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Cuba On-Line a full-text, searchable database that contains current economic, demographic, political, historical and business information on Cuba. Cuba On-Line is intended to be your first resource to find any Cuba related information on the Internet.

Cuba Transition Project - is an important and timely project to study and make recommendations for the reconstruction of Cuba once the post-Castro transition begins in earnest. The project was established in 2002 and supported by grants from the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) until 2010.

Casa Bacardi - is an interactive center highlighting Cuban history and culture. The Center features: a music pavilion, a products pavilion, the Cuban Information Center, a cinema, a conference room, and exhibits. It is a unique place to appreciate and learn about Cuba's past as well as its present. Casa Bacardi was made possible through a generous grant from the Bacardi Family Foundation.

Cuban Affairs Journal - is a quarterly, peer reviewed, electronic journal published by the Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies, University of Miami. The journal will publish articles on economic, political, and social issues in contemporary Cuba. Cuban Affairs will be a dynamic and informative publication representing a variety of points of views on Cuba and the Cuban-American community. Unique to Cuban Affairs will be a section on book reviews and a chronology of events in Cuba for the quarter.


Cuban Heritage Collection

Hispanic American Periodicals Index (HAPI)
(1970 to present)
The HAPI database indexes information about Latin America and Hispanic Americans in the United States.


Carta de Cuba

The United States and Cuba


Association for the Study of the Cuban Economy

Alberto J. Varona Prize in Cuban Studies

Proceedings of the annual meetings of the Association for the study of the Cuban Economy

State Department (Cuba Web Site)

Liceo Cubano

La Iglesia Catolica en Cuba

The Jews of Cuba

Cuban and Caribbean Studies Institute (Tulane)

Cuban Research Institute (FIU)

Cuba Megalinks

Institute for Cuban and Cuban-American Studies

University of Miami