office: 305-284-2549

*Jaime Suchlicki
Director, Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies (ICCAS); Editor, Cuban Affairs Journal;
Contemporary Cuba; U.S.-Cuban Relations; transition issues, Cuban Jews
Office: (305) 284-2822
Cell: (786) 301-2822
(EDITOR’S NOTE: Mr. Suchlicki is under an exclusive contract for Spanish-language television interviews with Univision.)

Cuban Students
CAUSA- “Students United For a Free Cuba” is a student-based organization that is made up by 20 students who are concerned about what is going on in Cuba and lobby for democracy for the island. Some of their members are willing to talk to the media.
Raul Maos ( 305) 790-1124

On-line Journal
If you wish to subscribe to read “Cuban Affairs”, an on-line journal with insightful articles about the economy and politics of Cuba as well as the ramifications of a transition in that island nation, you can log onto or call 305-284-CUBA (2822).

Experts’ Discussion on Cuba
A video of the roundtable discussion, "Cuba Under Raul: What to Expect," held at ICCAS on Monday, August 7, 2006 is now available online. Please visit  to view.
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