Q. Why should I give to the United Way of Miami-Dade?
Your unrestricted donation to the United Way of Miami-Dade helps our community improve education, financial stability and health—the building blocks of a good life. Your gift helps advance the common good by helping children reach their potential and achieve in school, empowering families and individuals to become financially stable and economically independent and improving people’s health. Each unrestricted dollar you contribute to the United Way’s Community Plan is matched by federal and state grant programs, turning your dollar into $2.06 worth of help.


Q. Can I designate my gift to a UM school, college, department or program through United Way?
All UM programs qualify for 501c3 non-profit status, and you can definitely specify to which UM area you prefer your donation allocated. Please note that, in accordance with IRS guidelines, you may not designate your gift to programs or accounts in which the donor receives a benefit, such as Hurricane Club tickets or admission to events.


Q. If I direct my gift to a UM school, college, department, or program, does my gift also count toward the UM Campaign?
Yes. Absolutely. Your gift to United Way, directed to UM, counts toward the University of Miami Momentum2 Campaign. Please note that most donations are distributed to UM from United Way on a quarterly basis starting in May of the next year after the pledge is made. A 1.5% administrative fee is assessed by the United Way.


Q. How do I sign up to make my United Way donation by payroll deductions?
Sign in to, and click on “United Way Contribution” on the lower-left side of the page. If you’re donating by payroll deduction, be sure to indicate the amount you wish to donate per pay period. The system will calculate the annual total automatically.


Q. I’m considering a 1% Leadership Contribution. How is it calculated?
If a person donates 1% of their salary, the per pay period amount is calculated as follows:

  • The 1% is calculated on the “base pay” on the day of the pledge. Overtime pay is not considered.
  • The calculated per pay period deduction never changes.
  • The deduction is based on the number of pay periods (see sample below).
Sample of 1% Contribution    
Base Pay:   $25,000.00
Contribution: 1% $250.00
Per Pay Period Deduction    
Bi-Weekly Paid Employees
2012 Campaign Pay-periods:


9-Month Faculty 9 $27.78
Monthly Paid Faculty/Employees




To make a change after the pledge has been made:
Changes during the campaign should be routed through the department’s United Way ambassador, who will contact the Payroll Office. Changes after the campaign should be submitted directly to the Payroll Office at 284-3556.


Q. How can I get a receipt for my online donation?
After clicking “SUBMIT”, simply print the RECEIPT page.


Q. If my donation is given through payroll deduction, do I need a receipt?
Only individual donations of more than $250 each require a receipt. Each payroll deduction is considered an individual donation. However, you can print your online donation or pay check receipt at the end of the year from “myUM” for your records.


Q. Is my United Way donation fully tax deductible as a charitable donation?
Yes it is eligible but please speak to you tax advisor about your exact deduction.


Q. What if I purchase a t-shirt or something sold on campus to benefit United Way?
IRS rules state that only the amount you give that exceeds the value of the goods or services you receive is eligible for deduction.


Q. Can I request an acknowledgement from my designated agency?
If you supply your address, you can request a receipt from UW or your agency. UM does not provide your address with your donation unless you specifically authorize us to do so on the online form.


Q. If I prefer my donation to be anonymous, how can I request a receipt?
If United Way or your agency does not receive your name with your donation, a receipt in your name cannot be issued. You may however print a receipt when you make an online donation.


Q. Can I charge my United Way donation on my credit card?
Yes. Sign on to, a secure site, and follow the instructions. Note that only one-time charges may be authorized via credit card-not monthly charges. To make a donation per pay period, please use the payroll deduction method.


Q. My wife gives through her place of employment. Why should I give, too?
Your gift is also important. Contributions based on your total family income help close the gap of unmet service needs in our community. Plus, your participation in this vital initiative is a wonderful reflection of your generosity and the University’s commitment to our community.


Q. My spouse is also employed at UM. Can we combine our donations and be recognized for a total family gift?

Definitely. Couples who give $1,000 or more are recognized through special events and publications as being part of the Leadership and Endowment Circle. Contact Debbie Riedmiller at to advise us to combine your household donations.


Q. How can I specify that my gift should assist the needy?
Indicate “Income – Promoting Financial Stability and Independence.” The objective of this impact area is to provide job readiness skills training and employment opportunities; permanent and transitional housing; and financial education to increase savings.


Q. How can I specify that my gift should be used to help provide health care?
Indicate “Health – Improving People’s Health” to help strengthen maternal health and infant well-being, the health of children and families, and the productivity of older adults.


Q. Are there other areas to which my gift can be designated?
The most powerful way to invest your contribution is to give an unassigned gift. Each unrestricted dollar you contribute to the United Way has the potential to increase through federal, state and matching grant programs to $2.06 worth of help.


Q. Someone I know recently tried to get help at United Way and was turned down. Why?
Some United Way agencies have waiting lists for services because there is simply not enough funding to cover all requests and fulfill overwhelming needs. Human care agencies need much more support to eliminate their waiting lists and expand services to meet the demands. United Way raises money to fund a wide variety of social service programs. That’s why your contributions make a real difference to the entire community. Neither money nor services are provided directly by United Way.


Q. If an individual or family is in need, where can they go for help?
United Way funds Switchboard of Miami, our community’s only 24-hour free information/crisis/referral/phone counseling hotline. Trained counselors who speak English, Spanish and Creole are ready to listen and to guide callers to the appropriate services within our community. They can call 305-358-HELP (358-4357).