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February 27, 2012


Dear Colleagues:

The safety and security of our students, faculty, and staff are of utmost importance to the University of Miami. To ensure continued and ongoing safety on campus and within other University-owned properties, we must all be aware of our surroundings and be familiar with the policies and procedures in place for an emergency, should one occur.

We have made great strides to improve crime response and incident notification systems both on campus and in the surrounding community. Some of these enhancements include, but are not limited to: the upgrade of the University’s Emergency Notification System; the hiring of a director of emergency management; the implementation of simulated emergency response exercises; and the establishment of the “Timely Warning Policy Statement.”

The University of Miami’s Timely Warning Policy Statement is intended to aid in the prevention of crimes posing serious or continued threat to the University and neighboring community. The policy statement document outlines the purpose and procedures of the policy and serves as a useful guide for all employees. The Timely Warning Policy Statement, in accordance with the Clery Act, 20 USC 1092, mandates that the University keep the campus community informed of crimes occurring on or near campus that represent a serious or continued threat to students and employees by providing timely warning notifications to faculty and staff.

In order to comply and guarantee timely notification, everyone must be vigilant. If suspicious activity as defined in the Timely Warning Policy Statement is witnessed, it must be reported to University of Miami Police or Security Departments immediately. We are all responsible for each other’s safety on and off campus.

Please take a moment to review the Timely Warning Policy Statement. Many of us are in roles that make us Campus Security Authorities (CSA) under the guidelines of the Clery Act. As a CSA, you are required to immediately report any observation or information you receive regarding a Clery Act Crime. This is an important responsibility and one we must all take seriously.

Thank you for your attention to this very important matter. Should you have any questions regarding this letter or the Timely Warning Policy Statement, please contact the University of Miami Police Department at 305-284-6666.


Thomas J. LeBlanc
Executive Vice President and Provost
Joe Natoli
Senior Vice President for Business and Finance and Chief Financial Officer