Marjory Stoneman Douglas's Home

April 7, 1890 - May 14, 1998






Back Yard
Credit: John Walther /The Miami Herald (1964) 

 Front Yard
Credit: The Miami Herald (1985)




Big Room
Credit: The Miami Herald (1992)

Credit: Peter Andrew Bosch / The Miami Herald Staff (2001)






December, 2006



Front Yard

Front of House

Side Yard

Big Room

Photos 2006: George Leposky





November 2008


Front of House 2008 George Leposky

Big  room 2008 George Leposky


News Stories

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Morgan, Curtis. "Gov Crist calls new U.S. Sugar deal 'miraculous.'  The Maimi Herald (Wednesday, November 12, 2008)




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