Dear UM Masters & Doctoral Students at Coral Gables, RSMAS, and the Medical Campus,

Great universities are literally defined by their graduate students. The University of Miami is an amazing place to learn, research, learn, live, and grow because of you, my fellow masters and doctoral students. As I begin my fourth year at The U and in the Graduate Student Association (GSA), I am as inspired as I am humbled to be your GSA President this year. I hope to serve you all with the whole-hearted dedication, passion, and excellence that you all selflessly display daily (and on many late nights) and that you've come to expect of your student government representatives.

As your GSA President, I am but one of an exciting team of GSA Executive Board Officers, a dynamic Senate, two Advisors, and countless faculty and staff allies throughout the University with a singular focus: to improve the experience of the 3,300 graduate students across all three campuses in our learning, research, and teaching endeavors. The GSA will listen to and understand your concerns, advocate for your needs, and address as many of these as possible in order to make our 2014-2015 academic year at UM positive, productive, and fun. We invite you to be an active part of this positive change in your program, department, school, campus, or university. Join us!

Whether through our GSA Weekly newsletter, our Study Lounge at UC213, the Graduate Study Space at Richter 212, our GSA Office at SAC 208, our bi-weekly Senate meetings, our many committee meetings, our Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram pages, or through our many social, professional, and academic events throughout the year, the GSA has helped unite, make more visible, and address the learning and living challenges of our fellow graduate Hurricanes. While we remain proud of our achievements, we are not complacent. We look forward to a year of service where we continue to work on challenging issues, repeat and improve upon past events and resources, and develop innovative opportunities that help us all network, learn, and enjoy our graduate years at The U.

We say "Go CANES!!!" all the time because we mean it. Go! Be great! Be brilliant! Be a positive member of your chosen community! Be an amazing teacher! Go and write the book or journal article so many have been waiting to be written! The GSA just wants you to know that your Graduate journey as a Cane doesn't have to be lonely nor done alone.

Welcome (back) to the []_[] !!! If I can be of any service, feel free to contact me:

Sincerest greetings,

Edwing Medina
GSA President 2014-2015